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Specialists for Vascular Surgery Germany, Austria, and Switzerland

Are you seeking an experienced specialist in the medical field of Vascular Surgery? With PRIMO MEDICO, you will only find specialists, clinics, and centers in your area of expertise in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. 



Specialists in Vascular Surgery

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Information About the Field of Vascular Surgery

Specialists for Vascular Surgery Germany and Switzerland

Many patients require vascular surgery if they suffer from peripheral artery disease. The affected people ask themselves, “Where can I find the best cardiovascular surgeon to cure my vascular disease?”

Who performs the best vascular surgery in Germany or Switzerland cannot be answered objectively. Top vascular surgeons never claim to be the best. Therefore, patients with artery disease can only rely on the vascular doctor's experience. The more varicose veins treatments and varicose vein surgeries a vascular physician performs, the more competent he or she is.

Professional cardiovascular surgeons must have completed a six-year vascular surgery training program and actively perform vein surgery.

What Does Vascular Surgery Do?

Vascular surgery deals with the surgical treatment of inherited and acquired vascular diseases. Cardiovascular surgeons possess extraordinary skills in the treatment of large, major blood-carrying as well as smallest, easily destructible vessels.

Since other body organs are often involved in vascular disease, there is an active collaboration with other specialists in all surgical areas required. These surgical disciplines include abdominal surgery, cardiac surgery, urology, gynecology, chest surgery, and radiology.

What Kind of Vascular Diseases and Surgeries Do Cardiovascular Surgeons Deal With?

Vascular Doctors deal with arteriosclerosis (calcification of the arteries) which is caused by high-fat and unhealthy diet, lack of exercise, smoking, and obesity. Especially people in the western world are effected by this artery disease. This vacular disorder can lead to blood circulation disturbances throughout the entire body enforcing the integration of vein-opening stent-implantation. First symptoms often appear in the form of infrequent leg pain or the so-called intermittent claudication (Window-shopper's syndrome).

Inherited illnesses such as sack-formed, enlarged blood vessel build-ups (aneurysm) can also require vascular surgery (aneurysm, surgery, aorticaneurysm surgery).

Another operation a cardiovascular surgeons performs is the so called dialysis-shunt closure, which is a kidney replacement procedure. Due to defect kidneys, vascular doctors transfer the patient's blood to an external machine for blood purification (dialysis) through an extra-built high-volume access port (shunt) and then directly return it back into the sick person's body.

Where Can I Find an Experienced Cardiovascular Surgeon or a Vasular Clinic in Germany or Switzerland for Vein Surgery?

With PRIMO MEDICO you will exclusively find experienced specialists and vein clinics for vascular surgery in Germany and Switzerland. Currently, you can find vascular clinics in the following cities:


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