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Many people suffer from shoulder pain or hip problems. In this case, doctors quickly recommend surgical intervention. But is this really always necessary? Especially operations such as the implantation of a hip end joint prosthesis are among the most frequently performed operations nowadays. Even if studies show that many of the recommended knee incisions are completely unnecessary, procedures like these are frequently performed in Germany. Physicians are also human beings and can be wrong. Thus, precisely for this reason, it is advisable to obtain a second expert opinion before starting major operations or reaching important medical decisions.

Medical research is developing incredibly fast these days. That's a good thing! However, more knowledge, more professional competence of medical practitioners, more examination methods and treatment concepts, as well as additional appropriate medications, all these factors entail a risk for quick decision making. Resolutions reached, at worst, cannot be reversed. The fast search on the Internet, the manifold opinions of patients in forums can sometimes, instead of being helpful, build up fears and increase some patients’ insecurities.

In this situation, it is always helpful to find and establish contact with a specialist - smoothly with the help of competent medical caretaker - in order to obtain a second opinion about the individual medical history and the optimal treatment concept.

Additional Confusion or Conscientious Necessity?

Especially irreversible medical interventions should be carefully considered before they are actually performed, in addition to be confirmed by a second medical opinion. A professional second opinion strengthens the patient's own decision-making capability. The relationship between physician and patient is based on professional and non-professional backgrounds. This interconnection however, leads to a certain dependence on the professional’s medical opinion by the patient as a layman. In particular due to this dependence, patients are encouraged to seek further expert advices.

The patient’s possibility of obtaining a second medical opinion increases his responsibility and maturity level. There is even scientific evidence given, that human bodies regenerate faster when the recovering person is actively involved in the healing process. As a result, the therapy of a disease may begin faster and better as soon as the individual inquires various information from different doctors about treatment options. Obtaining a second medical opinion is even legally enshrined in the Charter of Patients' Rights. It thus protects the right of every patient to obtain his or her own personal health. To sum up, the goal of a second specialist opinion is to strengthen the patient.

When Does a Second Opinion Make Sense?

A second opinion secures you as a patient protection and peace of mind! If you have the impression you have not received a clear diagnosis, ask for a second opinion. It is your body and your right to be educated by doctors in order for you to fully comprehend the scale of your illness and to find the best suited method for fastest recovery.

Large incisions, which also include the use of prosthetic replacements, cannot be reversed later on. It must therefore be considered in advance whether a prosthesis, a new joint replacement or something similar makes sense. If you want to be sure whether a major, possibly irreversible surgery is useful and necessary, ask for a second opinion.

If a recommended therapy shows no progress, do not wait but look for another opinion. It is not uncommon for a therapy to work on one patient and not on the other. It is important to ensure timely whether a therapy promises the desired improvement. If this is not the case, it is perfectly all right to break new grounds. Given the large number of therapy options available, it is legitimate to try a second attempt in addition to the first one.

Of course you can also inform yourself about alternative therapy processes and divergent opinions on healing alternatives. Every doctor has methods that he prefers applying. And not every physician can be informed about all common methods at all times. It may happen that an alternative therapy best suited for your medical situation is not known to your doctor at all, but the more familiar to another practitioner instead.

In the end, only one thing matters: You as a patient shall be cured! Even if the approach may be difficult or distinctive from time to time, we humans are different and the methods helping us improving health may be just as diverse.

If you feel uncertain about your doctor's diagnosis and need help making a decision, you should, again, seek a second opinion. Especially, if you are ill and not in possession of your usual strength, it can quickly turn into overstrain and uncertainty. However, it doesn't have to be like that! A second opinion helps quickly and reliably. This way, you can gain new strength and start therapy!

Orthopedist for Second Opinion

Almost always, there are alternatives treatment methods available. This also applies to orthopedics, in particular if the surgeon advises surgery. Especially surgical interventions on knee, hip or spine in particular require careful consideration. Because all incisions on the musculoskeletal system have an influence on the patient's future mobility. Before a surgical intervention is performed, all conservative, i.e. non-operative therapy methods should be ruled out. This is, however, not always the case. Particularly the insertion of an artificial hip or knee joint or the necessity of a complicated spinal surgery requires precise examination. An independent second opinion of an orthopedic specialist can provide the patient with a reliable basis for reaching a decision.

Ophthalmologist for Second Opinion

The eye is one of the most important sensory organs because it is essential for our orientation ability in a visually shaped world. An intervention on the eyes is therefore a particularly sensitive area. Ultimately, it is the patient's vision that is at stake. For this reason, patients who are advised by their ophthalmologist to undergo eye surgery or a drug-intensive therapy are often faced with a difficult decision. Especially when they cannot be sure whether the advised incision, therapy or laser treatment is really necessary. That's a tough question for a medical layman to answer. The Internet cannot provide answers to these questions either. Whether a certain therapy is suitable for the respective patient depends on many individual factors that perhaps only the second opinion of an ophthalmologist can clarify.

Dentist for Second Opinion

Anyone in need of dental prosthesis nowadays is confronted with an unprecedented range of treatment options. Never before has it been so difficult to find the right dental replacement for severely damaged or lost teeth. Implant, veneers, bridge, crown or orosthesis? How to know whether the dental procedure recommended by the dentist is really the best one for your personal situation? Also complicated root canal treatments or oral surgeries often raise questions. A decision for or against a particular treatment process does not only imply consequences for health and quality of life. It also involves considerable financial expenditures. Attaining a professional second opinion by consulting an independent dentist or a specialist in oral and maxillofacial surgery can help to eliminate doubts.

Radiologist for Second Opinion

The evaluation of radiological images is not easy, even for specialists, and leaves much room for interpretation. Radiology does not always provide doubtless results. Doctors do not evaluate results alike. Radiology is a broad field and covers all imaging procedures which are used for diagnostics and therapy - from X-rays and ultrasound examinations (sonography) to computer tomography (CT). Correct evaluation of radiological findings is of great importance, because that's what the future therapy is based on. Findings affect a patient’s health or illness. The second radiological report of an experienced radiologist considerably increases the reliability of the diagnosis and thus contributes significantly to the patient’s recovery.

Oncologist for Second Opinion

Especially serious cancer patients have to deal with shock management, which is naturally caused by cancer diagnosis. Here, patient safety is very important. The sick person wants to be sure everything humanly possible is done to defeat the cancer. It is no coincidence that trust in the prescribed therapy contributes significantly to the recovery process of a cancer patient. Numbers prove how important a second opinion can be, especially in oncology. According a German doctor’s magazine (Ärztezeitung), an oncological second opinion deviates from the initial assessment in 40 percent of cases. For every sixth patient, this results in a corresponding change in therapeutic measures. In cancer therapy, a second opinion can make an important contribution to patient safety and save lives in case of doubt.

Second Opinion Online

Some patients shy away from obtaining a second opinion, because in many cases it involves a great deal of effort. The first step is to find a suitable physician who is considered a specialist in the relevant field. Particularly in rural areas, it is not easy for ill people to visit the experts they have found. Often, this is associated with great physical effort due to poor health. However, it can be done more easily nowadays: Fortunately, it is possible to obtain a second opinion online. All documents and examination results of the patient can be submitted online to a proven specialist. The expert in return examines the received test outcomes thoroughly through his perspective and viewpoint. Without having to leave the house, a patient can retain a helpful second opinion.

Who Is Eligible to a Second Medical Opinion?

In Germany, the right of free choice of doctor and medical institution applies. Each patient is also entitled to consult a second physician for treatment. The latter can invoice his advisory services to the health insurance agencies which are members of the framework of the Statutory Health Insurance Physician Fee Schedule. A second medical opinion can and should be requested by patients in particular situations. Likewise, every doctor is obliged to give the patient access to his medical file upon request. As a rule, the original documents remain with the attending physician. Duplicates or copies must be given to the patient for a small reimbursement. Excluded from this policy are purely subjective assessments and possibly documents relating to psychiatric treatments.

What Role Do Health Insurance Companies Play?

Before setting off to obtain a second medical opinion, the patient should first consult his primary care physician in order to ask him for a referral to a specialist. During this step, it makes sense to inform the health insurance consultant as well to keep the insurance company up to date. After all, it is the health insurance company having to pay for the services provided by the specialist supplying the second opinion. This avoids costly surprises in the aftermath.

How to Obtain a Second Medical Opinion?

Acquiring a second opinion with our help saves patients time and energy - commodities actually hardly available to sick people. With your consent, we at PRIMO MEDICO take care of all necessary formalities so you as a patient can get all the information you need in order to become well and fit again. Contact us at any time if you have any questions: We will forward your inquiry - free of charge and data-safe - to the corresponding specialist at our PRIMO MEDICO network.

If you have already discovered a suitable expert, you may also contact him or her directly yourself via our web platform. Of course, the forwarding of your patient data and documents is part of our services, as well - free of charge, prompt and competent!

What Else Do We Offer at PRIMO MEDICO?

In addition to the contact addresses of the specialists, we provide you with even further offers. You will find informational medical articles on many different topics at our homepage. The timeliness and quality of these scholar articles are particularly important to us. Our experts, all members of the PRIMO MEDICO network, provide information in a clear and understandable manner and concentrate on the essentials about diseases, preventive measures or latest patient studies.

If you conduct a search on our website, you will certainly find what you are looking for. Each article states name and specialty of the interviewed physician or author. Thus, you as an interested patient, can contact the relevant expert directly for further questions.

Which Quality Features Do Our Specialists Provide?

The physicians who are members of the PRIMO MEDICO network are characterized by their specialization within a medical field. Besides receiving a high level of acceptance and respect, they are members of leading medical associations. In addition to being equipped with the most modern technical facilities in their practices, they are obliged to regularly continue further education to keep up to date. This guarantees patients to be treated with latest surgery and treatment techniques.

PRIMO MEDICO - Your First Medical Choice!

Doctors advising patients at PRIMO MEDICO are selected professionals who distinguish themselves in their fields of expertise through special knowledge and many years of experience. The high quality of guidance provided is ensured by continuous training and transparent exchange within the specialist teams.

Latest science and research are the guiding principles during a consultation. A patient’s well-being always gives reason for obtaining a second opinion.

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