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Bariatric Surgery Germany and Austria

Is a bariatric surgery in Germany or Austria your preference for losing weight? Here, at PRIMO MEDICO you can find experienced specialists, clinics, and centers for weight loss surgery in Germany and Austria.



Specialists in Bariatric Surgery

Information About the Field of Bariatric Surgery

What is Bariatric Surgery?

Weight loss surgery is a division of abdominal incision. There are several surgical procedures for altering the human gastrointestinal tract so that food intake decreases. The goal of bariatric surgery is a long-term weight reduction. Since weight loss surgery is an invasive medical approach, it should only be applied if conservative therapies for weight reduction such as physical exercise, nutrition adjustment, etc. have failed.

When Does Weight Loss Surgery Make Sense?

Bariatric surgery is only appropriate when all other attempts to reduce excessive body weight have not been successful.


Generally, obesity is defined by a Body Mass Index of over 30 kg/m² (average 18.5 – 25 kg / m²). This number is higher for men. Weight loss surgery should however, first be conducted at a BMI of 40, or at 35 BMI if there is a secondary illness involved.


Which Surgical Methods are Performed at Bariatric Surgery Clinics in Germany and Austria?

As far as possible, stomach reduction is performed by minimally invasive techniques. Through minor incision, cameras and instruments are placed near the stomach. Due to low risk trauma, a quick physical recovery and a shorter hospital stay are certain. The following operation methods can be performed by our German and Austrian specialists in bariatric surgery:

  • Gastric Band

The gastric band procedure is a reversible stomach reduction. An adjustable silicon band is placed laporascopically at the stomach entry. This constriction causes a feeling of satiety even with small amounts of food and subsequently, food intake decreases. Important here is the patient's active participation, because high-caloric beverages can bluff and thus expand the stomach band. On average, a weight-reduction of 40-60% can be anticipated.

  • Sleeve Gastrectomy

The gastric sleeve procedure reduces the size of the stomach on one side, so that a sleeve shape develops. This surgical method is also performed with the keyhole technique and is, contrary to the gastric band procedure, not reversible. The advantage of this procedure is the development of normal eating behaviour. In contrast to a gastric band procedure, the amount of food does not need to be reduced to an extreme extent in order to fit through the tightened stomach band.

  • Gastric Bypass


The gastric bypass surgery combines stomach reduction and contraction of the intestinal passage. Through bypassing the small intestine, the ingested food cannot be completely absorbed by the body. This method offers the possibility of 75% weight reduction.

Gastric Bypass Clinics and More Information Regarding Gastric Bypass Surgery

  • Duodenal-Switch

The so-called duodenal switch reduces the stomach size even further and bypasses the small intestine almost completely. This method is suitable only for patients with a BMI of over 60% and many side effects are a result of this procedure.

What are the Chances of Success as well as the Risks of Bariatric Surgery?

Depending on the starting position, cooperation of the patient and the method of bariatric surgery determine the level of success. However, as with many operations, certain risks must be considered. In order to guarantee benefits, the stomach band must remain inside the patient's body for his or her entire life. There is also a danger for the band to move out of place or the esophagus to stretch out over time. Gastric bypass poses a risk of vitamin deficiency, since the main nutrition intake areas in the gastrointestinal tract are circumvented.

Overall, despite weight loss reduction surgery and it’s early successes, a change in diet and consistent physical exercise are essential for a healthy body weight and condition. It is important to maintain regular follow-up examinations at a weight loss center.

Where Can I Find a Specialist in Bariatric Surgery in Germany or Austria?

At PRIMO MEDICO you can find experienced surgeons and clinics for bariatric surgery in Germany and Austria. Currently, you can find recognized experts in the following cities:

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