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What is Osteotomy?

Osteotomy is a correction of the leg axis in malposition, which appears externally in the form of knock-knees or bowlegs.

When Does Leg Axis Correction Become Necessary?

If the malposition leads to increased one-sided weight-bearing of the knee joint cartilage and degeneration-related damage to the cartilage, a leg axis correction is indicated. Such damage is usually accompanied by pain. Early correction of the leg axis is therefore recommended.

What Are Alternative Procedures?

If the damage is advanced, it may be necessary to treat the knee with a sled prosthesis , which is a partial prosthesis in which the damaged side of the joint is replaced (on the outside or inside, depending on the malposition).

What is the Procedure of Osteotomy Surgery?

In an osteotomy, the defective leg axis is corrected by first cutting the upper or lower leg bones and removing a bone wedge. The bones are then rejoined in an anatomically correct, i.e., healthy, position. Screws, plates, and staples fix them. Compensation of the previous oblique leg axis is a prerequisite for future non-unilateral weight-bearing and knee joint cartilage degeneration.

How long Is the Inpatient stay?

The hospital stay for an osteotomy is usually no longer than 14 days.

Aftercare, Healing & Chances of Success

Intensive physiotherapeutic follow-up treatment to restore mobility and specially adapted strength training to build up the stabilizing muscles is recommended for optimal healing.

For 4-6 weeks, the operated leg may only be partially loaded. Walking on forearm crutches is essential for this. Full ability to work in occupations with heavy physical activity can usually be expected after three months - after complete bone consolidation. Office activities usually become possible 3-4 weeks postoperative.

Usually, osteotomies have a good prognosis if carried out early. In any case, they are an excellent way to delay the need for a prosthesis significantly.

Which Doctors are Specialists in Osteotomy?

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