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Definition: Hallux Valgus

Hallux valgus describes a malpositioning of the big toe. The first metatarsal deviates inwards, and its head forms a ball on the inside of the foot, which causes the big toe to stand obliquely in the direction of the other toes. The cause is mainly considered a family disposition, but tight shoes with high heels can advance this malposition.

Symptoms: What Are the Symptoms of Hallux Valgus?

Hallux valgus can be recognized at first glance. A slight form of this malposition is often a purely cosmetic problem. However, due to the abnormal widening of the forefoot, the area around the ball of the foot is often subject to severe pressure from shoes - skin irritation, redness, and pain are the result, which can also affect the joint itself. The joint capsule becomes permanently irritated and thinner, which can even worsen the malposition. In the worst case, osteoarthritis occurs, i.e., degeneration of the metatarsophalangeal joint of the big toe.

Therapy: How Is Hallux Valgus Treated?

Not every hallux valgus requires surgery; unfortunately, conservative therapies only help in the initial stages. The orthopedist will prescribe special shoes or splints for this purpose. If the disease is more advanced, surgery can help. Different techniques allow the optimal treatment of various degrees of severity.

Surgery: Methods of Hallux Valgus Surgery

There are two foot surgery methods for hallux valgus: Osteotomy , i.e., a repositioning of the bone, or a stiffening of the metatarsophalangeal joint.

Surgery, according to Austin/Chevron: The metatarsal bone position is changed and fixed with a screw in the area of the head.

Surgery, according to Meyer/Scarf: The metatarsal bone is divided, reassembled in a changed position, and fixed with screws.

Surgery, according to Lapidus: The joint between the 1st metatarsal and the tarsal is stiffened.

Prevention: How Can Hallux Valgus Be Prevented?

The best way to prevent hallux valgus is to wear flat shoes. High heels look great, but should only be worn on special occasions, as they significantly increase the risk of forefoot malpositions. If a beginning hallux valgus is detected in childhood, it can be prevented relatively easily with appropriate shoes or insoles, since the bones are still growing.

Which Doctors Are Specialists for Hallux Valgus Surgery?

Anyone who suffers from hallux valgus wants the best medical care. Therefore, the patient is wondering where to find a foot specialist or the best clinic for a hallux valgus surgery.

As this question cannot be answered objectively, and a reliable doctor would never claim to be the best one, we can only rely on the doctor’s experience. The more foot surgeries have been carried out, the more experienced the doctor becomes.

Therefore, specialists in hallux valgus surgery are orthopedic surgeons who specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of foot disorders. They treat foot diseases, either conservatively or surgically. Due to their experience and many years of work as foot surgeons, they are the right professionals to contact for a hallux valgus surgery.




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