Colorectal Surgery and Colon Cancer Therapy Germany

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Colorectal Surgery and Colon Cancer Therapy Germany

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Informations About Colorectal Surgery

What is a Colon Resection or Colorectal Surgery?

Colorectal surgery is a branch of medicine dealing with the surgical treatment of diseases of the colon . "Colorectal" means it affects the colon and the rectum. The colon (from Latin and Greek "(part) organ, intestine") is the middle section of the intestine. Rectum is the last part of the colon (from Latin intestine rectum "the straight intestine") which anatomically leads straight out of the body.

What is the Purpose of Colorectal Surgery?

As the name already suggests, the task of colon resection is the surgical treatment of diseases of the rear, posterior digestive tract. It also involves the detection, examination, as well as the review of suitable therapy options including non-operative treatment alternatives. Lastly, it covers aftercare.

Which Diseases are Treated by Colon Surgery?

Disorders can have different causes and characteristics. Major medical fields of colorectal surgery are benign maladies such as diverticulosis (Protuberances of the intestinal wall that can become inflamed and then lead to diverticulitis), ischemic colitis (inflammation due to lack of oxygen supply), and chronic inflammatory bowel diseases such as Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis.

As a malignant disease, the colorectal carcinoma is attended to by colorectal surgery. Although colonic polyps are usually benign structures that protrude from the intestinal mucosa, colorectal adenomas may be precursors of colon cancer in some cases. In addition, familial syndromes can occur which are associated with polyps of the colon as well as and an increased risk of degeneration i.e. possibility of getting cancer. This includes familial polyposis coli (FAP). Malformations and injuries can also be treated with colorectal surgery.

Diseases of the anal canal are afflictions of the excretory duct of the digestive system into which the rectum passes. They are usually a concern of proctology, i.e. rectal or endoderm surgery.

What Therapies are Available to Colorectal Surgeons?

Medical healing options are roughly based on whether a benign or a malignant disease is present and whether a continuity of the intestine can be maintained or restored on a temporary or definitive basis. Other circumstances can be the need of an artificial intestinal exit creation or simply the cure or relief of discomfort. Existent are conservative, non-operative, and therapeutic options as well as endoscopic procedures that are performed through the intestine only. In addition, there are laparoscopic ("keyhole") techniques, open surgical operations, and mixed forms thereof.

How much of the intestine can be obtained also depends on the blood supply of the intestine tract and the drainage of the lymph nodes but above all, it is based on the nature of the illness.

Which Colon Surgeons, Proctologists, or Colorectal Clinics are Specialists in Colorectal Surgery?

In Germany, colorectal specialists are educated in internal organ surgery and have completed additional studies in visceral surgery. If somebody is in need of a doctor, he or she hopes to find the best medical care. Therefore, patients are wondering who the best surgeon is for their situation. Since this question cannot be answered objectively and a reputable doctor would never claim to be the best medical practitioner around, one can only rely on the expert’s experience.

PRIMO MEDICO helps patients to find a specialist for their disease. All listed doctors and clinics listed in PRIMO MEDICO's search engine have been reviewed for their outstanding specialization in the field of colorectal surgery and await treatment requests and inquiries.

How Much is Colorectal Surgery in Germany?

For patients from abroad, the costs for colon cancer cure and other diseases of the intestine in Germany are strictly regulated by the German government (GOÄ Department). German physicians are not entitled to determine their own self-calculated fees for medical services. They are legally obliged to adhere to the official fixed tariff rates for doctors.

In order to calculate the cost for a specific intestine therapy in Germany, proctologists first require detailed information on the specific colorectal malady. This data can be transferred to the hospital in form of medical reports, findings or images taken prior to treatment. The medical center then prepares a cost estimate. In most cases, the amount due must be paid ahead of the healing process.

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