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Paediatric Urology

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Specialists in Paediatric Urology

Information About the Field of Paediatric Urology

Due to the wide range of infantile urological diseases, the profession of the pediatric urologist was introduced. After graduating in urology, urologists complete a special training program in pediatric urology in order to become a pediatric urologist. Urologists for kids work closely together with general pediatricians and pediatric surgeons.

Urology is generally known to deal with male medicine. People often think, urologists treat especially older men with potency problems and urinary incontinence. But their work area goes far beyond. Urologists medicate inherited and acquired diseases of the kidneys, bladder, and external genitalia, whether male or female. However, some illnesses already appear in early childhood and can lead to serious problems. This is the time when the pediatric urologist or pediatric surgeon comes into play.

Common Diseases Treated by Pediatric Urologists

Urologists for kids attend to children’s congenital and acquired diseases of the urinary tract. Around 30% of all inherited malformations affect the urinary system.

Impairments in the development of the child's urinary tract include missing or underdeveloped kidneys and deformities of the ureter (constrictions, adhesions, 2-fold grown ureter, misleading orifices to other organs). Sometimes, these defects result in a backflow of urine into the kidneys or the urine cannot drain off properly. Because this condition is an endangerment for the kidneys, pediatric surgeons need to perform an incision.

Especially boys can be affected by misleading orifices of the urethra. In such cases, the opening does not end at the top of the glans but further on top or bottom of the penis (hypospadias, epispadias)

If the affliction of posterior urethral valves (sail-like protrusions in the urethra) occurs, problems with urination and urinary tract infections are a result. In this situation, pediatric urologists need to take surgical measures immediately.

A cause of bladder dysfunction is a complex malformation like spina bifida (incomplete closure of the spine and possibly spinal cord). This deformation requires a greater and more interdisciplinary treatment by urologists for kids and pediatric surgeons.

If a youngster receives a major incision, he also obtains all forms of counseling on issues like wetting pants (enuresis) or urinary incontinence. Foreskin constriction, urinary stone disease, and undescended testicles can all be successfully treated in pediatric urology as well. Testicular tumors, which can occur especially at young age, require a particularly careful clarification and therapy.

How do Pediatric Urologists Treat Children?

In the field of pediatric urology, comprehensive research of cause and diagnostics is essential. In addition, co-supervision by experienced psychologists is advisable in some cases, because little kids can often neither cope with heavy diagnoses nor with the additional stress involved.

Pediatric urologists perform various diagnostic procedures such as checking the functioning of kidneys or bladders. In addition, with the help of imaging techniques (ultrasound, MRI, CT), disorders and tissue changes can be detected.

Pediatric surgeons are able to perform certain minor procedures on an outpatient basis and sometimes under local anesthesia such as the removal of boys’ foreskins. Major operations in pediatric urology require hospitalization and general anesthesia. It is important, however, to explain the youngsters all steps involved in the surgical process as child-friendly and understandable as possible at all times.

In certain situations, it is necessary for pediatric urologists to execute emergency treatments. Especially if the survival of an organ is at risk, he has to act quickly. This can be the case with injuries of the urinary tract or with a twisting of the testicles (testicular torsion).

If the kidneys of a child are too severely damaged, a kidney transplant may be necessary in some rare cases. This must be carefully planned by the urology doctor and his team. Living donations of kidneys by family members are often possible here.

What are Prognoses and Progressions After Pediatric Urology Treatment?

Children often have excellent wound healing and recovery abilities. Many diseases are therefore healed quickly and without complications. In difficult cases, little patients have to return to the pediatric urology clinic again and again (e.g., diseases with frequent kidney stone formations). It is especially important for children to not get afraid of the children’s hospital but to gain positive experiences and impressions instead.

Some diseases in pediatric urology require regular follow-up examinations (e.g., testicular cancer). These check-ups are necessary for early detection of possible recurrences of the cancer cells.

Find a Pediatric Urology Specialist in Germany & Austria

For questions regarding possibilities and types of pediatric urology treatment options, little patients’ parents may feel free to contact our pediatric urologist confidently.

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