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What Is a Stent?

A stent is a tubular support inserted into hollow organs such as arteries, the esophagus, or the bile duct. It is used to keep these organs permanently open and usually consists of a grid structure of metal or synthetic fibers. Recently, drug-coated stents that can be absorbed by the body have also become available.

When Is an Implantation Necessary or Advisable?

Implantation is always necessary when a hollow organ is narrowed to the extent that it can no longer fulfill its function. The exception is the aortic aneurysm, a dangerous pathological dilatation of the aorta, where a stent stabilizes the vessel wall and prevents the aneurysm from "bursting."

The main area of application for the stent is in arteries affected by artherosclerosis . In this systemic disease, blood fats, connective tissue, and calcium accumulate in the vessel walls due to high blood pressure , nicotine consumption, and familial risk and gradually narrow the artery.

If the disease is advanced that not enough blood can pass through it, circulation disorders occur. Heart attack , stroke , or peripheral arterial occlusive disease (PAD) can be the result. Other organs, such as the bile duct or the esophagus, can also be displaced by disease so that a stent can provide relief.

How Is a Stent Surgery Carried Out? Which Procedures Are Available?

A stent implantation is a minimally invasive and, therefore, very gentle procedure. After thorough preliminary examinations, the surgeon makes a small incision under local anesthesia to access a superficial artery, usually in the groin region. The stent is placed under X-ray monitoring with a catheter, i.e., a thin elastic tube pushed through the arteries to the constriction. The stent is at the tip of this catheter and can be placed in the correct position. Usually, the patient can be discharged the very next day.

After about 30 days, the stent has healed into the vessel wall and is firmly attached. Taking medication is necessary to prevent blood clots' formation on the surface of the stent (which is a foreign body).

What Are the Risks and Chances of Success in Stent Surgery?

Every surgical procedure involves certain risks such as infection. Besides, after stent implantation, there may be side effects such as increased bleeding or occluding of the stent by a coagulum. Since a contrast agent containing iodine is injected for X-rays, an iodine allergy should also be excluded beforehand.

If no complications occur, stent implantation is a very gentle and effective therapy that does not cause any everyday life restrictions. However, to prevent further vascular occlusion, attention should, of course, be paid to a healthy lifestyle.

Which Doctors and Clinics Specialze in Stent Surgery?

Every patient who needs a doctor wants the best medical care. Therefore, the patient is wondering where to find the best clinic. As this question cannot be answered objectively, and a reliable doctor would never claim to be the best one, we can only rely on a doctor's experience.

The more stents have been placed; the more experienced the doctor will be. Specialists in stent surgery are, therefore, specialists in cardiology , vascular surgery , and cardiac surgery . Placing one or more stents is usually a routine procedure for medical experts in these fields.


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