Vascular Surgery Specialist in Hamburg: Dr Lars Kock

Dr Lars Kock
Chief Physician
Specialist in Vascular Surgery
Hamburg, Germany

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Treatment Focus

  • Chronic circulatory disorders of the legs (balloon dilatation, stent implantation, removal grafting, bypass systems)
  • Acute occlusions of the arteries of the extremities (local lysis therapy, surgical thrombectomy/embolectomy)
  • Bulging (aneurysms) and tears (dissections) of thoracic, abdominal and pelvic arteries (tube or Y-prosthesis, stent prostheses)
  • Constrictions and occlusions of the carotid arteries (stent implantation, eversion endarterectomy, removal grafting)

Medical Range

Range of diagnostic services

  • Doppler and duplex sonography
  • Measurement of occlusive pressure
  • CT scans
  • Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)
  • Digital subtraction angiography


Range of therapeutic services

  • Intermittent claudication: balloon dilatation, stent implantation, removal grafting, bypass systems 
  • Circumventing occlusions using bypasses, preferably using the body's own vein or by means of plastic prostheses, CT-guided sympathetic blocks
  • Treatment of acute arterial occlusions: local lysis therapy, surgical thrombectomy/embolectomy, balloon enlargement, stent implantation
  • Aneurysm surgery on the thoracic, abdominal and pelvic arteries
  • Endovascular therapy for aortic dissection using a specially developed method (distal extended branched petticoat)
  • Carotid artery surgery: stent implantations, eversion endarterectomy, removal grafting 
  • Port implantations
  • Dialysis access procedures (AV shunts, dialysis catheters)

About Dr Lars Kock

Dr Lars Kock is a specialist in vascular surgery and Chief Physician at the Clinic for Vascular and Endovascular Surgery at the Albertinen-Hospital in Hamburg.

In case it proves to make medical sense, Dr Kock and his team use minimally invasive endovascular techniques. In addition, so-called hybrid procedures are applied when open surgeries on the vascular system are combined with endovascular procedures.

Specialist in Endovascular Surgical Procedures for Aneurysms of the Thoracic, Abdominal, and Thoracoabdominal Aorta

Dr Kock is a specialist in endovascular surgery for abdominal aortic aneurysms. As a precaution, aneurysms of the abdominal artery should be operated as soon as they reach a diameter of 5 cm. The risk of an aneurysm bursting rises with increasing diameter. Standard treatment involves open surgery by accessing the aneurysm from outside via an abdominal incision. For many patients with severe concomitant diseases, this surgical method is associated with a high surgical risk. This is why so-called endovascular procedures are available in vascular surgery nowadays. In this connection, the cardiovascular surgeon opts to access the aneurysm via small incisions in the groin region and the aneurysm of the abdominal artery is treated by inserting stent prostheses.

Custom-Made Stent Prostheses Enable Minimally Invasive Abdominal Aneurysm Surgery Even in Complicated Cases

For a long time, depending on the location of the abdominal aortic aneurysm, it was not possible to perform minimally invasive surgery by using conventional stent prostheses. The stent prosthesis would have concealed outflows of other important arteries and thus hindered blood flow to gut, kidneys, and liver. However, at the Albertinen Hamburg Vascular Centre it is possible to perform minimally invasive surgery using custom-made stent prostheses on patients with complicated abdominal aortic aneurysms. To do this, the position of the aneurysm is exactly measured by means of a CT scan and a stent prosthesis is individually assembled with windows or apertures keeping the arteries open and accessible. Then, this tailor-made device is inserted via an entry point through the inguinal artery.

Complete Coverage of the Full Spectrum of Vascular Surgery

It is not only aneurysms that Dr Kock and his team treat with the highest professional expertise. State-of-the-art therapeutic and surgical methods are also available for all other important vascular diseases such as peripheral artery occlusive disease (PAOD) and vascular occlusions of the extremities or carotid arteries. Depending on the patient, vascular doctors implement these approaches by either using minimally invasive techniques or open surgery.

More information can be found at Dr Lars Kock's website.

Curriculum Vitae

1990–1995 Medical studies at the Christian Albrechts University of Kiel
02/1996–01/1997 Practical year at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte, Natal, Brazil
04/1997–09/1997 Intern at the Park Clinic, Gynaecology, Kiel
06/1997 Doctorate (magna cum laude)
09/1997–01/1999 Intern/Assistant Physician at Behring Hospital, Berlin-Zehlendorf
10/1998 Licence to practise medicine
02/1999–01/2007 Assistant Physician at the Surgical University Hospital, Rostock
03/2003 Surgery Specialist
7/2006 Sub-specialisation in vascular surgery
02/2007–10/2009 Senior Physician for Surgery at the KMG Clinic, Güstrow
10/2009–11/2009 Senior Physician and Head of the Department of Vascular Surgery at the Dietrich Bonhoeffer Clinic, Neubrandenburg
12/2009–12/2011 Executive Senior Physician for Vascular, Thoracic and Endovascular Surgery at the Asklepios Clinic Altona, Hamburg
01/2012–present Chief Physician of the Clinic for Vascular and Endovascular Surgery at the Albertinen-Hospital, Hamburg

Medical Team

  • Dr Homam Osman
    Head Senior Physician
  • Even Jöntvedt
    Senior Physician
  • Wiebke Braasch
    Senior Physician
  • Johannes Winterhoff
    Senior Physician
  • Julia Will
    Abdominal Surgery Specialist
  • Dr Oliver Ahlbrecht
    Assistant Physician
  • Torsten Kleber
    Specialist in vascular surgery


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Hamburg Airport 14 km

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Dr Lars Kock
Chief Physician

Clinic for Vascular and Endovascular Surgery
Süntelstraße 11a, D-22457 Hamburg

T: +49 40 637 975 15
F: +49 40 55 88 2860


Daily 8:00 am – 4:00 pm

Private consultation hours
Thursday 8:00 am – 4:00 pm

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