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Tennis Elbow (Epicondylitis)

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Specialists in Epicondylitis

Information About the Field of Epicondylitis

What Is Tennis Elbow?

Tennis elbow (epicondylitis humeri radialis) refers to a painful condition on the outer side of the elbow. This is usually characterized by painful irritation of the tendon or inflammatory disease in the area of the tendon attachment of the forearm muscles at the elbow joint,

What Causes Lead to Tennis Elbow?

Causes of tennis elbow include overuse of the affected muscle area and early onset aging of the tendon or muscle tissue. This condition is favored by sports such as tennis, badminton, squash, and similar. Repetitive, one-sided, and highly stressful movements are frequent triggers. This syndrome mainly occurs on the preferred side of arm use.

However, keyboard typing or playing the piano can also cause painful irritation of the affected tissue due to the strain on the muscle attachment.

Symptoms of Tennis Elbow

Epicondylitis is usually manifested by stabbing pain on the outer side of the elbow. This pain increases when the forearm is moved. Often, the forearm muscles are noticeably swollen and red in the upper area. The tendon insertion of the forearm muscles is also painful to pressure.

How Is Epicondylitis Diagnosed?

In addition to the pain symptoms described above, imaging procedures such as X-rays, ultrasound, or MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) are used to diagnose tennis elbow. This is particularly important in the case of a protracted course of the disease to exclude other diseases.

Tennis Elbow Treatment

Treatment of tennis elbow is divided into conservative and surgical treatment. Treatment always begins with conservative therapy to reduce the inflammatory reaction of the tendon insertion. Components of this therapy may include rest, pain medication, injections containing cortisone, cold and heat applications, massages, physiotherapy, and electrotherapy. If these measures do not bring improvement, surgery should be considered.

Tennis Elbow Surgery

There are two options for surgical therapy. One is to surgically disable or cut the pain-conducting nerves to stop the pain. The other option is to solder the muscles from the bony prominence to cause a reduction of load in that same area.

Which Doctors Are Specialists in Epicondylitis Therapy?

Doctors from orthopedics and trauma surgery are particularly suitable for treating epicondylitis. They can usually be contacted in corresponding orthopedic specialist clinics and practices.

We will help you find an expert for your condition. All listed physicians and clinics have been reviewed by us for their outstanding specialization in tennis elbow (epicondylitis) and are awaiting your inquiry or treatment request.


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