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Individual knee prosthesis

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Specialists in Individual knee prosthesis

Information About the Field of Individual knee prosthesis

What is an individual knee prosthesis?

Chronic pain due to inflammatory and destructive processes taking place in the musculoskeletal system significantly reduces the quality of life. Once the protective layer of cartilage lining the bony joint areas has been worn out, bone is in direct contact with bone. Such intense pain can no longer be managed by medication and to actively take part in everyday life, surgical intervention is needed. It involves removing the painful joint surface and replacing it with a non-sensitive metal fitting, just like a dentist would perform it. Individual knee prostheses are known as the “tailor-made suits“ among knee prostheses. Modern technology allows for a three-dimensional printing process that yields a knee prosthesis, that is accurately fitting the individual anatomical geometry of each patient.

What are the differences compared to standard knee prostheses?

Conventional prostheses definitely fulfill their purpose as the replace degeneratively worn out joints and improve pain and discomfort. However, as opposed to ready-made prostheses, an individual knee prosthesis involves taking measures beforehand with the help of an MRI examination of the entire leg. As a result, the anatomically correct leg axis of each patient is calculated and makes the creation of an individual three-dimensional knee model possible. In the next step, 3D-printers are used to develop both the custom-made knee prosthesis as well as individually tailored surgical instruments for single use.

What advantages go along with an individual knee prosthesis?

As minimal deviations in a patient’s leg axis may be perceived as uncomfortable and affect the gait in the long term, individual prostheses are the gold standard when it comes to comfort and prevention of secondary damage to other joints.

Due to the optimal fitting, troublesome feelings of wearing a foreign body become more rare and the range of motion of the affected joint can be maximized in most cases. Furthermore, the precise calculations lead to a more bone tissue sparing surgery, making the exchange of prosthesis more feasible in the future, if needed.

Last but not least, individually tailored surgical instruments are used. Apart from easy handling offered to surgeons, patients are at a lower risk of infections by the single use set.

Who should consider an individual knee prosthesis?

Generally all patients in need of an endoprosthesis due to degenerative changes of the knee joint are possible candidates for this method. Especially younger patients until the age of 65 with increased athletic requirements to the prosthesis should consider it, as the benefit may overweigh the cost. However, it can not be implanted in case patients present with significant deviations of the leg axis greater than 15 degrees, such as severe knock knees or bow legs. The degenerative processes brought about by arthritis should also be limited and not affect the entire joint, that’s why diagnosis and therapy should be initiated rather quickly. In case a partial endoprosthesis, also called sled prosthesis, is implanted, the cruciate ligaments need to be intact.

How much does an individual knee prosthesis cost?

The price range for individual prostheses is about 3500 – 4000€, making them approximately three times more expensive than conventional prostheses. Public insurance companies covert he expenses at least partially.

What ist he process from diagnosis to surgery like?

After being diagnosed with arthritis by a specialist, patients should not push the joint replacement too long, because progressive joint damage may be an exclusion criterium for individual prostheses. An MRI examination is carried out to enable precise calculation of the prosthesis. The data is subsequently transmitted to Conformis, an American company which developed this innovative method. Within 5 weeks, the custom-made prosthesis as well as all necessary surgical instruments are shipped and implanted in Germany. A rehabilitation program of three weeks is urgently recommended to patients following successful surgery. It can be completed inside a center or on an outpatient basis.

What are the experiences regarding individual prostheses?

During clinical trials, the advantages of these innovative implants compared to standard knee prosthesis have been clearly demonstrated, especially when it comes to patients with greater physical demands both professionally as well as athletically. As this innovative technique was developed in 2013 and since then grew to be more and more established also in the European market, long-term studies are not yet meaningful, even though they are promising.

Which doctors and clinics are experts in the field of 3D endoprostheses?

Prof. Dr. med. Christoph Becher from Heidelberg, Prof. Dr. med. Wolf Drescher from Nuremberg, Dr. med. Michael Klug from Würzburg, Prof. Dr. med. Guido Saxler from Dormagen, Dr. med. Henning Röhl from Mannheim as well as Dres. Eiwanger and Mayer practicing in the Aukamm-Clinic in Wiesbaden are pioneers for individual knee prostheses and have specialized in their implantation.

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