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articon - Specialist Practice for Joint Surgery
Dr Bernhard Christen, M.H.A. | PD Dr Tilman Calliess
Specialist in Knee Surgery
Bern, Switzerland

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Treatment Focus

The focus is on the diagnosis and treatment of pain and functional loss on knee and hip joints as a result of wear (arthritis) or injury or surgery. The ultimate goal is maximum pain reduction combined with increased function and thus the improvement of the quality of life according to the motto of practice "Agility is our recipe".

Medical Range

Range of Diagnostic Services (Salem-Hospital)

  • State of the art digital radiography with all special recordings
  • MRI
  • CT
  • Ultrasound


Range of Therapeutic Services

  • Arthritis surgery of the knee and hip
  • Axis changes in the knee joint (corrective osteotomy)
  • Partial or total knee prostheses
  • Knee prosthesis replacements (prostheses revision)
  • Total hip prostheses
  • Prosthetic hip replacement
  • Arthroscopic surgery of the knee for meniscal lesions and / or torn ligaments
  • Muscoloskeletal traumatology in the elderly

About articon - Specialist Practice for Joint Surgery

Orthopedic surgeon and Master of Health Administration (MHA) Dr Bernhard Christen is a specialist in orthopedics and traumatology of the musculoskeletal system at a private practice specializing in the treatment of degenerative diseases (osteoarthritis) of the knee and hip. His speciality is prosthetic joint replacement.

Core Competence Arthritis Surgery

Osteoarthritis refers to the wear of the joints and is caused by permanent false strain or injury. The primary objective of osteoarthritis surgery with all therapeutic options is to minimise pain and to achieve the fullest function possible with the operated joint, thus improving quality of life and preserving independence. Hence the motto of practice is also: "Agility is our recipe"!

Range of Medical Treatments by Dr. Christen

Dr. Christen has carried out prosthetic joint replacement with success for many years. He has continually refined and perfected the surgical techniques, preparation and post-intervention treatment over many years of training at various hospitals and as a member of the European Knee Society EKS in the field of knee prosthetics continually communicates with internationally recognised specialists.

The spectrum of treatments from Dr. Christen ranges from minimally invasive surgical procedures of the knee, such as arthroscopy, to joint-preserving osteotomies to partial or complete prostheses and revision surgery to joint prostheses. What is meant here are re-operations, which are necessary for painful prostheses, infection, loosening or abrasion. Furthermore, Dr. Christen's expertise is also with the hip joint and he provides total hip prostheses and revision surgery after hip replacements.

Implantation of Knee and Hip Replacements Using Computer Navigation

Total knee prostheses and hip replacements are implanted with the support of computer navigation, which improves the positioning of the prosthesis components. So axis deviations or differences in leg length become as rare as, for example, the dislocation of a hip prosthesis after surgery.

Process Optimisation

Treatment is done by tuning the processes of care, physical therapy and anesthesia, optimised from the first patient contact up to follow-up (optimal recovery). Medication minimises blood loss and post-operative pain, no drainage is placed, and if possible the dressing is not changed until suture removal. It is normally permitted and encouraged to immediately move newly operated joints freely according to symptoms and to place the joint under full load. This shortens the convalescence time and enables rapid recovery of walking ability. This is advantageous, particularly in the elderly who do not have to use walking sticks and primarily just use them for security and not for relieving loads.

Recent Joint Prostheses and Surgical Techniques for Durability

Good joint replacement is an essential factor for the durability of the artificial joint and patient satisfaction. Therefore, Dr. Christen uses the latest prosthetic models from tried and tested materials. He is actively involved in the co-development (national and international) of prostheses and surgical techniques for knee replacements and cooperates in international specialist companies.

Continuing Education of Assistant and Head Physicians

His experience and his skills make him an experienced instructor for young interns in the field of orthopaedics. In his practice, in addition to his knowledge in this field of medicine, he also tries to convey to them his passion. Since mid-2013 he has been cooperating with the Orthopaedic University Hospital of Bern Hospital and maintains a rotation point for junior doctors in specialist training in orthopaedics and traumatology of the musculoskeletal system.

Trusting Doctor-Patient Relationship

Mutual trust between doctor and patient is a high priority for Dr. Christen. Feel free to clearly voice your desires, fears and questions regarding your upcoming treatment. This is the only way that Dr. Christen can find you the individual optimal therapy for your symptoms and suggest a therapy that will satisfy you. For this he uses extreme care, his medical knowledge and skills, supported by the latest medical technology.

At least as important as a good operation is good preparation (diagnosis) for Dr. Christen. Therefore, Dr. Christen takes a long time for a personal interview at the beginning of the meeting. He asks about your symptoms and your ideas and expectations, examines you and evaluates the imaging studies (X-ray, possibly MRI, CT, etc.). With the diagnosis in hand he will inform you in detail about treatment options, benefits and risks of various therapeutic options, so you can opt for the personal best solution for you. For supporting information, see details about diagnosis and treatment alternatives at the website www.christenortho.ch.

The practice of CHRISTENORTHO AG can be found in the premises in Salem Hospital in Bern (basement E3 in the Elim building). All operations are performed by Dr. Christen at the Salem Hospital in Bern. It is a modern equipped hospital with high patient comfort. There is a dedicated guest relations advisor for international patients who will ensure your needs are met and your stay facilitated.

Since mid-2015, Dr. B. Christen has also been an active founding partner of the Sports Clinic#1 with a second practice located at the Wankdorf Stadium in Bern. Here, designated specialists from private practices work together with the Orthopaedic University Hospital of the Bern Clinic.

You may visit Dr. Christen's website.
You may also tour the website of the SportsClinic#1.

Curriculum Vitae

1977-1982 Degree in medicine at the University of Bern
1983-1992 Assistant Physician, Internal Medicine, General Surgery, Orthopaedics at the Buergerspital, Solothurn and at the Inselspital Bern
1987 Dissertation
1992 Specialist examination in Orthopaedics and Traumatology
1992-1997 Consultant in Orthopaedics, Buergespital, Solothurn
1996 Fellowship in Shoulder Surgery, Balgrist University Hospital, Zurich
1997-2002 Head physician of Orthopaedics and Traumatology, Surgical Clinic, University Hospital Bern Ziegler with 5 years of additional training in the field of knee and hip prosthetics
2002 Master of Health Administration (MHA)
Since 2002 Attending doctor with office at the Salemspital Bern
Since 2015 Founding member and partner at the Sports Clinic#1, Bern

Medical Team

  • Dr Bernhard Christen, M.H.A.
    Specialist Physician in orthopaedic surgery and traumatology of the locomotor system
  • PD Dr Tilman Calliess
    Specialist Physician in orthopaedic surgery and traumatology of the locomotor system, specialist in special orthopaedic surgery, Specialist Physician in skeletal X-ray diagnostics


  • Alpine panorama and view of the old town of Bern
  • Excellent hotels and individual support (à la carte menu selection)
  • Hirslanden Privé for private patients: personal Guest Relations Advisor and attractive additional services, free overnight stay for relatives in the guest bed
  • Single and two-bed rooms with bath or shower cubicle
  • TV / radio and free W-LAN (high-speed Internet)
  • 24-hr Emergency Centre


Bern central railway station 5 km
Bern airport 20 km
Basel airport 106 km
Zurich airport 129 km
Geneva airport 152 km

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articon - Specialist Practice for Joint Surgery
Dr Bernhard Christen, M.H.A. | PD Dr Tilman Calliess

Schänzlistrasse 39, CH-3013 Bern

T: +41 31 511 83 18
F: +41 31 337 89 54
E: christen@primomedico.com


Tuesday 8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Sports Clinic#1AG
Papiermühlestrasse 73, CH-3014 Bern

T: +41 31 356 11 22
F: +41 31 356 11 23


Thursday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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