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Dr Michael Klug Practice Owner Specialist in Knee Surgery - Portrait

Dr Michael Klug

Practice Owner

Specialist in Knee Surgery

+49 931 417 196 75

Specialist in Cartilage and Knee Surgery in Würzburg Dr Klug

Treatment focus

  • Arthroscopic cartilage surgery (microfracturing, nanofracturing, Pridie drilling, OCT, AMIC, MACT)
  • Arthroscopic meniscal and knee ligament surgery
  • Patellar luxation, patellar subluxation
  • Conversion operations
  • Partial knee joint replacement surgery
  • Customised knee endoprosthetics (partial endoprosthetics, total endoprosthetics)


Knee Centre in Würzburg
NOVUM Medicum, 3rd Floor
Schweinfurter Str. 7, D-97080 Würzburg

P: +49 931 417 196 75

Consultation Hours:

By telephone agreement

Medical Range

Range of Diagnostic Services


  • X-ray
  • Sonography
  • MRI


Range of Therapeutic Services


  • Arthroscopy: Endoscopy of the joint, the foundation of modern surgical therapy of the knee joint
  • Cruciate ligaments: Cruciate ligament surgery within 14 days of injury, cruciate ligament suturing, cruciate ligament stabilisation through tendon replacement
  • Conversion surgery: Correction of bow-legged or knock-kneed misalignment by means of distal femoral osteotomy (DFO) or high tibial osteotomy (HTO)
  • Endogenous transplants: Semitendinosus tendon, quadriceps tendon, patellar tendon, reconstruction of the anterior or posterior cruciate ligament through the use of one's own tendons
  • Foreign implants: Use of a plastic tape (LARS), allografts (transplants from deceased persons)
  • Collateral ligaments: Surgical therapy of the collateral ligaments and concomitant injuries (capsule tear, meniscal injury, torn tendon)
  • Meniscus: In the case of meniscal damage, surgical therapy by means of arthroscopy of the knee joint, removal of the torn part of the meniscus, subsequent smoothing of the meniscus and suturing of the meniscus in the RR and RW zones, thereby reducing the risk of osteoarthritis
  • Meniscal replacement: Replacement with a collagen meniscal implant (CMI)
  • Kneecap: In the case of patellar deformity, therapy by means of a relief incision, minimising the tensile load on the kneecap, and accompanying capsulorrhaphy
  • Patellar dislocation: In the case of fresh dislocation, an arthroscopic suture, plication or strengthening of the inner ligament using endogenous tendon and knee splinting is performed
  • Recurrent patellar dislocation: Range of additional open bone correction procedures
  • Cartilage: Conservative therapy by means of insoles, physiotherapy, uric acid adjustment, fat metabolism adjustment, drug therapy, fighting infections, weight reduction. Surgical therapy by means of conversion surgery, microfracturing, nanofracturing, Pridie drilling, OCT (osteochondral transplantation), AMIC (autologous matrix-induced chondrocyte stimulation), MACT (matrix-assisted autologous chondrocyte transplantation)
  • Plica syndrome: Irritation of the plica, conservative and surgical therapy
  • Baker's cyst: A synovial-fluid-filled cyst in the popliteal fossa; therapy by means of surgical removal of the cause within the knee joint, exposure of the cyst, right up to connecting it with the joint capsule.
  • Endoprosthetics: Customised partial and total endoprosthetics
  • PRP therapy: Treatment using autologous, conditioned blood plasma
  • Atlas-system: Implantation of a shock absorber system or relief spring for arthrosis on the inner side of the knee joint
  • Arthrosis: Conservative therapy using autologous conditioned plasma, pulsed magnetic field therapy, hyaluronic therapy, shock wave therapy and laser therapy

Personal information

Dr Michael Klug is a specialist in cartilage and knee surgery as well as co-owner of Knee Centre Würzburg and Werneck Practice Clinic.

Modern conservative and surgical therapy of all diseases of the knee joint is the focus of Dr Klug. Here, arthroscopy (endoscopy of the joint) represents the basis of surgical knee joint therapy. As a special focal point, Dr Klug offers his patients custom-made knee prostheses.

PRP Therapy for Knee Arthrosis

In the case of mild to moderate arthrosis complaints and pain, the Knee Centre in Würzburg offers not only conservative treatment options, but also treatment using platelet-rich plasma (PRP). This method represents a novel method for treating wear-induced joint complaints. Dr Klug and his team take advantage of the fact that growth factors and other components in human blood can positively influence healing processes. Many sports injuries of the joints can also be treated more successfully this way.

Hyaluronic Acid to Combat Cartilage Degradation in the Knee

Another conservative treatment alternative for arthrosis alleviating pain for patients and supposing to restore joint mobility is hyaluronic therapy. This method involves the natural component of cartilage, hyaluronic acid, being injected into the joint space, thus restoring the viscosity and elasticity of the synovial fluid. Furthermore, magnetic field therapy offers damaged or weakened cells the possibility of strengthening and improving their balance of energy by means of magnetic impulses, thus having an anti-inflammatory, analgesic and generally revitalising effect. 

Knee Specialist for State-of-the-Art Surgical Treatment of Cartilage Damage in Würzburg

The causes of damage to cartilage can be manifold. It can be caused by injuries such as dislocations, micro-injuries in case of leg axis misalignment, chronic instability or systemic diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis. In addition to conservative treatment options, Dr Klug and his team of specialists place a very special focus on promising surgical therapies.

Microfracturing and Nanofracturing

This modern procedure is performed arthroscopically and takes advantage of the body's own capacities for healing. It involves small holes being drilled into the bone with a micro-chisel, thus encouraging the bone marrow to be discharged and forming cartilage-like "super clots". These clots contain all the building blocks for cartilage regeneration. Each patient receives an individual rehabilitation plan after their procedure to work towards an optimal therapeutic goal. Autologous matrix-induced chondrocyte stimulation (AMIC) is based on microfracturing and allows an extension to cartilage defects greater than 2.5cm in diameter by creating a protected environment for the repair tissue through an additional membrane.

Osteochondral Transplantation (OCT)

In order to compensate for cartilage defects, so-called cartilage bone cylinders can be removed from the same joint and then placed in the affected region using an arthroscopic surgical technique. This method requires the surgeon to carry out accurate planning, and success is critically dependent on the limited availability of such cylinders within the affected joint.

Cartilage Transplantation (MACT)

For cartilage damage greater than 2.5 cm², if there is an appropriate indication, samples can first be taken from the patient's own cartilage and then, after appropriate cultivation in a laboratory, re-implanted into the knee joint as a real replacement.

Custom-Made Artificial Knee Joint

A joint-preserving therapy for knee problems is not always possible. An artificial partial or total prosthesis is then often the last alternative to regain the capability to walk again as painlessly as possible. With Dr Klug, the patient receives a custom-made knee prosthesis following precise CT or MRI diagnostics. This artificial knee joint is cast based on a 3D model and only fits the patient it was created for. Using a stencil and custom-fitted surgical instruments, the prosthesis is then inserted with accuracy to a tenth of a millimetre. This process leads to a lower level of bone loss, shorter surgical procedures, and thus to reduced postoperative pain and risk of infection.  

You can find further information on Dr Klug's website.


Curriculum Vitae

1980 – 1986Study of human medicine at the Julius-Maximilians University in Würzburg
1986 – 1994Surgical/Orthopaedic Training:

Ochsenfurt District Hospital (Dr E. Hoh)
Julius Hospital, Würzburg (Prof. Dr B. Ulrich)
König-Ludwig-Würzburg Orthopaedic University Hospital (Prof. Dr J. Eulert)
St Josef's Hospital, Wiesbaden (Prof. Dr W. Paulus)
Leopoldina Hospital, Schweinfurt:
Surgical Clinic (Prof. Dr Böttger)
Surgical Clinic I (Prof. H. Denecke)
Surgical Clinic II (Prof. W. Link)
Since 1990Team Doctor for the ‘Freie Turner’ (free gymnasts) gymnastics team, Schweinfurt
Since 1995Co-owner of the Werneck Practice Clinic, having currently himself performed more than 25,000 operations on the knee joint
Since 2001Team Doctor for TSV Großbardorf (regional football league in Bavaria)
Since 2009Team Doctor for SV Schraudenbach (premier basketball league of the south)
Until 2012Team Doctor for S. Oliver Baskets Würzburg (Beko premier basketball league)
Since 2015Owner and Head of the Knee Centre in Würzburg, certified knee surgeon and certified cartilage specialist

Research & Training

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Werneck Practice Clinic

Balthasar-Neumann-Platz 11-15, D-97440 Werneck

T:  +49 9722 998 46 96
F: +49 9722 944 607 77

Monday–Friday 8-18 Uhr

Würzburg Central Railway Station2,5 km
Nuremberg Airport105 km
Frankfurt Airport124 km

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Dr Michael Klug

Practice Owner

Knee Centre in Würzburg

NOVUM Medicum, 3rd Floor

Schweinfurter Str. 7, D-97080 Würzburg

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