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Pancreatic cysts

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Information About the Field of Pancreatic cysts

What is a pancreatic cyst?

Pancreatic cysts are bubble-shaped hollow spaces that form on or inside of the pancreas. Such cavities are fluid-filled and generally benign. There are two distinct types of cysts on the pancreas: "true" cysts and pseudocysts.

Pancreatic cysts occur fairly often in the general population and in most cases they do not cause any problems. However, if they do cause symptoms, it is often because of their growth ins size or due to an unfortunate location. Some typical symptoms would include pain in the upper abdomen, loss of appetite, nausea and vomiting or gastrointestinal bleeding.

How do pancreatic cysts develop?

"True" pancreatic cysts are the result of disorders in embryonic development, which means that they arise in the womb while the organ is developing. Another cause of pancreatic cysts can be "Von Hippel-Lindau syndrome", a rare genetic disease that leads to the formation of multiple cysts and tumors in various organs.

In contrast, pseudocysts form during life and typically after an inflammation of the pancreas, also referred to as pancreatitis.

How to detect cysts in the pancreas?

Nowadays, pancreatic cysts are often found by chance during examinations carried out for other purposes. Radiologic imaging, such as CT or MRI scans, are most often used for targeted detection of pancreatic cysts. Also, ultrasound exams can visualize the cysts.

Because tumor-like growths of the pancreas may also occur as cysts, it is important to further clarify the findings or to monitor and observe the cysts regularly.

Therapy of pancreatic cysts - When to perfrom surgery?

The exact choice of therapy for pancreatic cysts depends on various factors such as size and location, or whether the cyst has the potential be malignant. If there is a suspicion of malignancy, that means cancer, the cysts should in any case be surgically removed and examined for cancer. In case the cyst causes problems or if its larger than 4 - 5 cm, surgery should be performed to prevent complications in the future. Nowadays, surgery is frequently performed using minimally invasive techniques, which involves only few small incisions and the usage of long surgical instruments (commonly known as "keyhole surgery"). In some centers, robotic-assisted surgery can be offered.

Small cysts or newly formed cysts following pancreatitis which do not cause any symptoms can initially be monitored with regular check-ups, since some cysts may also spontaneously disappear.

Risks associated with pancreatic cysts

Some of the risks associated with pancreatic cysts include complications that can arise, for example, due to their enormous size. For instance, large cysts within and on the pancreas can exert severe pressure on the stomach or duodenum, leading to discomfort. Furthermore, it can also apply pressure on the large vessels in the abdominal cavity, leading to pain and reduced blood flow to the abdominal organs. In addition, the outflow of bile from the liver into the duodenum may be impaired or the cysts may start bleeding.

In the case of tumor-like growths of the pancreas, the initially benign cystic tumors have the potential to degenerate over the course of life, resulting in pancreatic cancer.

What clinics and doctors specialize in the field of pancreatic cysts?

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