Orthopedic Surgeon for Knee and Shoulder in Cologne

Dr Peter Schäferhoff
Medical Director
Specialist in Knee and Shoulder Surgery
Cologne, Germany

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Treatment Focus

  • Anterior and posterior cruciate ligament tears (cruciate ligament rupture), complex ligament injuries to the knee
  • Arthroscopic and minimally invasive cartilage therapy for knee and ankle joints (microfracturing, osteochondral transplantation, cartilage cell transplantation)
  • Leg axis misalignment (corrective osteotomies for knock knees or bow legs)
  • Kneecap dislocation (patella luxation)
  • Meniscus injuries, meniscus replacement
  • Arthroscopic interventions on the shoulder joint

Medical Range

Range of Diagnostic Services

  • Physical examination, functional testing of joints and relevant structures
  • Sonographic examination (ultrasound)
  • Arthroscopic diagnostics
  • Radiological examinations of the musculoskeletal system (e.g. X-ray, CT (computed tomography), MRI (magnetic resonance imaging))
  • Biomechanical examination of the musculoskeletal system (3D movement and load analysis)
  • 3D static analysis
  • Osteology (bone density measurement)
  • Laboratory diagnostics


Range of Therapeutic Services

  • Minimally invasive arthroscopic joint interventions (joint-preserving interventions) on knee, shoulder and ankle joint structures
  • Surgical treatment (arthroscopy) of the ligament structures of the knee joint (anterior and posterior cruciate ligament, outer ligaments), meniscal fixation and transplantation, kneecap dislocation (patella luxation)
  • Surgical treatment (arthroscopy) for shoulder injuries (rotator cuff ruptures, shoulder dislocations, tendon injuries, impingement syndrome)
  • Surgical treatment of cartilage damage (arthrosis) to the knee and ankle joints (microfracturing, osteochondral cylinder transplantation (OATS) and cartilage cell transplantation)
  • Osteotomy (correction of the leg axis)
  • Sports orthopaedics / traumatology: Treatment of (performance) athletes for complaints and accidental damage to the locomotor system (e.g. meniscus surgery, cruciate ligament surgery, cartilage therapy)

About Dr Peter Schäferhoff

Dr Peter Schäferhoff is a recognised knee and shoulder specialist in Cologne. His reputation as an expert is known far beyond the borders of Germany. He is a connoisseur of orthopaedics, sports medicine, and chirotherapy as well as an accident insurance physician (occupational and school accidents). In addition, he has concurrently been Chief Orthopaedist and Medical Director of the MediaPark Clinic in Cologne since 2001. The MediaPark orthopaedic joint practice’s special guiding principle is to treat patients in an open, personal, and trustworthy way besides providing excellent medical care.

Dr Peter Schäferhoff's activities as an instructor in the field of arthroscopy (AGA (Society for Arthroscopy), Arthrex) as well as several non-surgical procedures underline his many years of professional expertise.

Dr Schäferhoff's team includes diverse specialists, which means a broad spectrum of expertise in orthopaedic, trauma surgery, and sports medicine diseases is present at the highest level. Treatment focus includes non-surgical therapy in addition to surgical cure of acute and degenerative muscle, tendon and ligament injuries, joint maladies as well as sport traumas.

Professional Sports Team Doctor

Dr Peter Schäferhoff has been looking after professional athletes of various sport divisions for many years. The orthopaedic care of international competitive athletes requires an understanding of new trends in orthopaedics and sports medicine as well as the ability to comprehend and assess scientific operating principles. Dr Peter Schäferhoff has been active in the German Soccer League as the team physician of FC Cologne since 1996. Dr Schäferhoff uses his many years of experience in professional sports to find the optimal therapy for every patient (non-athletes as well).

Arthroscopic Knee Joint-Preserving Orthopedic Surgeon in Cologne

Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction Not Limited to Professional Sports

Orthopedic Surgeons know that complete or partial rupture (cruciate ligament rupture) of the anterior or posterior cruciate ligament is one of the most frequent and serious knee injuries. The cruciate ligaments stabilise and guide the movements of the knee joint. In case of cruciate ligament injury, increased instability is present, especially during sporting activity. Orthopedic Surgeon Dr Schäferhoff has been successfully performing cruciate ligament reconstructions for years. Therefore, he has enabled patients to continue physical activity and to reduce consequential damage as much as possible.

Dr Schäferhoff’s orthopaedic practice is further a known meeting point for complex knee injuries in Cologne. Due to his activity as team physician, Dr Schäferhoff knows which rehabilitation measures are necessary for a successful return to work out exercises. To avoid repeat injuries, or more specifically, to confer a sports release, he uses objective measuring procedures like movement and strain analysis. Consequently, he is able to recognize and treat possible deficits in time.

Orthopedic Surgeon for Meniscus Damage and Injuries

The most common internal knee damage is a meniscal lesion often due to traumatic torsion of the knee joint. MRIs allow Dr Schäferhoff and his team to excellently depict the menisci and thus to plan optimum therapy.

At present time, orthopedic doctors know it is best to preserve and sustain a meniscus, if possible. Meniscus refixation is therefore the chosen method to keep it functioning and to prevent consequential damage. Orthopedic surgeons remove degenerative tissue of the meniscus by applying arthroscopy, leaving intact meniscus tissue in place. This method has an advantageous effect on joint control, since as little as possible of the contact surface is reduced.

In some cases, meniscus transplantation is also the method of choice and ensures that joints are preserved and kept functional. As a meniscus specialist, Dr Schäferhoff decides with each patient individually which procedure is applied.

Early Detection and Personalised Treatment of Cartilage Damage

Damage to articular cartilage should be detected and treated as early as possible. Dr Schäferhoff and his team use innovative cartilage therapies to rebuild damaged cartilage. There are both non-surgical and surgical treatment options for this. In the case of advanced cartilage damage, when patients also suffer from everyday restrictions and pain, it is possible to treat defects using various surgical procedures such as microfracturing, osteochondral cylinders, and cartilage cell transplantation. The optimal therapy is decided together with the patient, depending on location and size of the damage.

Professional athletes with cartilage damage do not want to bluntly end their careers but rather intend to return to the battlefield as quickly as possible, on a long term basis, by receiving the appropriate therapy. Dr Schäferhoff has proven for many years that he is able to find the optimal treatment method to enable a return to work out at the highest level.

Treatment Focus: Shoulder Instability, Rotator Cuff Lesions

The shoulder is one of the most susceptible joints for dislocation and instability due to its great mobility. Problems can arise not only from the effects of acute pressure, but also due to chronic or genetic causes. If non-surgical treatment of shoulder instabilities does not lead to the desired cure, orthopedic surgeons can apply arthroscopy as a minimally invasive surgical method to stabilise shoulder joints.

Cologne MediaPark Clinic

The MediaPark Clinic in Cologne has ten specialist departments, enabling close collaboration between the various areas of specialisation. This medical network allows Dr Thomas Stock's orthopedic team to provide a direct transition from therapy planning through possible surgical interventions right up to rehabilitation and physiotherapy. Thanks to close collaboration with the Institute for Functional Diagnostics (IFD Cologne), patients and athletes are able to use biomechanical-orthopaedic movement analyses during rehabilitation in order to return to their own individual exercise levels at the right time.

Further information is available at Dr Schäferhoff's website.

Curriculum Vitae

2007 – present

Focus TOP Mediziner – Knee surgery

Since 2001

MediaPark Clinic – Medical Director

2001 – present

Leading Physician, MediaPark Clinic in Cologne, Department of Orthopaedics/Trauma Surgery and Sports Medicine

1993 – 2001

Klinik am Ring, Cologne

1991 – 1993 Senior Physician of the Orthopaedic Department, St. Franziskus Hospital Cologne
1991 onwards Additional qualification – Sports medicine
1988 – 1991: Assistant Physician, Orthopaedic Department, Prof. Biehl, St. Franzikus Hospital Cologne
1986 – 1988 Assistant Doctor, Surgery Department, Prof. Larena, St. Katharina Hospital Frechen

Medical Team

  • Dr Thomas StockDr Thomas Stock
    Specialist in orthopaedics and trauma surgery, sports medicine, chirotherapy, team physician, team physician Cologne Sharks
  • Dr Paul KleinDr Paul Klein
    Specialist in orthopaedics, sports medicine, Team Physician for 1st FC Cologne
  • Dr Matthias SäuglingDr Matthias Säugling
    Specialist in orthopaedics and trauma surgery, sports medicine, Team Physician for the Cologne Sharks
  • PD Dr Marc Banerjee PD Dr Marc Banerjee
    Specialist in surgery, orthopaedics and trauma surgery, specialised trauma surgery, accident insurance physician, Team Physician for FC Cologne U21
  • Peter SiebergerPeter Sieberger
    Specialist in orthopaedics and trauma surgery, sports medicine, manual therapy, Team Physician for FC Cologne U21
  • Dr Konstantin TsironisDr Konstantin Tsironis
    Specialist in surgery, orthopaedics and trauma surgery, specialised trauma surgery, hand surgery
  • Dr Nunzio RicciardoDr Nunzio Ricciardo
    Specialist in orthopaedics and trauma surgery
  • Dr méd. Theresa Schäferhoff Dr Theresa Schäferhoff
    Specialist in orthopaedics and trauma surgery


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Dr Peter Schäferhoff
Medical Director

MediaPark Clinic
Im MediaPark 3, D-50670 Cologne

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