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What Is the Prostate?

The prostate is also called the "prostate gland" (from gr. prostátes - prostate gland) because it is located directly below the bladder at the man's urethra's entrance. It is about the size of a chestnut and produces about one-third of the seminal fluid. The secretion of the prostate gland is thin, milky, alkaline, which can protect the sperm from the acidic environment of the vagina. It also supports sperm motility and gives the sperm its typical smell. The excretory ducts from the testicles and seminal vesicles lead into the urethra in the prostate gland, where all the ejaculate can enter.

The Different Prostate Diseases

The most common prostate diseases are benign enlargement ( benign prostatic hyperplasia , BPH), inflammation (prostatitis), and malignant degeneration ( prostate carcinoma ).

The last-mentioned one is a widespread disease, especially in older men, which unfortunately is often detected very late. The so-called peripheral zone of the prostate is affected, which is easy to palpate during the rectal examination. Therefore, these examinations, a blood test, and the rectal ultrasound are offered as screenings.

BPH, on the other hand, occurs in a different region, near the urethra. Due to hormonal influence, the prostate enlarges and can obstruct the flow of urine.

Finally, inflammation can be triggered by bacteria, as in a urinary tract infection, can be acute or chronic, but can also occur without evidence of the pathogen under the name of non-inflammatory pelvic pain syndrome.

Symptoms of Prostate Diseases

In general, prostate diseases are often accompanied by urinating problems. It can come to difficulties in emptying the bladder completely, increased urinating urge, frequent visits to the toilet with small amounts of urine, and congestion of the urine up into the kidneys and thus further complications. A burning sensation when urinating can also occur when suffering prostatitis. Beyond that, sexual complaints can occur, a feeling of pressure in the pelvic area and, more unspecific, back pain.

If a prostate carcinoma is first discovered in this way, the bones are often already affected. However, there may be no further symptoms since the urethra is usually not constricted by the tumor.

Therapy of Prostate Diseases

Depending on the type of disease, there are different treatment options, mostly drug therapy and surgery.

The prostate carcinoma is often attempted to be surgically removed. Sometimes, a wait-and-see approach can be considered under regular monitoring. Various forms of radiation and anti-hormonal drugs are also used, which depends on the stage of the disease, age, and the patient’s wish.

There are similar possibilities with BPH. In this case, conservative treatment is often attempted at first. Still, if there are severe symptoms or complications due to urinary retention, which also affects the kidneys, surgery is usually carried out. In many cases, it is possible to work through the urethra instead of opening the abdomen.

In the case of prostatitis, the procedure depends on the disease's cause, while antibiotics are administered for bacterial inflammation. Chronic and non-infectious courses usually require other or additional measures.

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