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Manager Check-Up

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Information About the Field of Manager check-up

What is a Manager Check-Up?

Managers are subject to an extraordinary workload with the resulting health risks.

A manager check-up is apreventive medical examinationspecifically designed for managers with the primary goal to maintain performance and health. Possible risks are excluded, and appropriate preventive treatments are carried out at an early stage.

The advantage of a manager check-up is the compact bundling of all necessary examinations in 1-2 days to keep the time required as short as possible. Besides, there is the advantage that, ideally, all examinations are carried out at one location.

Which Examinations Are Carried Out in a Manager Check-Up?

A particular focus of health checkup is the early detection of diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer, and coronary heart diseases.

The examinations of the manager check-up are, among others:

  • Laboratory Checkup
  • Ultrasound examination of the internal organs
  • (Exercise) ECG
  • Vascular diagnostics
  • Ophthalmological examinations
  • Dermatological examinations
  • Examinations of the musculoskeletal system

Manager Check-Up costs

The manager check-up is an individual health service (IGeL), the fees are usually not paid for by statutory health insurance companies, but private health insurances partially pay them.

The costs for private persons usually are - depending on the extent of the examination - in the range of approx. 300-1000€.

Partly these examinations are also paid by the employer, individual agreements on conditions regarding the costs are possible.

When Is a Health Check-Cp Advisable for Managers and Companies?

Health is one of the highest goods a person possesses. It is the basis for a high quality of life. Accordingly, it is in the interest of managers to protect this individual good.

But, companies also have an increased interest in maintaining the efficiency of their employees to remain competitive.

The offer to carry out manager check-ups is also a decisive factor when recruiting new managers and keeping established managers.


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