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Abdominal Surgery

Are you looking for an experienced specialist or clinic for abdominal surgery? At PRIMO MEDICO, you will find only specialists and centers for the treatment you are looking for in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.



Specialists in Abdominal Surgery

Information About the Field of Abdominal Surgery

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What Does Abdominal Surgery Mean?

Abdominal surgery is an independent field of surgery. The term visceral surgery originates from the Latin and Greek usage (viszera=intestine, cheir=hand, ergon=work) and means as much as the manual work in the area of the intestines. In German usage, it is translated as abdominal surgery.

Abdominal surgery can be divided into the following special areas:

In each of these areas, a broad spectrum of benign and malignant diseases, inflammations, and injuries are treated surgically, often carried out in an interdisciplinary team.

More and More Abdominal Surgeries Are Possible Using Minimally Invasive Methods

In recent years, the number of open abdominal incision treatments has been declining and in many areas, they have been replaced by the much gentler procedure of minimally invasive laparoscopy. This procedure allows quicker recovery due to the small incisions, less strain on the body, and thus enables the surgery in elderly and seriously ill patients for whom the usual surgical procedures would be too exhausting.

Which Clinics and Doctors Are Specialists in Abdominal Surgery?

Those who need a doctor want the best medical care. Therefore, the patient is wondering where to find the best abdominal surgery in Germany or Switzerland. As this question cannot be answered objectively, and a reputable doctor would never claim to be the best one, we can only rely on the doctor’s experience.

We will help you to find an expert for your disease. All listed doctors and clinics have been checked by us for their outstanding specialization in the field of abdominal surgery and are waiting for your inquiry or treatment request.