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Joint Pain

Are you looking for an experienced specialist in the medical field of joint pain? You will find exclusively experienced specialists and clinics in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria on the PRIMO MEDICO website. 


Specialists in Joint Pain

Information About the Field of Joint Pain

What Is Joint Pain?

Joint pain leads to painful symptoms in the joints, which can have various manifestations, including duration and intensity.

What Causes Joint Pain?

The causes of joint pain can be very different. These include, among others:

  1. Injuries: Damage to the joints can also result from accidents. The primary goal in treating this damage is to maintain function and freedom from pain.
  2. Osteoarthritis: Destruction of the joint cartilage with bone changes. The joint swells and is no longer freely movable.
  3. Bursitis: Mechanical or inflammatory irritation can also cause inflammation of the bursa, which serves as a kind of buffer. This causes severe pain.
  4. Arthritis: There are two types of arthritis - bacterial and rheumatologic. Inflammation of the joints can often be caused by rheumatologic disease in addition to bacterial origin. Symptoms are, for example, morning stiffness in the hand and finger joints, combined with swelling. Often, joint inflammation also accompanies symptoms of diseases such as flu, hepatitis, mumps, rubella, etc.

Which Joints Are Most Frequently Affected by Joint Pain?

The most frequently affected joints depend on the cause of the pain. For example, the hip, knee, and ankle joints are usually involved when suffering from osteoarthritis.

In the case of bursitis, the elbow and shoulder joints are also often affected. In the case of rheumatological diseases, pain in the hand and finger joints is typical.

Joint Pain - When to See a Doctor?

In general, a doctor should be consulted if the pain does not disappear on its own or if household remedies do not bring relief. However, a doctor should be consulted if the joint pain is accompanied by:

1. Fever

2. Reddening of the skin at the painful joint

3. Swelling

4. Restricted movement of the affected joint

What Damages the Joints?

1. Overload due to overweight

2. Weak musculature

3. One-sided load, e.g., by carrying bags

4. Permanent heavy load

How Can Joint Pain be Prevented?

Patients can also take preventive measures to reduce the risk of joint pain. These include:

1. Weight reduction in case of overweight

2. Strength and endurance training to strengthen muscles and joint cartilage

3. Avoiding one-sided stress

4. Observance of regeneration phases during sporting activities

Which Doctors and Clinics are Specialized in the Diagnosis of Joint Pain?

Doctors in orthopedics are particularly suitable for diagnosing and treating joint pain. Therefore, they can usually be found in corresponding orthopedic clinics and specialized practices.

Every patient who needs a doctor wants the best medical care. Therefore, the patient is wondering where to find the best clinic. This question cannot be answered objectively, and a reliable doctor would never claim to be the best one, we can only rely on the doctor's experience.

We will help you find an expert for your condition. All listed doctors and clinics have been reviewed by us for their outstanding specialization in joint pain and are awaiting your inquiry or treatment request.


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