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IOZK - Immuno-Oncological Centre Cologne

IOZK - Immuno-Oncological Centre Cologne

Specialists in Immuno-Oncology

+49 221 968 882 01

Specialists in Immuno-Oncology Cologne: IOZK - Immuno-Oncological Centre Cologne

Treatment focus

  • Systemic advice and care for cancer patients
  • Immunological tumour therapy (antibody therapy)
  • Autologous tumour vaccination
  • Hyperthermia procedures
  • Tumour-specific immune system activation
  • Adjuvant tumour-specific immuno-modulation


Hohenstaufenring 30-32, D-50674 Köln

P: +49 221 968 882 01 F: +49 221 420 399 26


IOZK - Immuno-Oncological Centre Cologne - ImpressionsIOZK - Immuno-Oncological Centre Cologne - DeIOZK - Immuno-Oncological Centre Cologne - Dr Wilfried StückerIOZK - Immuno-Oncological Centre Cologne - ImpressionsIOZK - Immuno-Oncological Centre Cologne - Impressions - ConsultationIOZK - Immuno-Oncological Centre Cologne - TeamIOZK - Immuno-Oncological Centre CologneIOZK - Immuno-Oncological Centre Cologne - Outside viewIOZK - Immuno-Oncological Centre Cologne - ReceptionIOZK - Immuno-Oncological Centre Cologne - Impressions

Medical Range

Range of diagnostic services

  • Systemic advice from experienced doctors in the field of immuno-oncology
  • Determination of the individual immunological status
  • Tumour staging


Range of therapeutic services

  • Immunological oncology
  • tumour vaccination
  • Antibody therapy (immuno-oncology)
  • Supporting measures to strengthen the patient’s own immune system
  • Supplementary hyperthermia (e.g. locoregional radiofrequency hyperthermia, and moderate whole-body hyperthermia)

More Information


The IOZK in Cologne specialises in individual cancer therapy with specific activation of the immune system. The team of supervising physicians and experienced scientists work together in a multidisciplinary manner. Here, findings from basic immunological research are directly implemented to treat cancer patients. The IOZK thus offers important therapy options that supplement and carry forward conventional therapies of tumour treatment.

Specialists in personalised cancer therapy

Since 1985, the immuno-oncological centre has been working extensively on the role of the immune system in the context of tumour diseases. For the first time in Europe, doctors and scientists have been able to obtain the authorisation to manufacture an autologous (the patient’s own) tumour vaccine in combination with these viruses in accordance with the Medicinal Products Act for “innovative therapies”. The use of the vaccine is often combined with further innovative therapies. For example, hyperthermia is used at the IOZK. The tumour vaccine can generally be used for all solid tumours (e.g. glioblastoma, prostate carcinoma, colon cancer, liver tumours, lung cancer).  The form of therapy most suitable for the patient depends on individual factors. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the specialists at the IOZK.

Targeted tumour therapy

The patient receives a customised therapeutic agent; the preparation of the individual vaccine is directed precisely at the patient’s cancer cells in order to attack and destroy them. The IOZK is among one of the pioneers in the field of personalised medicine. The tumour vaccine is based on autologous dendritic cells loaded with tumour antigens from the patient as well as a tumour-destroying virus. Through vaccination, the immune system is stimulated to fight against the tumour cells. Dendritic cells are part of our immune system and are responsible for presenting it with foreign substances (antigens) and thereby activating it. The side effects of tumour vaccination are comparatively low. In the days after vaccination, some patients notice a slight flu-like infection indicating that the immune system has been activated. The specialists at the IOZK strengthen and activate the patient’s defence system so that it can combat tumour growth.

Improvement of lifespan and quality of life

The novel treatment method of the IOZK was initially used mainly in patients with advanced tumour lesions for whom other treatment options had already been exhausted and a complete cure was seldom possible. New studies show that especially the very early use of the tumour vaccine offers the possibility to slow the course of the disease, thereby extending the lifespan and improving the quality of life. It is therefore helpful if patients turn to the IOZK as early as possible on their own initiative.

Until only a few years ago, tumour radiation or chemotherapy were the only alternatives if surgical removal of the tumours was not possible. These methods are associated with severe side effects.  This novel form of immunotherapy has led to the discovery of a treatment approach that is primarily directed against the tumour cells and causes significantly fewer side effects. The specialists at the IOZK have many years of experience in the field of immuno-oncological therapy and continue to develop it – to the benefit of the patients.

Combination with Checkpoint Inhibitors

The treatment structure offered by the IOZK creates better conditions for the new checkpoint antibody immunotherapies, which are now generally available. A prerequisite for these new treatment options is the immune system’s own reaction against tumour growth - which most patients actually lack. This is where IOZK’s specific immunotherapy comes in: It ensures a corresponding immune response, which finally allows the fight against the tumour cells.

The website of the IOZK can be found here.



Curriculum Vitae



Expert Team

  • Dr Wilfried StückerDr Wilfried Stücker
    Management and leadership of the Working Group of the Immuno-Oncology Center in Cologne (IOZK)
    Specialist areas: translational oncology, tumour immunology, pharmaceutical biology
  • Prof. Dr rer. nat. Volker SchirrmacherProf. Dr rer. nat. Volker Schirrmacher
    Scientific Director
    Specialist areas: tumour immunology, oncolytic virotherapy
  • Stefaan Van Gool MD. PhD.Stefaan Van Gool MD. PhD.
    Medical Director of Translational Oncology, expert staff (GMP), responsible member of medical staff
    Specialist area: Tumour immunology
  • Dr Katharina SprengerDr Katharina Sprenger
    Specialist in general medicine, expert staff (GMP)

  • Dr med. Tobias SprengerDr med. Tobias Sprenger
    Specialist in general practice, medical expert assessments
  • Dr Montassar Cherif, MD Dr Montassar Cherif, MD
    Doctor, practice areas: integrative oncology
  • Sarra KsouriSarra Ksouri
    Doctor (Univ. Tunis El Manar), practice areas: translationale onkology

Research & Training



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Transport Connections

Cologne Central Station

3 km

Cologne/Bonn Airport

15 km

Düsseldorf Airport  

60 km

Frankfurt Airport

180 km

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Patient Report: Experience with the IOZK Immunotherapy

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Information about Cologne

Cologne is a 2,000-year-old city located in the west of Germany at the Rhine and is the cultural center of its region. The city's landmark is the Gothic cathedral with its two towers. It stands in the rebuilt Old Town and is famous for its Epiphany shrine and views over the Rhine. The nearby Museum Ludwig displays 20th-century art, including many pieces by Pablo Picasso. In addition, the Roman-Germanic Museum houses objects from Roman times.

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IOZK - Immuno-Oncological Centre Cologne

Hohenstaufenring 30-32, D-50674 Köln

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