Cartilage Cell Transplantation in Mannheim: Prof. Zimmermann

Prof. Dr Gerald Zimmermann
Practice Owner and Chief Physician for trauma surgery and sports traumatology at the Theresien Hospital, Mannheim
Specialist in Orthopedics
Mannheim, Germany

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Treatment Focus

  • Stem Cell Transplantation for Osteoarthritis of the Knee
  • Cartilage Cell Transplantation
  • Cartilage Regeneration
  • Regenerative Musculoskeletal Therapy

Medical Range

Range of Therapeutic Services

  • Stem cell and cartilage cell transplantation
  • Arthroscopic surgery (hip, knee, shoulder, ankle and elbow)
  • Endoprosthetic replacement of the hip, knee, shoulder and elbow
  • Full-ceramic knee joint replacement
  • Leg extensions and corrections

About Prof. Dr Gerald Zimmermann

Prof. Dr Gerald Zimmermann is a specialist in orthopaedic surgery and Chief Physician for trauma surgery and sports traumatology at the Theresien Hospital, Mannheim.

One focus of Prof. Zimmermann and his team is the prosthetic replacement of hip and knee joints; however, he also offers alternatives to joint replacement using state-of-the-art surgical method. In addition, he has outstanding expertise in the broad spectrum of regenerative therapy for musculoskeletal diseases.

Prof. Zimmermann is not only one of the leading specialists in orthopaedics and trauma surgery, but is also internationally recognized for his research on growth factors and their clinical application.

As a long-time Head of the Department of Trauma Surgery and Sports Traumatology at the Theresien Hospital (TKH) in Mannheim, the founder and owner of the "Musculoskeletal Cell Therapy" practice combines a wealth of valuable experience and a great expertise to the current state of research development in the field of adult stem-cell therapy.

Prof. Zimmermann is licensed by regional authorities to use fat stem cells in cases of knee arthrosis.

Regenerative Medicine: Adult Stem-Cell Therapy

The policy of the Musculoskeletal Cell Therapy practice – to offer the best therapy without compromise – is reflected in detailed diagnostics, knowledge of the current state of research, and individually tailored therapy.

One of the most important focuses of Prof. Zimmermann's work in regenerative medicine is adult stem-cell therapy. The specialist particularly emphasises the relevance of this innovative therapy, because it can be used both preventively and curatively as well as to provide support during the healing phase. The success of stem-cell therapy has already been proven in controlled studies and continues to be seen in further experimental studies.

The focus here is placed on the restoration of organ and tissue structures through the use of growth factors, cell therapy, and blood components.

Regeneration Instead of Repair

Musculoskeletal diseases are the most common cause of chronic pain worldwide. The interest in research in this area has thus increased considerably over the last few years. The approaches which are partly evidence-based and partly experimental, deal with material or functional loss of the locomotor system.

In the context of "tissue engineering" – the cultivation of tissue for subsequent implantation – talks are about an interplay between carrier material, growth factors, and stem cells. The application of stem-cell-containing cell suspensions or purified stem cells solely is also being investigated experimentally. These cells are intended to help the body to regenerate various tissues. This method is applied, for example, in cases of osteoporosis, bone defects, tendon ruptures, and cartilage damage.

Cartilage Cell Transplantation and Mesenchymal Stem Cells

Cartilage damage can be caused by arthrosis or traumatic lesions. One approach of stem-cell therapy would be to transplant ex vivo expanded cartilage cells (chondrocytes) into the defective cartilage of a knee joint, which then differentiate into a fibrous cartilage.

Furthermore, there is the possibility of using mesenchymal stem cells (MSC). These are stem cells of connective tissue that can differentiate into muscle, bone, and cartilage cells. They are mainly located in the bone marrow and require various growth factors for differentiation.

It is precisely this interplay of growth factors and stem cells that specialist Prof. Zimmermann focuses on. This interaction promises a whole range of therapy options which can be used innovatively and individually tailored to the patient by the entire practice team.


Curriculum Vitae

2013 Head of the Department of Trauma Surgery and Sports Traumatology at the Theresien Hospital (TKH)
2009–2012 Chief Senior Physician at the TKH's Department of Trauma Surgery
Since 2006 Head of the Orthopaedic and Trauma Department at the German Medical Center FZ-DHCC
2006–2008 Head of the Department for Post-Traumatic Deformities and Bone Healing Disorders at the BG Trauma Centre in Ludwigshafen
2001–2006 Qualification as a specialist and further training in trauma surgery at the BG Trauma Centre in Ludwigshafen
1994–2001 Specialist training in surgery, trauma surgery and orthopaedics at Mannheim Hospital, the Theresien Hospital in Mannheim and the Prince Stirum Hospital in Bruchsal


Mannheim Central Railway Station 3 km
Mannheim City Airport 6 km
Frankfurt/Main Airport 70 km
Stuttgart Airport 138 km

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Prof. Dr Gerald Zimmermann
Practice Owner and Chief Physician for trauma surgery and sports traumatology at the Theresien Hospital, Mannheim

Private Practice for Musculoskeletal Cell Therapy
Medical Specialist Centre Collinistrasse
Collinistraße 11, 68161 Mannheim, Germany

T: +49 621 8639 3016


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