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Information About the Field of Male Preventive Health Screening

What is Meant by Male Preventive Health Screening?

Men's screening is generally understood to mean preventive examinations for the early detection of cancer. This is of immense importance, especially with increasing age and family aggregation, to react early in case of doubt.

Which Examinations are Carried Out During Preventive Health Screening for Males?

A variety of examinations are performed during male screening. These include:

Early skin cancer detection (every other year, from the age of 35).

Part of early skin cancer detection is a visual inspection of the skin surface, if necessary, with the help of a magnifying glass. Other examination methods such as reflected light microscopy or digital recording can be used as individual health services.

Prostate and Testicular Cancer Screening (Annual, from Age 45)

This examination includes palpation of the genitals and the associated lymph nodes in the groin. The physician also palpates the prostate from the rectum. In addition, a so-called PSA test can be performed, the examination for the prostate-specific antigen in the blood. This test is an individual health service.

Colorectal Cancer Screening (Every Other Year, from Age 50/55)

For early detection of colorectal cancer, men aged 50 and older should have their stool examined annually for invisible blood using a rapid test.

From the age of 55, patients also have the option of undergoing a so-called colonoscopy . In this procedure, the attending physician examines the inside of the entire colon using an endoscope. He can detect polyps, early preliminary stages of possible colon disease and remove them immediately. The examination is scheduled every ten years.

Individual Health Services for Men

In addition to the statutory preventive examinations, numerous individual health services, so-called IGeL services, are offered for men's preventative care. Some examples are:

Male Screening Costs

Usually, statutory and private health insurance companies cover men's check-ups for all men over the age, as mentioned above.

An exception to this is individual health services (IGeL), the costs of which are not usually paid by statutory health insurance companies but are partially paid by private ones.

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