Chief Physician Euregio Cancer Centre Eschweiler near Aachen Dr Peter Staib

PD Dr. med. Peter Staib
Chief Physician and Head of the Euregio Cancer Centre, Eschweiler
Specialist in Oncology/Haematology
Eschweiler, Germany

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Treatment Focus

  • Chemotherapy treatment in accordance with the latest medical standards within the framework of large international and national studies as well as outside of the context of studies, both outpatient and inpatient
  • Therapy with new modern cancer drugs
  • Antibody therapies using all approved antibodies
  • Palliative treatment and care, inpatient and outpatient, in collaboration with various palliative networks in the region
  • Pain therapy
  • Haemostaseology/blood coagulation disorders

Medical Range

Range of Diagnostic Services

  • Interdisciplinary tumour board review (participants from the departments of: radiology, radiotherapy, general and abdominal surgery, pathology and internal medicine, as well as general practitioners. Depending on the patient's diagnosis, doctors from the departments of gynaecology, urology, plastic surgery and trauma surgery also participate.)
  • Interdisciplinary collaboration at the Euregio Breast Centre (EBZ) and the Prostate Carcinoma Centre (PKZ)
  • Puncture tests and cytological evaluation of the puncture specimens from bone marrow, effusions, lymph nodes, cerebral fluid and externally puncturable tumours
  • Cytological assessment of bronchial lavage fluid, differential blood counts.
  • Sonography: all abdominal organs, lymph node stations, vascular imaging, contrast medium sonography
  • Telemicroscopy


Range of Therapeutic Services

  • Chemotherapy treatment, both outpatient and inpatient
  • Therapy with new modern cancer drugs
  • Offer of treatment as part of approx. 30 national and international therapeutic studies
  • Antibody therapy and all approved antibodies
  • Cell separation in the case of acute and chronic forms of leukaemia
  • Palliative treatment and care, inpatient and outpatient
  • Pain therapy
  • Haemostaseology
  • Psycho-oncological support, short-term therapeutic intervention
  • Close collaboration with the rehabilitation department and setting of appropriate therapy objectives

Central Cytostatic Drug Preparation Unit

About PD Dr. med. Peter Staib

PD Dr Peter Staib is a specialist in oncology and haematology. He is Chief Physician at the Clinic for Haematology and Oncology as well as Head of the Euregio Cancer Centre, Eschweiler.

The Euregio Cancer Centre Eschweiler is certified as a centre of excellence for oncology and haematology. It carries out diagnostics as well as haematological and oncological systemic therapies. The range of treatment options encompasses the entire field of haematology and oncology. This includes the therapy of benign and malignant blood diseases such as acute and chronic forms of leukaemia, malignant lymph node diseases (malignant lymphomas), malignant tumours of the gastrointestinal tract, lungs and breast, as well as soft tissue tumours, bone tumours, gynaecological, and urological tumours.

Comprehensive and Interdisciplinary Oncological Treatment

The aim of the Euregio Cancer Centre is to ensure qualified, comprehensive, and sustained treatment of our patients. To this end, we cooperate with more than 30 internal and external departments to ensure interdisciplinary diagnostics, treatment, and aftercare for all our cancer patients. Within the framework of clinical studies, we can make a great deal of very new therapy procedures available to patients, some of which have not yet been approved.

Our primary objective is the best possible individual and personal medical, nursing, and logistical treatment and care for our patients. Our treatment paths are always adapted to current guidelines. We also practise close networking with internal and external collaborative partners. Therefore, we ensure constant exchange between the individual specialized disciplines and ongoing further training of all employees. This results in a continuously high treatment quality in accordance with international and national guidelines. We also attach great importance throughout the caring process to personal support and open communication with patients and their relatives.

The quality-assured oncological care at the Euregio Cancer Centre Eschweiler has met the high standards and guidelines of the "German Society for Haematology and Oncology" since 2014 and ensures the best possible diagnostic and therapeutic procedures for patients.

New Treatment Options As Part of Therapeutic Studies

In addition to the large scope of cancer therapy in the form of classical chemotherapeutic treatment in line with latest medical standards, there is the possibility of treatment within the framework of approximately 30 national and international studies. This gives patients the chance to be treated with the latest and most innovative drugs such as small molecules, antibodies or immunotherapeutic agents, some of which have not yet been approved.

Comprehensive Treatment Options for Leukaemia Patients

Leukaemia can dramatically increase the number of white blood cells (leukocytes). This alteration endangers the blood flow to vital organs and potentially causes the very smallest vessels to become clogged by these leukocytes. This can lead to lung failure, kidney failure, dizziness, coma or even heart attack.

The most important individually targeted therapy schemes for acute and chronic types of leukaemia are offered in form of chemotherapy and drugs. In addition, it is possible to use a cell separator that specifically removes the leukocytes from the bloodstream and thus, depleting the number of leukocytes. In addition, preparations are made for stem cell transplantation (previously bone marrow transplantation). Follow-up care is subsequently provided if it proves to be necessary.

Dr Staib and his team apply the described method during the acute stage of the disease until the effects of chemotherapy set in, which is the decrease of the number of leukocytes. Other possible applications are patients with hyperviscosity syndrome (thickening of the blood due to false proteins), multiple myeloma or Waldenström's.

Telemicroscopy: Fast and Ultra-Modern Cancer Diagnostics

In order to make an exact diagnosis, an important factor is the precise analysis of the tissue samples taken as well as assessment of the degeneration of the tissue.

"Tele-oncology" is a jointly performed live assessment of tissue samples under the microscope via video conferencing. It enables direct, computer-protected networking between the clinic and other special laboratories or additional university clinics, in order to ensure a rapid and precise diagnosis.

This telemicroscopy system consists of a state-of-the-art microscope, a computer with special software, a customised digital colour camera, and a conference module. The fast communication saves valuable time, which can be crucial for the further course of treatment.

Telemicroscopy enables the clinic to participate in the "competence network for acute and chronic forms of leukaemia". This technology aims to improve population-based care for acute and chronic leukaemia worldwide and to promote health-related research.

However, our versatile care offering also stands out for the exceptional interplay between pain therapy, haemostaseology (blood coagulation disorders), and palliative medicine.

Palliative Medicine: Competent Care That Improves Quality of Life

If a cancer can no longer be curatively treated past a certain stage, Dr Staib and the entire team at the clinic will continue to offer patients and their relatives competent care that improves the quality of life by means of complex palliative treatment.

For more information, visit Dr Staib's website.

Curriculum Vitae

Until 1989 Medical Studies at the Universities of Würzburg, Bonn, Glasgow and Indianapolis
1991 Doctorate at the University of Bonn
1989–1991 Assistant Physician at the Medical Clinic, University Hospital Bonn Venusberg
1991–2000 Assistant Physician at Clinic I for Internal Medicine, University Hospital of Cologne
2000–2007 Senior Physician, Clinic I for Internal Medicine, University Hospital of Cologne
Head of the "Laboratory for Haematological Diagnostics", or the "Laboratory for Molecular Haematology and Oncology"; Clinic I for Internal Medicine, University Hospital of Cologne
1993–2007 Head of the "Haematological-Oncological Research Laboratory"; Clinic I for Internal Medicine, University Hospital Cologne
2006 Habilitation at the University of Cologne
2008–present Chief Physician at the Clinic for Haematology/Oncology, St Antonius Hospital, Eschweiler


Specialist Physician in internal medicine, haematology and oncology, palliative medicine and internal intensive care.

ESMO exams: 2006, 2011, 2016

Memberships in professional societies:

1996–present German Society of Haematology and Oncology (DGHO)
1996–present German Society of Internal Medicine (DGIM)
1998–present Member of the panel of the AML Cooperative Group, Münster and Munich (AMLCG)
2004–present The German CLL Study Group (GCLLSG)
June 2006–present European Society of Medical Oncology (ESMO)
2008–present Member of the Expert Committee of the Board of the Rhine-Westphalian Society for Internal Medicine (RWGIM)
2010–present Working Group of Chief Haemato-Oncologists in Hospitals (ADHOK; member of the Board since 2017)

Medical Team

  • Dr Frank Schlegel
    Permanent Representative of the Chief Physician
  • Dr Petra Heinen
    Senior Physician and Coordinator, Euregio Cancer Centre, Eschweiler
  • Sandor Bako
    Senior Physician
  • Dr Meike Münchow
    Specialist Physician
  • Melissa Camara Romero
    Assistant Physician
  • Jana Kerstein
    Assistant Physician


Modern, Newly Built Oncological Outpatient Clinic

  • The majority of our cancer therapies can be carried out on an outpatient basis. The Oncological Outpatient Clinic is located on the 8th floor of the St Antonius Hospital in therapy rooms that have been refurbished and equipped in accordance with state-of-the-art design, with a total of 26 comfortable treatment units (including 3 bed units) and consulting rooms.


Extensive Adjunctive Therapy Possibilities:

  • Psycho-oncological therapy and support
  • Sport for cancer
  • Individual nutritional advice
  • Sensorimotor training in the case of polyneuropathy (specialised physiotherapy)
  • Leisure activities: dance group
  • Care for relatives


Eschweiler Central Railway Station 1.5 km
Maastricht-Aachen Airport (NL) 50 km
Mönchengladbach Airport 50 km
Liège Airport (B) 70 km
Cologne/Bonn Airport 70 km
Düsseldorf Airport 80 km

Information About Eschweiler

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PD Dr. med. Peter Staib
Chief Physician and Head of the Euregio Cancer Centre, Eschweiler

St Antonius-Hospital
Euregio Cancer Centre, Eschweiler, Clinic for Haematology and Oncology
Dechant-Deckers-Straße 8, D-52249 Eschweiler

T: +49 2403 76 1281
F: +49 2403 76 1820


Secretary's Office:
Monday to Friday 8 am – 4.45 pm

Outpatient Clinic:
Monday to Friday (except Wednesday)
7.30 am – 4.30 pm
Wednesday 7.30 am – 1.30 pm

Office for Administration of Clinical Studies:
Monday to Thursday 8 am – 4 pm
Friday 8 am – 1 pm

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