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Prevention / Diagnostics

Are you looking for a specialist for preventive examinations and diagnostics in Germany? Here you will find experienced specialists for prevention and diagnostics as well as diagnostic clinics and centers. We can help you to find an expert for your illness. All doctors and clinics listed have been verified by us as having outstanding specialist skills in the area of prevention and diagnostics, and await your inquiry or request for treatment.



Information About the Field of Prevention / Diagnostics

What do diagnostic clinics do?

The medical achievements of recent decades mean that our ageing population can maintain a good quality of life into old age. This is made possible by ever improving medical care. Preventive examinations by a specialist in a diagnostic clinic or practice make it possible to prevent diseases by identifying and eliminating risks at an early stage, or to detect and treat diseases as early as possible.

Individual use of prevention measures

As all parts of the body are affected by ageing and can be afflicted by diseases, prevention is an essential element in every medical field. It is important that the population takes part actively and regularly in preventive programs on offer. Since prevention measures are not mandatory, everyone must take the initiative themselves to do something positive for their health.

What prevention programs are available?

In the field of prevention, many diagnostic clinics and practices now offer check-up packages that go far beyond the preventive measures of statutory and private health insurance companies. They differ in the scope and thoroughness of the examination methods and the target group’s expectations of a check-up. Diagnostic packages which are frequently offered are:

  • basic check-up
  • complete health check
  • manager check-up
  • heart check-up
  • athlete diagnostics
  • hormone check-up
  • organ check
  • individual check-up
  • whole body MRI.

What should be considered when choosing a diagnostic practice or clinic?

The scope of the examination that is appropriate for an individual should be defined in advance. It is also important that an extensive discussion with recommendations for action takes place in conclusion. Many prevention experts offer further measures such as nutritional advice, anti-stress coaching and exercise training as well as additional health advice or treatment in their practice or clinic. Preventive measures should be repeated every two to three years.

Where can you find a diagnostic center in Germany, Switzerland and Austria?

In many large cities there are now diagnostic centers that also specialize in preventive medicine and diagnostics. At PRIMO MEDICO you will find only experienced prevention specialists and diagnostic clinics in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Currently, you can consult a specialist for prevention and diagnostics in the following cities through us:

  • Diagnostic Center Frankfurt
  • Diagnostic Practice Düsseldorf
  • Diagnostic Center Hamburg