Hip and Knee Arthroplasty Hamburg: Dr Roland Sellckau

Dr Roland Sellckau
Medical Director
Specialist in Endoprosthetics
Hamburg, Germany

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Treatment Focus

  • Knee prosthesis (sled prostheses, total knee endo-prosthesis (TEP))
  • Hip prosthesis (hip TEP, partial or total endoprosthesis (TEP))
  • Replacement surgeries for knee and hip prostheses
  • Treatment for prosthesis loosening and infection around the knee and hip prosthesis
  • Hip arthroscopy

Medical Range

Range of Diagnostic Services

  • Sonography
  • X-ray
  • Diagnostic puncture
  • Arthroscopy


Range of Therapeutic Services

  • Conservative therapy methods (e.g., hyaluronic acid)
  • Physiotherapy
  • Injections
  • ACP therapy (autologous conditioned plasma)

About Dr Roland Sellckau

Dr Roland Sellckau is a specialist in endoprosthetics and medical director of the ATOS Klinik Fleetinsel Hamburg.

The experienced specialist, Dr Sellckau, carries out knee and hip endoprosthesis implantations at the ATOS Klinik Fleetinsel Hamburg using the latest and most innovative methods and state-of-the-art technology. Preoperative X-ray checkups help to determine the exact extent of the bone damage and to plan the implantation of the prosthesis and its size individually.

Specialist for Knee Prostheses in Hamburg: Sled Prostheses and Total Endo Prostheses (TEP)

Hip and knee problems are among the most common joint complaints in Germany and can be very stressful for sufferers due to the significantly restricted freedom of mobility. The complaints can be acute and chronic and occur in different age groups.

A common problem is age-related degeneration of the knee joint. Cartilage loss, i.e., arthrosis, can cause severe pain. However, younger patients are also affected by knee pain after accidents or due to overuse in sports or at work. The specialists at the ATOS Klinik Fleetinsel in Hamburg use their high level of expertise and professional advice to make a diagnosis and develop individual treatment concepts, including conservative and surgical treatment methods.

Diseases and treatments relating to the knee are among Dr Sellckau's specialties. Surgical procedures to reconstruct the knee joint are carried out with great skill and expertise. Sled prostheses are chosen to replace only part of the knee. This is mainly used for isolated arthrosis; the inner and outer sides can be replaced. In the case of severe arthrosis that affects the entire knee, the whole joint must be replaced using a total knee replacement.

Most excellent Level of Expertise in Hip Prostheses: State-of-the-Art Surgical Techniques for Artificial Hip Joints

The prospect of a new hip joint worries many patients; the complex surgery involves high-performance medicine and requires a great deal of experience in planning and implementation.

Dr Sellckau spends plenty of time diagnosing and explaining the procedure to the patient, providing space for any questions and concerns. Thanks to many years of experience in hip surgeries and state-of-the-art methods, optimal treatment results and maximum satisfaction can be achieved.

Artificial hip joints are among the most commonly used implants, and there are various degrees of severity when using the prosthesis. The surgeon attaches great importance to the safe realization of the implantation. The choice of the prosthesis model depends on the individual patient and the degree of arthrosis.

Cementless variants are often chosen for most patients. The medical team explains the various options, advantages, and disadvantages of the procedures in detail beforehand and provides individual advice and support during the surgery. After the procedure, mobilization begins on the day of the surgery. Physiotherapy is also offered at the weekend. After discharge from the inpatient stay, the aim is to continue treatment in a rehabilitation facility to regain the joint's natural mobility quickly.

Loosening and Infections Around the Knee or Hip Prosthesis

Generally, artificial hip joints are very durable and safe, so problems rarely occur afterward. In a few cases, the implant loosens, which must always be treated.

Infectious and non-infectious factors can cause the loosening of an implant. For example, the more common non-infectious variant is caused by prolonged incorrect weight-bearing and wear. Still, it can also occur due to tissue changes, circulatory disorders, and mechanical changes.

Accidents can also cause a prosthesis to loosen. The symptoms sometimes appear delayed in the form of pain and pain radiation. Still, they can also be noticeable due to different leg lengths and neurological symptoms due to splintered metal fragments.

Attention should also be paid to signs of infection. For example, if fever and chills occur, this could indicate infectious prosthesis loosening. In the case of knee prostheses, a feeling of instability in the knee joint may indicate loosening. Diagnostic imaging procedures such as X-rays and computer tomography are used.

Medication can be administered to relieve pain. However, loosening of the prosthesis can only be treated surgically and by replacing the loose implant.

Replacement Surgeries for Knee and Hip Prostheses

Replacing a prosthesis is more complicated than the initial implantation. Specialists in endoprosthetics carry out the technically challenging surgery that requires many years of expertise.

Non-infectious loosening of an implant can be repaired in just one surgery. The specialist surgeon at ATOS Klinik Fleetinsel in Hamburg uses a minimally invasive procedure to remove the loosened parts, such as the prosthesis stem or joint socket, as well as any existing bone cement.

Bone defects are filled with autologous or donor bone. The new implant can then be precisely inserted. Following the surgery, direct mobilization of the patient is the top priority. Forearm crutches are used for a few weeks to protect the hip joint and prevent the risk of falling.

Please visit the ATOS Klinik Fleetinsel Hamburg website for more information about Dr Sellckau.



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Dr Roland Sellckau
Medical Director

ATOS Clinic Fleetinsel Hamburg
Admiralitätstr. 3-4, D-20459 Hamburg

T: +49 40 797 258 18


Mon. - Fri.: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
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