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Smoking cessation

Are you looking for information regarding smoking cessation and specialists for treatment? Here you will exclusively find experienced specialists and clinics in Germany, Switzerland or Austria. Learn more out about causes, tools and advantages or get in touch our experts.


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Information About the Field of Smoking cessation

How harmful is smoking?

Smoking tobacco increases the risk of developing a large number of diseases and is associated with about one third of all cancers, for instance. One in two smokers will die as a consequence of a disease related to smoking and furthermore the life expectancy of smokers averages 8 years shorter than that of non-smokers.

What diseases can be caused by smoking?

Evidence shows that smokers show an increased probability to develop one the following diseases among others:

  • cancer of lungs, larynx, urinary bladder, base of the mouth, kidneys, pancreas, uterus and esophagus.
  • cardiovascular diseases (such as heart attack or stroke)
  • chronic bronchitis and chronic asthma
  • impotence in males

Why should smokers quit?

The key reason for quitting smoking should be one's own health as well as the health of others. Furthermore, quitting smoking brings about positive effects on the body and significantly reduces the financial burden.

Smoking cessation supervised by a doctor: What tools do we have?

There are several aids and treatments available to support smoking cessation which include:

  • medications
  • nicotine patches and nicotine chewing gum
  • acupuncture
  • counseling sessions
  • hypnosis

However, the smokers personal will and determination are always the most essential factor for a successful treatment.

Benefits for the body after quitting smoking

Apart from obvious health reasons for quitting smoking, there are also other bodily benefits. Most importantly these include:

  • enhanced fitness
  • improved sense of taste and smell
  • more pleasant body odor

How to remain a non-smoker?

For long-term success of quitting smoking it is essential to substitute the "rewards gained from smoking" and to self-reflect your behavior so that craving a cigarette can be effectively counteracted. Such measures can include:

  • physical exercise
  • rewarding yourself with alternatives
  • encouragement by family and friends
  • plans for emergency situations