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What Is a Talipes Valgus?

Talipes valgus is a foot deformity that can be acquired or congenital. In both cases, the foot bends in relation to the lower leg. The load is more on the inside of the foot, and the outside may be slightly raised. The foot tends to be lifted outward (pronation).

The opposite of the talipes valgus is the clubfoot . In this case, the "bend" between the foot and lower leg goes in the other direction so that the foot is raised more towards the inside (supination). Since the feet are like the foundation of a house for humans, foot malposition can lead to disturbed statics and knee, hip, and back problems.

Causes and Symptoms

In childhood, a talipes valgus is not uncommon and can still correct itself during development. However, if the talipes valgus persists, it may indicate irregular growth and ligament and muscle weakness. Obesity and lack of exercise can be exacerbating factors.

Occasionally, the talipes valgus may also be acquired due to trauma or no physiologic loading and other deformities (such as a flat foot when the arch of the foot is weak). However, in the beginning, the talipes valgus rarely shows symptoms. This means complaints such as foot and ankle pain are not always present. Otherwise, other anatomical anomalies and complaints (such as knock knees or bowlegs ) may indicate a bent foot.


An experienced examiner can usually make the diagnosis. For example, while standing, the physician looks from behind at the undressed lower leg and foot and can detect an increased axial deviation from the foot to the lower leg. An X-ray may be taken, but it is of little benefit.


Treatment can be conservative or surgical procedures. However, it should be noted that surgery is only very rarely necessary in extreme cases. Therefore, a conservative approach can treat the talipes valgus well, especially initially.

Conservative Therapy

Conservative therapy often prescribes shoe insoles to compensate for the deformity and prevent subsequent damage. In any case, it is recommended to train the foot muscles, for example, by walking barefoot and performing foot gymnastics. This can also have a preventive effect, i.e., counteract a foot malposition before it develops. In principle, if you are very overweight, it is also advisable to reduce weight to minimize the (incorrect) stress on your feet.

Talipes Valgus Surgery

If surgery is indicated, which is very rare, and should be very well considered, a bone realignment ( osteotomy ) and a tendon transfer can be carried out.

The Course of the Disease and Prognosis

The course is generally mild, and the prognosis is good since simple conservative measures can be well counteracted. However, if left entirely untreated, further deformities of the legs can occur, often resulting in pain at the knee or hip.

Which Doctor Diagnoses and Treats Talipes Valgus?

If you have foot pain and suspect talipes valgus, you can first contact your general practitioner. He or she will refer you to an orthopedic specialist, who can initiate possible further treatment.

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