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Stomach Reduction

Are you looking for information on stomach reduction and specialists for surgery? On our website, you will find only experienced specialists and clinics in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria. Find out about surgical methods and alternatives or contact our experts for stomach reduction surgery.


Specialists in Stomach reduction

Information About the Field of Stomach reduction

What is Stomach Reduction?

The term stomach reduction refers to surgical procedures that reduce the capacity of the stomach. The aim of a stomach reduction is to enable people who are very overweight to reduce their weight by surgery.

Requirements: When Is Stomach Reduction Advisable?

A stomach reduction should only come into question for very overweight people (BMI > 40). It is considered the last resource if previous supervised weight loss attempts have not shown sufficient success. Stomach reduction can also be carried out in people who already suffer from a secondary disease of obesity and whose BMI is > 35.

Which Surgery Methods Are Available for Stomach Reduction?

The following procedures are offered for stomach reduction surgeries:

Can a Stomach Reduction Be Reversed?

Not every stomach reduction procedure can be reversed. For this reason, you should carefully consider with your doctor in advance, which method is appropriate in each individual case. While the gastric band can be removed after a successful weight reduction; sleeve gastrectomy and gastric bypass are usually not reversible.

Alternatives to Stomach Reduction

A non-surgical alternative to stomach reduction is the gastric balloon. While the patient is in twilight sleep, a balloon is inserted into the stomach using an endoscope and then filled with fluid. The ingestion balloon remains in the stomach for about 6 months and is then removed.

Which Doctors and Clinics Are Specialists for Stomach Reduction?

Stomach reductions are performed by abdominal surgeons specializing in obesity surgery. Experienced specialists and clinics that carry out stomach reduction surgery in Düsseldorf and Vienna can be found on our website. A list of certified obesity surgery centers in Germany can be found at the website of the German Society for General and Abdominal Surgery DGAV.