Asst Lect. Dr Josef Oswald, FEAPU
Director of the Department for Paediatric Urology
Specialist in Paediatric urology
Linz, Austria

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Information about Asst Lect. Dr Josef Oswald, FEAPU

Medical range

  • Malformations of the urogenital tract (bladder exstrophy, hypospadia, undescended testis, primary reflux and varicocele)
  • Recurrent urinary tract infections (e.g. due to hydronephrosis)
  • Diagnosis and treatment of tumours of the urogenital tract
  • Functional neurological disorders of the bladder (e.g. neurogenic bladder in MMC myelomeningocele or secondary reflux)
  • Conditions of the external genitalia
  • Care of young adults (adolescents)
  • Enuresis (bed-wetting)


Asst Lect. Dr Josef Oswald heads the Department of Paediatric Urology at the Sisters of Mercy Hospital in Linz.

His emphases include malformations of the urogenital tract, including bladder exstrophy and recurrent urinary tract infections. He also treats tumours of the urogenital tract and functional neurological disorders of the bladder. Adolescents up to the age of 18 are comprehensively and expertly cared for by Dr Oswald and his team. 

You can view Asst Lect. Dr Oswald’s website here.

Asst Lect. Dr Oswald, FEAPU - Portrait Asst Lect. Dr Josef Oswald, FEAPU

Paediatric urology
Seilerstaette 4, A-4010 Linz

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Asst Lect. Dr Josef Oswald, FEAPU
Director of the Department for Paediatric Urology

Sisters of Mercy Hospital, Linz
Department for Paediatric Urology
Seilerstaette 4, A-4010 Linz

T: +43 732 7677 7679
F: +43 732 7677 7497



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