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Osteoarthritis of the Hip

Are you looking for information on osteoarthritis of the hip and specialists for treatment or surgery? You will find only experienced specialists and clinics in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria for the diagnosis and therapy of osteoarthritis of the hip on our website. Find out about symptoms, causes, diagnosis, and surgery and contact our specialists for endoprostheses.


Specialists in Osteoarthritis of the Hip

Information About the Field of Osteoarthritis of the Hip

What is Coxarthrosis?

Coxarthrosis is a degenerative disease, i.e., wear and tear of the hip joint (osteoarthritis of the hip). It primarily involves the wear and destruction of the joint cartilage. If too much load is applied, its elasticity and supply of nutrients from the synovial fluid is impaired. In the course of the disease, compensatory mechanisms may occur, but a complete repair of the damage is impossible.

Arthritis, which is an infectious or inflammatory process, must be distinguished from osteoarthritis. In the context of osteoarthritis, however, the increased accumulation of cartilage abrasion products can lead to joint inflammation, which is then referred to as activated osteoarthritis.

What Causes Osteoarthritis of the Hip?

There is a classification of primary and secondary osteoarthritis. A clear trigger for primary osteoarthritis cannot be identified and, an aging process of the tissue is assumed.

Secondary osteoarthritis is preceded by other diseases, such as malposition, instabilities, injuries, but also rheumatic diseases, infections, or gout. The cases of osteoarthritis of the hip increase because the population reaches an older age. Overweight, lack of exercise and nutrition can also lead to the development of osteoarthritis.

Symptoms of Incipient Osteoarthritis of the Hip

The onset of the disease can often be without symptoms for years, followed mainly by pain after periods of inactivity. These can increase under stress. In later stages, pain at rest, restricted movement, muscle tension, and poor posture can also occur. In the course of the disease, intervals of low and high pain alternate, which can be explained by the body's attempts to regenerate.

Diagnosing Osteoarthritis of the Hip

The diagnosis is based on the patient's medical history. The clinical examination in which the joint movement and the painfulness are examined should exclude that the complaints originate from other joints such as the knee or the lower spine. In addition, both sides are compared in an X-ray examination.

Treating Osteoarthritis of the Hip

Depending on several factors such as age, previous illnesses, the severity of the osteoarthritis, and the causes of it, either conservative or surgical treatment is recommended.

Conservative Therapy

In conservative therapy, it is attempted is to support the mobility of the joint and to reduce stress. For example, a walking stick, a buffering heel, physiotherapy, and gentle forms of movement such as cycling and swimming can be used. If the osteoarthritis is activated, cortisone is injected into the joint.

Surgery for Osteoarthritis of the Hip

In surgical therapy, a distinction is made between joint-preserving and joint-replacing treatment. With exceptions, for younger patients and correctable disorders, it is tended to use joint-preserving surgery.

The entire joint is often replaced in patients of advanced age and distinct hip disease. For this purpose, a new acetabulum is inserted into the pelvic bone, which can be cemented or "cementless," where it takes a little more time after the surgery before the bone tissue can bond with the hip prosthesis. However, a possible future change is more comfortable with the second option.

Which Doctors and Clinics Specialize in Diagnosing and Treating Osteoarthritis of the Hip?

Those who need a doctor want the best medical care. Therefore, the patient is wondering where to find the best clinic? As this question cannot be answered objectively, and a reputable doctor would never claim to be the best one, we can only rely on the doctor’s experience.

We help you to find an expert for your illness. All listed doctors and clinics have been checked by us for their outstanding specialization in osteoarthritis of the hip and are awaiting your inquiry or treatment request.


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