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Prof. Dr Michael Müller - Specialist in Gynecological Oncology in Bern - Portrait

Prof. Dr Michael Mueller

Co-Clinic Director, Head Physician Gynecology and Gynecologic Oncology

Specialist in Gynecologic Oncology

+41 31 516 00 24

Specialist in Gynecological Oncology in Bern: Prof Dr Michael Mueller

Treatment focus

  • Uterine cancer
  • Ovarian cancer
  • Cervical cancer
  • Vulvar and vaginal cancer
  • Trophoblastic tumors (GTD)


University Hospital for Gynecology Inselspital Bern
Theodor-Kocher-Haus, Friedbühlstrasse 19, CH-3010 Bern

P: +41 31 516 00 24

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Prof Dr Michael Mueller is a specialist in gynecological oncology and head physician of the gynecology and gynecological oncology department at the University Hospital for Gynecology in Bern.

Professor Mueller and his renowned team of specialists treat all types of cancer of the female reproductive organs at the certified Gynecological Cancer Center in Bern. Patients receive comprehensive care, and everything is done to make them feel comfortable, starting with the diagnosis, reviewing the treatment options specified to the individual patient, and the subsequent treatment phase through to aftercare checkups. The focus is on the human and women in all their diversity.

Uterine Cancer: Most Common Gynecological Tumor in Switzerland

Uterine cancer is one of the most common gynecological tumors in Switzerland. The malignant tissue change in the uterus usually becomes noticeable through so-called postmenopausal bleeding or bleeding disorders.

Therefore, any bleeding that occurs after menopause should be urgently clarified by a gynecologist. As uterine cancer is usually diagnosed at a very early stage, the prognosis is often good.

If cancer of the uterus is suspected, the experienced team led by Prof Dr Mueller at the University Hospital in Bern initially carries out an ultrasound examination. In some cases, tissue changes can already be imaged here.

A uterine endoscopy with curettage is then planned with the patient for a histological examination so that a pathological examination of the tissue sample can be carried out. If the suspected cancer is confirmed, the experienced doctors at the Cancer Center in Bern will discuss the further surgical procedure in detail with the patient.

Standard surgical treatment includes the complete removal of the uterus and ovaries, and often the sentinel lymph nodes, to prevent the cancer from spreading via the lymph nodes. In most cases, the treatment goal is curative.

The gynecologists in Bern use minimally invasive and tissue-sparing techniques, which are generally associated with a reduced wound healing time and length of stay. The individual cases are presented and discussed in an interdisciplinary tumor board so that each patient can receive specific and individualized therapy. Based on precise classification of the tumor type and characteristics of the cancer, an improved response of the cancer cells to the treatment can be achieved.

Most Extraordinary Expertise in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Cervical Cancer

The region that connects the uterus and vagina is known as the cervix. Malignant cell degeneration can also occur here, which is why annual cancer screening in this area plays a significant role.

The PAP smear test enables reliable early detection of cell changes, meaning that the occurrence of cervical cancer has become extremely rare thanks to the standard implementation of this screening test. In addition, cancer, which in most cases is associated with infection by human papillomaviruses, has been reduced by routine HPV vaccinations and appropriate educational measures.

If the gynecologists at the Cancer Center in Bern detect malignant cell change, different treatment approaches are used depending on the stage of degeneration. In the early stages of the disease, the affected tissue area can be removed using a cone-shaped incision, known as conization. A histological examination will then show whether the necessary area has been removed or further surgery is required. In older patients, complete removal of the uterus may also be an option.

Prof Dr Mueller's experienced team of doctors takes plenty of time to discuss all treatment options with the patient. Much importance is also attached to detailed consultation for younger patients who still wish to have children. The treating team also uses the sentinel lymph nodes to determine how far the tumor has progressed.

The gynecology department at Bern University Hospital is one of Europe's leading institutions in using this examination technique. In addition to surgical treatment, the medical team in Bern selects individualized chemotherapy and radiotherapy for the affected patients based on the latest research findings.

State-of-the-Art Therapy Options for Ovarian Cancer

Malignant ovarian carcinoma is a rare disease that is often only diagnosed at a late stage due to unspecific symptoms. To date, there is no established procedure to ensure routine early detection. Older women, in particular, are affected, with the average age of onset being around sixty.

However, the cancer can also occur in younger women, especially if they have a genetic predisposition. Around one in every ten cases of ovarian cancer has a hereditary component. As a family history plays a significant role in ovarian cancer, patients at the Cancer Center in Bern are informed in detail about their genetic background.

Symptoms of ovarian cancer include an enlarged abdomen, a feeling of fullness, and pain in the lower abdomen. In some cases, however, the tumor is also discovered as an incidental finding during imaging examinations.

The Gynecological Cancer Center at the University Hospital in Bern has the expertise to treat this usually advanced tumor in a complex way. Due to the clinic's high case numbers and the many years of experience of treating doctors, patients can be guaranteed treatment at the highest level, according to the latest scientific findings and using state-of-the-art technologies. Intensive research and newer treatment options have already improved patient survival, but the disease is still one of the tumors with a poor prognosis.

Treatment of Malignant Tumors: Specialist for Vulvar and Vaginal Cancer

The degeneration of tissue in the vulva, vagina, and perineum mainly occurs in patients of advanced age. This form of cancer can also be associated with an infection with human papillomaviruses, but smoking and a weakened immune system can also increase the risk.

Vaginal bleeding, discharge, pain, and itching in the area of the vulva or vaginal canal may occur. To make a diagnosis, the gynecologists in Bern take a tissue sample for pathological examination. If a tumor is found in the vulva or vagina, surgical removal is the primary treatment option.

Depending on the patient's age, the procedure is planned in detail by the team, and the tumor is removed as completely as possible. Subsequently, targeted and special wound care in the operated area is essential. At the Bern Cancer Centre, nursing staff specializes in wound management, and wounds of this type take care of the wound.

Interdisciplinary Collaboration at the Certified Gynecological Cancer Center in Bern

Interdisciplinary collaboration is a top priority at the certified Gynecological Cancer Center at Bern University Hospital. Patients' cases are discussed in the interdisciplinary tumor board to ensure particularly effective and individualized treatment for each patient. Together with the patient and her relatives, the trained oncological gynecologists hold detailed discussions on the planning and implementing of complex therapies.

All treatment options are explained in detail, and the best treatment for the patient's individual situation is considered together. In this sensitive and challenging new life situation, Prof Dr Mueller and his team take plenty of time and space for questions and concerns. The team's many years of experience and expertise, and their empathy and closeness to the patient, support them along the way and throughout all phases of treatment. Regular tumor follow-up care is also carried out comprehensively and on a long-term basis at the Cancer Center in Bern.

Please visit the website of the University Hospital for Gynecology for more information about Professor Mueller.


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Prof. Dr Michael Mueller

Co-Clinic Director, Head Physician Gynecology and Gynecologic Oncology

University Hospital for Gynecology Inselspital Bern

Theodor-Kocher-Haus, Friedbühlstrasse 19, CH-3010 Bern

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