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Lung-Check (Lung Screening)

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Information About the Field of Lung-Check

What is Lung Check?

The term "lung check" refers to examinations of the lungs, which are intended to provide an early preventive diagnosis. Which examinations are meant can vary. The "lung check" does not refer to a standardized examination method.

It is a medical service that is not covered by the statutory health insurance. Such an offer is also called "individual health service," abbreviated "IGeL."

For Whom Is a Lung Screening Advisable?

The offer of the lung check is primarily intended for smokers or former smokers (smoker check), for persons with frequent complaints, such as asthmatic allergies, coughing, or recurring infections of the upper respiratory tract and athletes before planned significant stress.

Which Examination Are Carried Out?

Usually, the patient's medical history is inquired, a physical examination with auscultation of the lungs, and a lung function test is carried out. The last-mentioned one involves breathing through a mouthpiece with the nose closed as requested. The lung volume and breathing force are measured.

The results are then discussed with the doctor. By measuring lung function, asthma, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), for example, can be detected.

Some practices and specialists also offer X-ray examinations of the lungs and measurements of so-called tumor markers in the blood, which should enable early detection of bronchial and pulmonary tumors.

How Much Does a Lung Check Cost?

As mentioned at the beginning, not all of the above-mentioned examinations are covered by health insurance. Pulmonary function tests are also carried out in the context of already diagnosed illnesses, in which case the costs do not have to be covered by the patient. A lung function test can be expected to cost between 30 and 50 euros.

Is There Lung Cancer Screening?

In medical terminology, screening is referred to as prevention (lat. "the anticipation"). A distinction is made between primary, secondary, and tertiary prevention. The first mentioned means that some precautionary measures are intended to prevent the occurrence of the disease altogether. Others are designed to help detect the disease as early as possible to prevent its progression. The last-mentioned group is intended to prevent the recurrence of the disease and potential complications.

Primary prevention of lung cancer can be avoiding harmful influences such as smoking and passive smoking, as well as occupational exposure.

In Germany, there are no approved procedures that are recommended for the early detection of lung cancer. Blood or X-ray examinations are not reliable enough, or they entail their own health risk.

Which Doctors and Clinics Are Specialized?

A simple lung check-up with physical examination and lung function test can be carried out by general practitioners and internal medicine practices. There are also radiology practices that offer lung screening, including imaging. Lung specialists are specialists in pneumology.

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