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Breast Cancer in Men

Although breast cancer is a disease that is only associated with women, men can also develop breast cancer in rare cases. Learn more about the frequency, symptoms, causes, and treatment or find experienced specialists and clinics for a suitable therapy in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.


Specialists in Breast Cancer in Men

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Information About the Field of Breast Cancer in Men

Can Men Develop Breast Cancer?

Every year about 600 men in Germany are newly diagnosed with breast cancer, which accounts for about 1% of all new breast cancer cases. Compared to women, men develop breast cancer on average later (usually between the ages of 65 and 80). Breast cancer is also possible in younger years.

Assured risk factors for breast cancer are mainly genetic characteristics. On the one hand, there is Klinefelter's syndrome, which is characterized by the presence of a surplus X chromosome, and on the other hand, there are gene mutations in the area of the "breast cancer genes" (BRCA 1, 2, and 3). An increase in the risk of obesity and frequently associated hormonal changes (concerning the ratio of testosterone and estrogen) is likely.

In any case, a particular sensitivity to the symptoms of breast cancer is advisable when suffering from Klinefelter's syndrome, or a familial breast cancer cluster associated with BRCA mutations exists.

How Is Breast Cancer Recognized in Men?

The symptoms of male breast cancer are generally the same as female breast cancer, which means nodular changes in the breast area, retraction of the nipple or discharge from the nipple, as well as non-healing inflammation or sores of the skin in the breast area and hardened or enlarged lymph nodes in the armpit.

How Is Breast Cancer Diagnosed in Men?

In addition to the clinical examination and imaging procedures (X-ray and ultrasound), a tissue sample of the suspicious area is taken (biopsy) to diagnose breast cancer.

Further imaging procedures such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) or computed tomography (CT) may become necessary to assess the tumor's spread.

Breast Cancer Therapy for Men

There are five areas in the therapy of breast cancer to arrange individual treatment.

On the one hand, there is the possibility of removing the breast cancer tumor surgically, which is almost always carried out, and depending on the type, tumor's size, and spread, combined with radiation, chemotherapy, hormone therapy, or antibody therapy.

Breast cancer in men is often hormone-dependent, so hormone therapy or anti-hormone therapy is often promising.

Prognosis and Chances of Curing Male Breast Cancer

Due to the low number of illnesses, it is difficult to make serious statistical statements about the chances of cure. A significant difference in the prognosis of breast cancer in women is not assumed.

In principle, as with any cancer disease, the earlier the cancer is detected and treated, the better.

Which Doctors and Clinics Are Specialized in Male Breast Cancer?

There are certified breast cancer centers in Germany. These are clinics that focus on breast cancer. Breast cancer specialists are also responsible for the treatment of male breast cancer.

Since breast cancer is primarily a disease of the woman, the attending physicians are usually specialists in gynecology who have undergone further oncology training.

We help you to find an expert for your disease. All listed doctors and clinics have been checked by us for their outstanding specialization in male breast cancer and are awaiting your inquiry or treatment request.


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