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What Is Body Lift?

A body lift is a comprehensive procedure for changing body shape. The used methods, such as liposuction and skin tightening , are part of plastic-aesthetic surgery. The body lift was established by the American doctor Ted Lockwood and is, therefore, also called the Lockwood method.

Who Is Eligible for Body Lift?

This method of plastic surgery is particularly suitable for those who, after significant weight reduction, find remaining skin and fat aprons unaesthetic and would like to have them removed. These skin flaps cannot be removed through healthy nutrition and sport, and only surgery can remedy this aesthetic problem. In these cases, it can be more advisable to model the body in one major surgery than having to undergo several minor interventions. The amount of anesthetics and scars is reduced when combining several procedures in one surgery. Besides, the total recovery time is shorter and, therefore, also the downtime from everyday life and work.

The Process of a Body Lift Surgery

The body lift surgery is carried out in general anesthesia and takes about 4-6 hours. Before the surgery, the responsible surgeon reviews the expectations with the patient and simulates the result. Subsequently, the planned incision is drawn on the standing patient. The responsible anesthetist carries out informing interview about the general anesthesia on the day before the surgery.

Superfluous skin and fatty tissue are removed during the surgery, e.g., by liposuction or scalpel. The remaining tissue is stitched together then. Convenient spots are used so that the remaining scar tissue is hardly visible afterward. The lower body lift mainly leaves scars in the groin area, as this body lift procedure also tightens the abdomen, buttocks, and thighs. These scars can be easily concealed with underwear or swimwear. When carrying out upper body lift, the scars are "hidden" in the armpit area, on the inside of the arms, and the back.

An inpatient stay is advisable after the surgery. Usually, the patient stays 3-7 days in the clinic, so the recovery and scar healing can be well supervised. After that, a resting period at home for up to one week is recommended. It is suggested to wear compression stockings for the affected areas for about 6 weeks during wound healing. This supports the drainage of lymph fluid and prevents swellings.

Body Lift According to Lockwood

Lockwood's originally developed method is also indicated lower body lift because tightening the stomach, buttocks, and thighs is carried out here. Excessive fat in these areas is aspirated and the annoying skin flaps removed according to requirements. Upper body lift includes procedures in the arms, the back, and the breast. So-called bingo wings can be removed upon request and ptosis in the breast can be shaped by tightening.

Body Lift Costs: Does the Medical Insurance Pay for the Body Lift?

A body lift is almost always a complete aesthetic procedure without medical necessity. This means that statutory health insurance companies do not cover the bills of 5000-7000 Euros, which are the total costs for the operation, including pre- and post-operative care. The prices are calculated individually according to the complexity and cannot be predicted as a lump sum.

Which Doctors and Clinics are Specialists for Body Lift Surgery?

The surgeries are among plastic and aesthetic surgery. Specialists for plastic surgery carry out the consultation, implementation, and aftercare of body lift, which can take place either in practices or clinics. Caution: the term "cosmetic surgery" is not defined in the law on further training for doctors and is therefore not protected.

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