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Anti Aging Medicine

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Information About the Field of Anti-ageing consultation

What Is Anti-Aging Medicine?

People are getting older and older. Currently, the average life expectancy of women and men in Germany is 85 and 80 years. Newborns can already expect to live to 90 and 86 years. Of course, people not only want to grow old but also want to enjoy old age in good health.

Unfortunately, aging is accompanied by changes in health and appearance. Anti-aging medicine tries to stop or slow down these aging processes. It is the attempt to achieve a connection between natural and healthy aging and to avoid the negative aspects where it is reasonable and possible.

Over time, various theories concerning the causes of aging emerged. Some genes are supposed to be involved, but also a growing imbalance of free radicals and antioxidants. At the same time, with age, there are significant hormonal changes that apply influence on the body.

Regardless of this, the negative influence of overweight, poor nutrition, and stress on the body and aging is well known. These are all starting points in anti-aging medicine.

What Is the Purpose of Anti-Aging Medicine?

Reasons for going to an anti-aging consultation are the desire to slow down specific aging processes or to find the right way to a healthy aging process. This goes hand in hand with preventing age-related diseases (diabetes, osteoporosis, high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, dementia). Cancer is sometimes also a sign of aging.

The anti-aging consultation hour helps to recognize hormone deficiencies, approaching lifestyle changes, including dietary advice and targeted coaching for stress management. The esthetic maintenance of a fresh, healthy face is also one of the reasons for consulting an anti-aging doctor.

What Can I Expect from an Anti-Aging Doctor?

The aging process is similar for every person and yet different. Some people get grey hair and wrinkles at an early age; others get cardiovascular diseases.

To identify individual risk factors, a detailed doctor-patient consultation hour is held at the beginning of the anti-aging consultation. Here you describe your current complaints and go into more detail about your lifestyle (diet, sport, work, stress). Diseases that occur in your family are also of interest to the doctor, as some can be inherited.

After then, the body is consulted: physical examination, blood levels, ultrasound, and MRI can precisely determine deficits and the places where physical degeneration begins. The doctor gets information on your hormone levels, metabolic status, organ functions, the body's defense functions, etc. in some instances, a genetic diagnosis may also be useful.

The treatment usually follows a step-by-step scheme. It begins with a change in lifestyle. This includes a balanced, healthy diet, regular easy sport, and avoiding excessive consumption of stimulants (tobacco, alcohol). The doctor can create an individual adaption model according to your information.

Furthermore, regular prevention (preventive medical checkups) is part of an excellent anti-aging concept. Correct adjustment of blood pressure, blood sugar, etc. prevents long-term damage. If a hormone deficiency is diagnosed, a hormone replacement therapy is carried out if necessary.

Mental balance is also an important component of anti-aging medicine. Therefore, the anti-aging specialist will gladly discuss the possibility of stress management and coaching with you.

Of course, the esthetic aspect of aging should not be neglected, if desired. The anti-aging specialist offers various non-invasive and invasive methods (Botox injections, hyaluronan) for treatment.

What Are the Consequences / Benefits of Anti-Aging Medicine?

The benefit of anti-aging medicine is to discover risk factors for diseases and to be able to take countermeasures at an early stage. Specific starting points for healthy aging can be found with the help of a doctor. If necessary, hormonal disorders can be compensated. Personal dietary advice with food supplements is also possible.

The specialist for anti-aging medicine can find the lifestyle changes that suit you (which sports are suitable, weight reduction if necessary, avoiding certain foods is advisable, stress coaching).

If you have any further questions regarding the possibilities and the offer of the anti-aging consultation, please contact the specialist for anti-aging you trust.