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CODE Medical Frankfurt
Medical Managing Director PD Dr Maani Hakimi
Centre for Preventative and Precautionary Medicine & Diagnostics
Frankfurt, Germany

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Treatment Focus

  • Check-up programmes
  • Individualised check-ups (modular system)
  • Medical consultation
  • Interdisciplinary diagnostics and treatment (17 specialist areas)

Medical Range

Range of Diagnostic Services

Basic Check-Up:

  • Medical history
  • Whole body examination: bio-impedance scale, recording body measurements, orientating physical examination
  • Cardiology: resting ECG, stress ECG, heart ultrasound
  • Circulation and vascular system: pulse status, blood pressure, occlusion pressure measurement, colour-coded ultrasound of the arteries supplying the brain, colour-coded ultrasound of the aorta and trunk arteries
  • Lungs: lung function tests, gas analysis of expired air, auscultation
  • Liver and digestion: ultrasound of liver, ultrasound of gall bladder, urea (Helicobacter) breath test, stool guaiac (haemoccult) test
  • Glands: ultrasound of thyroid, ultrasound of pancreas, ultrasound of adrenal glands
  • Orthopaedics: reflex status, posture analysis, foot positioning, movement testing for joints and spine
  • Urology: urine testing for bacteria and constituent parts, ultrasound of kidney and bladder, gynaecological examination of the uterus, ovaries, transvaginal ultrasound, ThinPrep® (cancer prevention)
  • Laboratory testing: blood count, inflammatory values, coagulation, metabolism, electrolytes, vitamins
  • Report of findings

Check-Up Plus (Manager Check-Up), In Addition to Basic Services:

  • Medical history: capturing clinical, professional and social medical history, vaccination status, individual risk profile, with a focus on professional and social medical history
  • Cardiology: resting ECG, stress ECG, heart ultrasound
  • Lungs: spiroergometry, pulmonary function test
  • Liver and digestion: gastroscopy, if necessary with short anaesthesia
  • Skin: skin cancer screening, full body examination, risk assessment, dermatoscopy, video documentation
  • ENT: hearing test, ear microscopy, ear cleaning
  • Mind: stress analysis

Manager Premium:

Based on the Manager Check-Up, the Manager Premium Check-Up is supplemented by additional screenings:

  • Cranial MRI 
  • Jaw and teeth analysis
  • Comprehensive nutritional advice
  • Eyes: visual acuity test, measurement of intraocular pressure, ocular fundus, measurement of corneal thickness, colour perception testing, glare sensitivity

Vitality & Lifestyle Check-Up:

This check-up is tailored to the needs of body, mind, and soul and includes further screenings and psychological coaching elements.


By mutual agreement, an individual screening profile can be compiled of all of the above screening.

About CODE Medical Frankfurt

CODE Frankfurt - Center of Diagnostic Excellence

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CODE Medical, directly located at the Goetheplatz in Frankfurt, specializes in preventative and precautionary medicine plus diagnostics. The center pursues a holistic medical approach at a high-quality, exclusive level.

With their specialized preventative concept at the highest standard, the check-up experts in Frankfurt offer customers a chance for lasting health. Their holistic medical approach is aimed at private patients, self-payers, as well as companies by guaranteeing an interdisciplinary and individual diagnosis and treatment.

The targeted collaboration between internationally recognised consultants, psychotherapists, physiotherapists, and medical-technical assistants ensures a holistic consultation. This cooperation understands the human being as a union of body, mind, and soul.

CODE Medical: High-Performance Medicine for Individual Health Care

Located in the center of Frankfurt, CODE Medical’s founders have realized their vision of individualized, preventative medicine based on evidence. Experienced specialists deriving out of 17 different areas of medical expertise, practice out of one institution at the ‘Goetheplatz’, breaking through the limits of diagnostics and therapy, each in their individual field of competence. This alliance reduces waiting time and allows for a holistic view of the patient in order to sustainably maintain and improve his or her health.

Check-Up Packages for Sustainable Health Optimization

CODE Frankfurt’s check-ups offer patients the possibility of optimal diagnostics at the highest extent within a framework personally tailored to the customer. Patients are able to choose between different service areas, consisting of different diagnostic spheres which can be individually expanded as required.

These examination packages are divided into different categories. The Basic Check-Up consists of a comprehensive health analysis and a general status survey including a general medical history as well as a precise functional diagnostics of various organs such as heart diagnostics, pulmonary function testing, and detailed examination of the digestive system.

Basic Check-Up Plus: Analysis in Line With the Patient's Exact Expectations

Based on the elemental examination, extended check-ups, so-called Manager Check-Ups, can be booked by patients. These extended assessments consist of additional social anamnesis or case studies, state-of-the-art cardiac echocardiography, dermatological diagnostics, and other system-related medical divisions.

Particular focus is placed on managers, athletes, patients with difficult family backgrounds, and people bearing a high psychological burden. With this analysis, the individual risk profile and possible diseases can be identified or prevented at an early stage. In addition, patients are allowed to independently assemble a personalized diagnostic offering on top of the existing package, and thus obtain an individual diagnostic process.

Following the Health Check, Holistic Care Takes Place According to the CODE Concept

What’s the next step after the health check-up? In accordance with the CODE concept, patients are not left to themselves once they have received their results. The diagnostic findings are incorporated into their prevention and therapy plan. On top of sports and nutrition advices, CODE Medical provides medical treatments and psychotherapeutic support as well. Whether lifestyle consultation, medical treatment, surgery or just a second opinion – CODE Medical stands for holistic, individualized health consultation and therapy, all retained from one single source.

Offers for Companies

The CODE concept is aimed at both companies and private individuals. For companies, employees are the most important asset. CODE Medical supports enterprises in maintaining the physical and mental health of professionals and executives by means of a variety of preventative and supplementary offers. Moreover, CODE Medical’s services are also attractive in the context of workplace health promotion. Company employees await excellent care and complete comfort.

Services for Private Patients, Self-Payers, and International Patients

CODE Medical's check-up, prevention, and therapy services are also aimed at privately insured people, self-paying patients, and international customers, in addition to companies. Each customer’s physician is also his or her personal contact person. The personal CODE concept consisting of health care, coaching, and therapy is developed, monitored, and controlled even if the patient is travelling around the world.

For further information, please visit CODE Medical’s website.

Medical Team

PD Dr Maani Hakimi
PD Dr Maani Hakimi

Medical Managing Director


Frankfurt am Main Central Railway Station 1 km
Frankfurt Airport 12 km

Information About Frankfurt

Specialist doctors and medical centres in Frankfurt

Frankfurt is one of the most important financial centres in Germany and Europe. With its skyscrapers unique in Europe, Frankfurt rises above the Main on an area of ​​approximately 243 square kilometres and at its centre accommodates about 700.000 inhabitants. Frankfurt was officially mentioned for the first time in 794 and played a decisive role during the imperial age. Much of the city was destroyed by bombing in World War II by the Allies. The historic old town, however, is preserved, just as its culturally important role in Europe. Today the old town is a tourist magnet that repeatedly attracts visitors from all over the world.


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CODE Medical Frankfurt
Medical Managing Director PD Dr Maani Hakimi

CODE Frankfurt
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