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What Is Dietary Advice?

A healthy and tasty diet does not have only positive effects on the psyche but also on permanent physical health. Besides, many diseases can be positively influenced by a change in diet. A consultation with a nutrition expert can give you the necessary knowledge about WHAT and WHEN regarding nutrition.

When Should a Nutrition Expert Be Consulted?

An unhealthy diet also has long-term effects on your health. Besides, weight gain, the risk of cardiovascular disease , and diabetes may also increase. Even some cancers are associated with a particular dietary style.

Existing illnesses can also be an occasion to seek the advice of a nutritionist. Especially food allergies or diseases that react to the consumed food require special treatment, among others, neurodermatitis , diverticulitis , and chronic inflammatory bowel diseases.

How does Nutritional Consultation Work?

In the beginning, the eating habits and lifestyle must be described to help the nutritionist to get an idea of the possible problems and starting points. If you have a specific goal (weight loss) or already known food intolerances, describe your wishes and ideas in detail. This will eliminate any wrong ideas (e.g., rapid weight loss) and adjust the following dietary requirements to your individual needs.

It is essential to note that any change of diet only makes sense if it is a permanent change. The nutrition expert not only explains which changes make sense but also provides the necessary knowledge about food and nutrition traps.

The right eating behavior includes not only WHAT but also HOW OFTEN, HOW MUCH and WHEN. The same applies to healthy drinking behavior.

A nutritional consultation also includes an evaluation of your body: what is missing, what is too much. Various examinations can be carried out for this purpose. The blood test can indicate a lack of vitamins, trace minerals, and an excess of fats and blood sugar.

Bio-impedance measurement (via electrodes on the body) helps to obtain an exact picture of the distribution of body fat and body muscles. With its help, it is also possible to monitor whether the desired reduction in fat and the maintenance of muscle mass is achieved during weight loss. Only then can the body absorb enough healthy nutrients. If fasting is carried out wrong, it can also come to a loss of muscle mass.

In some cases of malnutrition, in addition to a change in diet, it is also advisable to take food supplements. They can help to balance the deficiencies of vitamins, trace elements, and antioxidants in the body.

What Is the Benefit of Dietary Advice?

In order for the change in diet to succeed, poor eating habits must be stopped, and the changes introduced slowly and suitable for everyday life.

Individual cooking courses and independent testing with the food will help. This is the only way to achieve a sustainable change in diet and with it a healthy lifestyle.

In this respect, nutritional counseling is a preventive step and serves prevention from developing diseases due to malnutrition, such as cardiovascular diseases. Without a healthy diet, atherosclerosis , high blood pressure , heart strain, and in many cases, myocardial infarction or a stroke can occur.

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