Dr (H) László Pintér – Specialist for Vascular Surgery in Dormagen (North Rhine-Westphalia)

Dr (H) László Pintér
Head Physician
Specialist in Vascular and Endovascular Surgery
Dormagen, Germany

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Treatment Focus

  • Arterial occlusive diseases (bypass surgery, thrombectomy, balloon catheter, stent)
  • Aneurysms (vascular protrusions in the abdomen and extremities)
  • Carotid artery surgeries (for stroke prevention)
  • Venous diseases (varicose veins, reopening of blocked veins)
  • Chronic wounds (open leg, diabetic foot)
  • Creation and revision of vascular accesses (port systems, dialysis catheters, dialysis shunts)

Medical Range

Range of Diagnostic Services
(in cooperation with the radiology partner)

  • Doppler sonography
  • Color-coded duplex sonography
  • Digital subtraction angiography
  • CT angiography
  • MR angiography


Range of Therapeutic Services

  • Bypass surgeries (bypassing occlusions)
  • Thrombectomy and thrombendarteriectomy (reopening occlusions)
  •  Interventional treatment of arterial occlusions (balloon catheter, stent, percutaneous thrombectomy, atherectomy)
  • Hybrid surgeries (combination of open and interventional methods)
  • Open aneurysm surgeries (removal of the aneurysm and reconstruction of the vessel with a vascular prosthesis)
  • Interventional aneurysm treatments (stent prosthesis)
  • Carotid artery operations
  • Removal of varicose veins/sclerotherapy
  • Reopening occluded deep veins (open or minimally invasive)
  • Intravenous port systems
  • Intravenous dialysis catheters
  • Dialysis ("Cimino") shunt

About Dr (H) László Pintér

Dr (H) László Pintér, FEBVS, is a vascular and endovascular surgery specialist and head physician at the Vascular Surgery Clinic of the Rhineland Clinic in Dormagen.

Under the direction of head physician Dr Pintér, the vascular surgery clinic covers the entire spectrum of vascular surgery with the diagnostic and treatments offered. Dr Pintér's particular expertise lies in shunt surgery, which creates a vascular connection between the artery and vein, which provides safe vascular access for patients requiring dialysis due to a lack of kidney function. Another of Dr Pintér's areas of expertise is endovascular surgery.

Specialist in Vascular and Endovascular Surgery in Dormagen: Expertise in the Entire Range of Vascular Surgery

The newly founded vascular surgery clinic in Dormagen stands for expertise and professionalism in treating various vascular diseases. The vascular and endovascular surgery specialist attaches great importance to prompt and effective treatment. Patients receive comprehensive diagnostics and are informed in detail about the disease and treatment options. With a great deal of experience and expertise, life-saving surgeries are carried out in emergencies, such as vascular ruptures and acute vascular occlusions.

Dialysis Shunt Surgery: Safe Vascular Access for Dialysis Patients

Safe vascular access is essential for patients requiring kidney dialysis therapy. The frequency of treatment requires an access that can be used repeatedly without complications. Dr Pintér is an endovascular specialist in the field of dialysis shunt surgery and one of the surgeons with many years of experience and expertise in this procedure.

First, a fistula connection is created between the vein and artery in an initial surgery to increase the blood flow in the vein and prepare it efficiently for the increased volume during dialysis. A few weeks later, the final dialysis access can be placed. The surgery is carried out under local or general anesthesia, and the risks and possible complications are discussed in detail with the patient beforehand.

Carotid Artery Surgeries for Stroke Prevention

Important, oxygen-rich blood is transported to the brain via the carotid arteries. If these vessels become constricted due to arteriosclerosis, this can lead to an increased risk of short-term reduced blood flow to the brain or, in the worst case, to a stroke.

The specialist can detect narrowing of the carotid artery in the sonographic examination. Imaging procedures such as MRI and CT are used to visualize the constrictions even more precisely using a contrast agent, allowing a suitable treatment concept to be planned. If symptoms are severe, surgery is the treatment of choice. In this case, the experienced surgeon uses open surgery or interventional procedures to remove the narrowing.

A balloon catheter, for example, can be used in a minimally invasive procedure to widen the vessel. Reconstruction of the neck vessels is an effective stroke prevention measure with a low surgical risk.

Sclerotherapy and Removal of Varicose Veins: Patient-Centered Care for Venous Diseases

Pathologically enlarged and tortuous veins can cause annoying symptoms that can be eliminated by surgery. Not only the feeling of heavy legs, itching, and swelling but also the esthetic problem can motivate those affected to decide to have vascular surgery.

Various surgical techniques can be used to treat varicose veins. The choice of procedure depends on the extent of the varicose veins. The vein can be removed using open surgery or a minimally invasive procedure, or it can be closed endovenous using laser therapy. The vascular surgery team in Dormagen attaches great importance to make the decision with the patient and patient-centered care.

State-of-the-Art Therapy of Arterial Occlusive Diseases

Long-term smoking and an unhealthy lifestyle can lead to plaques and the resulting narrowing of the arterial vessels. In the worst case, this can lead to an acute blockage of the artery, which is an emergency, and in severe cases can lead to the loss of a limb.

Chronic reduced blood flow can lead to pain when walking and, in advanced stages, also at rest. The disease is classified according to Fontaine and categorized based on the length of pain-free walking distance. Early diagnosis of arterial occlusive disease is of great importance to counteract the progression of the disease.

Various options are available for treatment. Medication can improve blood circulation by thinning the blood and lowering cholesterol. High blood pressure should also be adjusted. The vascular surgery team advises patients to adopt a healthier lifestyle without smoking and a healthy diet.

Surgically, narrowed or blocked arteries can be reopened minimally, invasively, surgically, and plaques can be removed. In more severe cases, bypass surgery can be carried out in which a bypass is created around the blocked artery to restore blood flow.

State-of-the-art and constantly evolving procedures have brought about considerable progress in treating PAD in recent years. Vascular specialist Dr Pintér works according to the latest scientific knowledge, and new procedures are used professionally and precisely.

Aneurysm Treatment at the Clinic for Vascular Surgery

An Aneurysm is an artery bulge resulting from weakness in the vessel wall. It can be caused by genetic factors, nicotine abuse, vascular calcification and plaque, and high blood pressure over many years.

The therapy depends on the size of the aneurysm. Small aneurysms can initially be observed, but surgical treatment is not necessary. A diameter of more than five centimeters should be treated surgically, as the risk of a life-threatening rupture of the vessel increases with greater size. In any case, a lifestyle change should be made, blood pressure should be adjusted, and smoking should be given up. This can prevent a progressive dilation of the bulge.

The vascular specialist will discuss which treatment is suitable with the patient. Surgical treatment can be minimally invasive as part of an endovascular procedure or open surgery. Open surgery involves higher surgical risks, and the options also depend on the patient's general condition.

The team in Dormagen is sensitive to the wishes and fears of those affected, and the treatment procedure is agreed upon together.

You can find more information on the website of the Clinic for Vascular Surgery at Rhineland Clinic in Dormagen.


Curriculum Vitae

Since 04/2023 Head Physician of the Clinic for Vascular Surgery at Rhineland Clinic in Dormagen
Since 04/2011 Head Physician for Vascular Surgery at the Surgical Clinic I of the Lukaskrankenhaus Neuss
06/2001 – 03/2011 Senior Physician for Surgery and Vascular Surgery in the Department of General and Vascular Surgery at Augusta Krankenhaus Düsseldorf (Prof Kolvenbach), Head Senior Physician for Surgery and Vascular Surgery since 2008
2010 Cooperation with the China-Japan Friendship Hospital, Peking, China
2009 Fellow of the European Board of Vascular Surgery
2008 Specialist in Endovascular Medicine
2003 License to Practice Medicine (Germany)
2001 Specialist in Vascular Surgery (Germany)
08/1999 – 03/2001 Assistant Physician in the Department of General and Vascular Surgery Augusta Krankenhaus Düsseldorf (Prof Kolvenbach)
2000 Specialist in Surgery (Germany)
08/1996 – 07/1999 Assistant Physician at the Clinic for General and Thoracic Surgery Florence Nightingale Krankenhaus Düsseldorf (Prof Schultheis)
1998 Diploma in General Surgery (Hungary)
10/1996 – 11/1996 Department of Vascular Surgery Henri Mondor Hospital, Creteil with Prof Didier Melliere and Prof Jean-Pierre Bequemin and Department of Vascular Surgery La Pitié Salpetrière Hospital, Paris with Prof Edouard Kieffer
1991 – 1996 Assistant Physician at the Clinic for Vascular and Cardiac Surgery at Semmelweis University Budapest (Prof Nemes)
1994 Diploma in Vascular Surgery (Hungary)
10/1990 – 07/1991 Vascular Surgery PC St. Vincent Hospital, Indianapolis, USA with Prof Austin L. Gardner und Prof Malcolm B. Herring
1985 – 1990 Assistant Physician at the Clinic for General Surgery Szt. Janos Hospital and Semmelweis University Budapest (Prof Ihàsz, Prof Faller, CA Dr Kiss)
1979 – 1985 Medical Studies at the Semmelweis University Budapest

Medical Team

  • Mahnaz Sadeghi
    Head Senior Physician
  • Christian Riedel
    Senior Physician


Dormagen Railway Station 4 km
Düsseldorf Airport   32 km
Cologne/Bonn Airport  37 km

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Dr (H) László Pintér
Head Physician

Rhineland Clinic in Dormagen
Department of Vascular Surgery
Dr.-Geldmacher-Straße 20, D-41540 Dormagen

T: +49 2133 221 9012
F: +49 2133 66 2208


Private Consultation Hours
1:00 to 2:30 PM
By arrangement

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