Vascular Specialist Prof. Dr Alexander Zimmermann – Vascular Surgery in Zurich

Prof. Dr Alexander Zimmermann
Director Department of Vascular Surgery
Specialist in Vascular Surgery
Zurich, Switzerland

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Treatment Focus

  • Catheter-based and open aortic surgery
  • Carotid artery surgery
  • Surgical and endovascular therapy of arterial occlusive disease
  • Surgical treatment of compression syndromes
  • Vascular tumours
  • Venous diseases

Medical Range

Range of Diagnostic Services

  • X-ray
  • CT (computed tomography)
  • Ultrasound/sonography
  • MRI (magnetic resonance imaging)

Range of Therapeutic Services

  • Venous occlusions
  • Arterial occlusions
  • Carotid stenosis – narrowing of the carotid artery
  • Aortic aneurysm
  • Port catheters
  • Carotid bypass surgery
  • Debulking
  • Shunt placement and shunt revision for renal replacement therapy
  • Treatment of abdominal angina
  • Vascular compression syndrome
  • Vascular tumours
  • Varicose veins
  • Arterial occlusions in the intestines, kidneys or peripheral vessels
  • Interventional radiology

About Prof. Dr Alexander Zimmermann – Head of Vascular Surgery, Zurich

Prof. Dr Alexander Zimmermann is a specialist in vascular surgery and Director of the Department of Vascular Surgery at the University Hospital Zurich.

One of the Leading Vascular Clinics in Switzerland

Under direction of Professor Zimmermann, the Department of Vascular Surgery at the University Hospital Zurich is one of the leading vascular clinics in Switzerland. Patients can expect state-of-the-art and gentle therapy methods - some of them unique within Switzerland. All types of diseases of the arterial and venous vessels are treated here. Both open and endovascular or non-surgical therapy methods are applied during treatments. The vascular specialists available to patients come from all Swiss cantons and abroad.

Switzerland-Wide Unique Procedure for Aortic Aneurysms

At the University Hospital Zurich, Professor Zimmermann treats and performs operations for aneurysms of the abdominal artery (aorta). Diagnostic finds usually happen coincidently by applying imaging methods and less often as a result of specific complaints or symptoms. Affected regions may include abdomen, brain or pelvis. The surgical procedures performed by Prof. Zimmermann are intended to prevent any life-threatening aortic ruptures. The specialist in vascular surgery operates on aortic aneurysms either openly or through an endovascular intervention. In doing so, an artificial vascular ‘wall’ (a "stent graft") is pushed into the aorta to support the weak spot.

A rupture of the abdominal artery is an acute emergency which should be prevented by surgical intervention. At the University Hospital Zurich, Professor Zimmermann uses a computer located directly inside the operating theatre to create tailor-made prosthesis in case of a life-threatening rupture of the aorta. The medical specialist Prof. Zimmermann is an expert at this medical practice. Within Switzerland, this method is exclusively applied at the University Hospital Zurich.

Expert in Carotid Artery Surgery in Zurich

One of Professor Zimmermann's specialist areas is the surgical therapy of narrowing the carotid artery (carotid stenosis). Carotid stenosis is a disease affecting older people due to years of deposit build-ups and calcifications at vascular walls. Carotid stenosis poses a risk for brain stroke or embolism caused by a blood clot.

Prof. Zimmermann's team provides interdisciplinary treatments to numerous patients each year. Thanks to the collaboration between the various specialist disciplines from the fields of vascular surgery, neurology, and radiology, the experts have extensive experience in diagnosing and monitoring the progression of carotid stenosis. At the one and only vascular clinic in Switzerland, the experts are able to offer all three therapy methods for carotid stenosis:

  • Carotid angioplasty with stent
  • Carotid artery surgery by means of open surgery
  • Treatment by means of a hybrid intervention (TCAR)

Peripheral Artery Occlusive Disease (PAOD)

Another important focus of the Department of Vascular Surgery is the surgical treatment of arterial occlusive disease. Caused by an impaired circulation in the legs, this condition can lead to a painful limitation of a person’s capability of long distance walking (intermittent claudication) or even to dead, necrotic tissue in the foot region (smoker's leg). In both cases, surgical therapy can improve blood circulation and thus alleviate the symptoms and save the leg. In addition to the conventional surgical procedures of endarterectomy (plaque removal in the inner lining of the artery) and bypass surgery, special therapeutic procedures such as venous arterialisation are offered. This highly specialized medical process is only performed at a very few centers around the world and, in some cases, represents the last chance to save a leg which lacks a sufficient blood supply.

Vascular Compression Syndrome

The compression syndrome in the region of the vessels is a malfunction caused by anatomical conditions. Vessels are thus severely constricted during certain movements. Professor Alexander Zimmermann has experience and expertise to correctly diagnose and surgically attend vascular compressions. The vascular compression syndrome can affect both the arterial vessels and the venous vessels. It can be found in different parts of the body. When operating on the affected regions, Professor Zimmermann places a stent or a bypass in order to maintain the decompression of the vessels. Compressed vessels are the cause of a number of specific syndromes, including:

  • Thoracic compression syndrome (TOS, TIS)
  • Dunbar syndrome
  • Nutcracker syndrome
  • May-Thurner syndrome

Surgical Therapy of Vascular Tumours and Paragangliomas

Tumours in the region of the carotid artery are usually benign and originate from the nerves of the autonomic nervous system. Tumours of the carotid artery are usually discovered by chance, as they often do not cause any symptoms. Such tumours are diagnosed by ultrasound, CT or MRI. Professor Zimmermann decides on the extent of a surgical intervention based on the adhesion of the paragangliomas to the carotid artery and the adhesion of the tumor to the vessel. The surgical procedure is carried out under general anaesthesia. An interdisciplinary team of specialists from the fields of radiology, angiology, and oncology is available to Professor Zimmermann for advice and to monitor follow check-ups including the development of the paraganglia after tumor treatment.

Varicose Vein Treatment in Zurich

At the Zurich University Hospital, the therapy of varicose veins is performed by Professor Alexander Zimmermann. Surgical removals are usually conducted on an outpatient basis, but as an exception, also in the clinic. There are several established surgical procedures including:

  • ClosureFast
  • Endovenous laser therapy
  • VenaSeal
  • Foam sclerotherapy

Laser Therapy for Varicose Veins

Endovenous laser therapy for the treatment of varicose veins is a minimally invasive medical process representing an alternative to the radiofrequency ablation method. The laser catheter has a thin configuration and is therefore suitable for small or highly convoluted veins. In addition, Professor Zimmermann uses endovenous laser therapy to treat recurrent varicose veins. At the University Hospital Zurich, the vascular specialist Prof. Zimmermann carries out the treatments while patients are under local anaesthesia (tumescent local anaesthesia). After most varicose vein treatments, patients need to wear compression stockings to prevent swelling. After six weeks, the final follow-up care succeeding endovenous laser therapy is accomplished by ultrasound.

Further information is available on the website of the Department of Vascular Surgery at the University Hospital Zurich.


Curriculum Vitae

April 2019 Appointed Chair for Vascular Surgery at the University of Zurich, thus taking on the associated leadership of the newly created Department of Vascular Surgery at the University Hospital Zurich.
2012 Appointed Managing Senior Physician, and later in 2015, Senior Physician and Deputy Clinic Director of the Department of Vascular and Endovascular Surgery at the Technical University of Munich. This was also associated with management of the Munich Aortic Centre.
2008 Accreditation as a specialist in vascular surgery; since then been working as a Senior Physician at the Department of Vascular and Endovascular Surgery at the Technical University of Munich. Subsequent acquisition of additional qualifications as a phlebologist, a Fellow of the European Board of Vascular Surgery (FEBVS) and an endovascular surgeon and specialist, as well as in medical quality management, and as a Master of Health Business Administration (MHBA).
Until 2000 Study of human medicine at the Ludwig Maximilian University, the University of North Carolina and Technical University of Munich. Further clinical training at the Rechts der Isar Hospital plus the Surgical Clinic and Polyclinic and the Clinic for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, lastly at the Clinic and Polyclinic for Vascular and Endovascular Surgery at the Murnau Trauma Centre.

Medical Team

  • Dr Benedikt Reutersberg
    Deputy Clinic Director, Senior Physician with increased responsibility
  • Dr Reinhard Kopp
    Senior Physician with increased responsibility
  • Dr Philip Düppers
    Senior Physician
  • Dr Michael Hofmann
    Senior Physician
  • PD Dr Zoran Rancic
    Senior Physician
  • PD Dr Claudia Schrimpf
    Senior Physician
  • Dr Thomas Stadlbauer
    Senior Physician


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Prof. Dr Alexander Zimmermann
Director Department of Vascular Surgery

University Hospital Zurich
Department of Vascular Surgery
Rämistrasse 100, CH-8091 Zurich

T: +41 44 5040 118


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