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Are you searching for a neurologist or an ophthalmologist in Germany, Austria, or Switzerland? With our doctor and clinic search for medical …


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Are you searching for a neurologist or an ophthalmologist in Germany, Austria, or Switzerland? With our doctor and clinic search for medical experts you can find experienced specialists, clinics, & centers for the brain and eyes.

Which medical specialists specialize in the brain?

Neurologists are specialists in neurology, neurosurgery and neuroradiology. While neurologists treat diseases of the brain primarily through diagnosis and medication, neurosurgeons provide surgical treatment. Neuroradiologists provide special diagnosis and treatment methods through interventional radiology. Pediatric neurologists provide treatment of developmental disorders and diseases within the pediatric brain.

Which illnesses does a neurologist treat?

Common disorders of head and brain are:

Which treatment possibilities are provided by neurologists?

In addition to medicinal treatments for neurological disorders, depending on the illness, interventional methods or surgery can be performed by neurologists.

Interventional Neuroradiology Treatments:

Interventional methods of neuroradiology are mostly adopted for the treatment of arterial stenosis, vascular obstruction, and vascular malformation. For arterial stenosis, for example carotid stenosis, the constricted part can be enlarged with the use of a stent. Vascular obstructions, such as a brain aneurysm, can be closed with a minimally invasive coil by an experienced neuroradiologist.

Operative techniques in Neurosurgery:

Where can I find an experienced neurologist?

Neurologists in Germany, Austria and Switzerland are very well trained and provide the most modern diagnosis and surgical technologies.  They are distinguished through years of experience and continued education. You can find a neurologist with us in the following cities:

Which specialists are eye specialists?

Bei Augenspezialisten handelt es sich um Fachärzte der Augenheilkunde. Die Facharztausbildung dauert nach dem erfolgreich absolvierten Medizinstudium weitere 5 Jahre und muss in einer weiterbildungsberechtigten Einrichtung absolviert werden. Die Inhalte der Facharztausbildung regelt die Weiterbildungsordnung.

Eye specialists specialize in ophthalmology. The specialist residency begins after a successfully completed medical study program, is five years long, and must be completed in a certified institution. The content of the specialist residency determines the order of continued education.

Which eye diseases are treated by eye specialists?

Where can I find an experienced ophthalmologist or an eye clinic?

Eye specialists are distinguished through several years of activity in ophthalmology. In addition to being active in research they have also operated independently in clinics. They provide the most modern diagnostic and surgical equipment. With us you can find eye specialists in the following cities:


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