Neurosurgeon Frankfurt: PD Dr Barth

PD Dr Martin Barth
Chief Physician
Specialist for Neurosurgery
Frankfurt, Germany

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Treatment Focus

  • Microsurgery of brain tumours
  • Neuronavigation
  • Intraoperative neuromonitoring
  • Vascular neurosurgery (brain aneurysms, other vascular anomalies)
  • Microsurgical operations of the entire spinal column in case of
    - disc prolapse
    - spinal stenosis
  • Stabilisations of the entire spinal column in case of
    - instability
    - tumour diseases

Medical Range

Range of Diagnostic Services

  • Modern MRI, fMRI, fibre tracking and CT, PET if required
  • All aspects of intraoperative neuromonitoring (MEP, SEP, DWave) and mapping (cortical, subcortical, spinal cord, cranial nerves) as well as awake craniotomy
  • Neuronavigation
  • Intraoperative Diagnostics: Fluorescence staining of tumours (5-ALA), near-infrared ICG fluorescence angiography
  • Intraoperative vascular Doppler for vascular interventions
  • The Clinic for Neurology provides access to all neurological diagnostic procedures (EMG, NLG, AEP, MEP, SEP, VEP, EEG, and long-term EEG).
  • The Clinic for Neuroradiology provides access to modern digital 3D subtraction angiography


Range of Therapeutic Services

Head Region

  • Minimally invasive microsurgical removal of brain tumours, including the base of the skull (e.g. meningiomas, metastases, gliomas, neurinomas, pituitary adenomas, and others) under permanent intraoperative neuromonitoring.
  • Minimally invasive microsurgical removal of tumours while the patient is awake (e.g. when the tumour is close to the speech centre).
  • Minimally invasive microsurgical surgery of cerebrovascular diseases (e.g. aneurysms, cavernomas, angiomas, or dura fistulas)
  • Microvascular decompression according to Jannetta (e.g. in the case of trigeminal neuralgia)
  • Minimally invasive microsurgical removal of cerebral haemorrhages
  • Application of a cerebrospinal fluid shunt in the case of hydrocephalus
  • Treatment of skull and brain injuries (e.g. haemorrhaging, cerebrospinal fluid fistulas, gunshot wounds, and skull reconstructions with CAD implants)

Spinal Column Region

  • Microsurgical removal of herniated discs of the entire spinal column either from behind (dorsal) or from the front (ventral).
  • Microsurgical relief of a narrowing of the spinal canal (spinal canal stenosis).
  • Stabilisation of congenital or acquired vertebral slippage (spondylolisthesis).
  • Stabilisation of vertebral fractures and vertebral destruction (e.g. after injuries or tumour diseases) in the area of the entire spine (from dorsal or ventral).
  • Microsurgical removal of pathologies within the spinal canal and spinal cord (e.g. meningiomas, neurinomas, metastases, astrocytomas, and cavernomas) under permanent intraoperative neuromonitoring.
  • Spinal cord stimulation for pain therapy

About PD Dr Martin Barth

PD Dr Martin Barth is Chief Physician at the Neurosurgical Clinic at the Frankfurt Hospital. Together, with him as a specialist and his team, the surgery center offers almost the entire spectrum of modern neurosurgery. Medical focus is placed on surgical treatment of diseases in the fields of neurooncology, spine surgery, neurovascular surgery, and emergency care.

Neurosurgery Specialist With Many Years of Experience

During his education at the University Hospitals of Mannheim and Bochum as well as at numerous national and international advanced training courses, PD Dr Martin Barth has acquired considerable experience and skills. Therefore, he offers medical treatment at highest standards.

Neurooncology: Precise Surgery of Brain Tumours and Metastases with Neuronavigation

In the field of neurooncology, PD Dr Barth has operated a large number of tumours. Regularly, he uses all currently available modern techniques such as neuronavigation with integrated fibre tracking, intraoperative monitoring, and fluorescence-based intraoperative tumour detection. For him, the goals of a tumour operation are both the complete removal of the tumour as well as the complete protection of brain functions. Therapeutic concepts are discussed individually and in detail at regular interdisciplinary conferences.

Spine Surgery: Safety Increase Through Microsurgical Procedures

In addition, PD Dr Barth is experienced in the field of spine surgery and masters a work spectrum ranging from microsurgical disc operations to complex dorsal, ventral or combined stabilisation surgeries. In recognition of his qualifications, he was awarded the Master Certificate by the German Spine Society. On a scientific level, he has made considerable contributions to one of the largest prospectively randomised spine studies to date. He has contributed to many publications in international journals as either main or co-author.

Neurovascular Surgery: Great Expertise in Brain Aneurysms and Cerebrovascular Diseases

Another clinical and scientific focus of PD Dr Barth is placed on neurovascular surgery. Here, too, he has many years of experience in surgical treatments of burst and accidentally discovered aneurysms as well as other vascular diseases. Modern treatment concepts require the increasing use of interventional/endovascular techniques. If treatment is necessary, the optimal treatment strategy for each individual patient is determined with the neurovascular team (neurosurgery/neuroradiology) in order to ensure effective and safe treatment.

For further information, please visit the website of PD Dr Martin Barth.

Curriculum Vitae

1994-2000 Studied medicine in Heidelberg, Mannheim and Vienna
2000-2006 Assistant physician at the Neurosurgical Clinic of the University Hospital Mannheim
2006 Recognition of the title Specialist for Neurosurgery
2007-2010 Senior Physician at the Neurosurgical Clinic of the University Hospital Mannheim
2010-2013 Head Senior Physician at the Neurosurgical Clinic of the University Hospital Mannheim
2013-2017 Head Senior Physician at the Neurosurgical Clinic of the University Hospital Bochum
Seit 2017 Chief Physician of the Clinic for Neurosurgery at Frankfurt Höchst Clinic

Medical Team

Senior Physicians:

  • Dr Stefan Grossauer, MBA
    Head Senior Physician
  • Venus Baba, Doctor of Medicine
    Managing Senior Physician


  • 1-bed and 2-bed rooms with TV, telephone, and radio
  • Cafeteria
  • Café
  • Service employee for elective service patients
  • Social service with preparation and organisation of follow-up rehabilitations or spa stays
  • Counselling
  • Psycho-oncological care
  • Multi-storey car park at the clinic


Frankfurt (Main) Airport 9 km
Frankfurt am Main Central Station 14 km

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PD Dr Martin Barth
Chief Physician

Frankfurt Höchst Clinic
Clinic for Neurosurgery
Gotenstraße 6–8, 65929 Frankfurt, Germany

T: +49 69 3106 2243
F: +49 69 3106 182243


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