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Prof. Dr. med. Tanja N. Fehm - Specialist in Gynecologic Oncology - Portrait

Prof. Dr Tanja N. Fehm

Director of the Gynecological Clinic

Specialist in Gynecologic Oncology

+49 211 9232 3768

Prof. Dr Tanja N. Fehm – Specialist in Gynecologic Oncology

Treatment focus

  • Cervical cancer
  • Labia cancer
  • Uterine cancer
  • Ovarian cancer
  • Dysplasia


Düsseldorf University Hospital
Clinic for Gynecology and Obstetrics
Moorenstr. 5, D-40225 Düsseldorf

P: +49 211 9232 3768 F: +49 211 81 18483

Consultation Hours:

For privately insured patients and self-pay patients:
Monday, Wednesday, and Friday by appointment


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Medical Range

Range of Diagnostic Services

  • Minimally invasive diagnostic procedures: diagnostic endoscopy of the uterus (hysteroscopy).
  • Diagnostics and modern imaging of all cancers of the female reproductive organs (uterus, cervix, ovary, fallopian tubes, vagina, vulva)
  • Breast center: harvesting tissue samples (core biopsy, vacuum suction biopsy)
  • (Digital) mammography
  • Mammary sonography
  • Magnetic resonance mammography
  • Breast biopsy (mammography-guided, ultrasound-guided)
  • Galactography
  • MRI-guided vacuum biopsy
  • Nuclear medicine (organ and skeletal scintigraphy/tomography, PET/CT)
  • Pathology
  • Genetic diagnostics and consultation for familial breast and ovarian cancer


Range of Therapeutic Services

  • Gynecological Cancer Center
  • Breast Center
  • Center for familial breast and ovarian cancer
  • Reconstructive Senology/Gynecology
  • Advanced disease and metastasis/conservative oncology
  • Dysplasia Center
  • Endoscopy

Personal information


Prof. Tanja N. Fehm, MD, is a specialist in gynecologic oncology at the University Hospital Düsseldorf and Director of the Clinic for Gynecology and Obstetrics with the DKG-certified Gynecological Cancer Center.

With a long tradition in pre-stage and advanced gynecologic cancers, patients are treated by the interdisciplinary team led by Prof. Fehm with an individual treatment concept specifically designed for the respective clinical picture.

Gynecological Cancer Center Düsseldorf

The Gynecological Cancer Center at the University Hospital in Düsseldorf is characterized by interdisciplinary treatment concepts and state-of-the-art therapy procedures. Patients with gynecologic cancer receive the highest level of medical and psychological care at the Cancer Center, and they benefit from a long tradition of experience. Medical innovations and findings are integrated into patient care as early as possible. The patients' wishes and fears are given first priority in therapy planning, and detailed information is provided. Above all, the possibility of minimally invasive therapy in many cases represents a great advantage and a gentler procedure for the patient's recovery process.

In addition, the possibilities of personalized medicine are constantly being further developed, and much emphasis is placed on basic research into the development of cancer.

Pre-Stage Cancer

Before a malignant tumor develops, so-called pre-stage cancer can form, which in some cases develop into cancer later on. For example, if cell changes occur in the cervix, this can become apparent prematurely during the cancer screening examination. In addition, cells can change due to infection or irritation. This change is called dysplasia, and some of these forms can degenerate into cancer cells in the long term.

The most common cause of malignant degeneration is infection with the human papillomavirus or HPV. The virus is transmitted during sexual intercourse, and there are several known types of HPV. Some can cause superficial changes that are harmless, while others bring a high risk of degeneration. Most women come into contact with the HP virus during their lives, and the immune system can often get rid of the viruses itself. However, cancer develops over time in some cases, which is why markedly dysplastic areas should be treated as part of the dysplasia consultation. Using laser procedures or an electric loop, the areas can be removed using a minor procedure under short anesthesia.

Cervical Cancer

In cervical cancer, cells of the lower part of the uterus undergo malignant changes. The cervix, or neck of the uterus, is the connection between the uterus and the vagina. The most common reason for cancer of the cervix is infection with high-risk HPV types. If diagnosed early, cervical cancer is often easily treated. If the cancer stage is too advanced to use laser therapy alone, surgery is usually performed with removal of the area and potentially affected lymph nodes. This may be followed by radiation therapy. For very advanced, inoperable stages, treatment is often radiation therapy alone.

Uterine Cancer

Uterine cancer means that the mucosal cells inside the uterus degenerate. The mucous membrane is also called the endometrium, so the cancer is technically called endometrial carcinoma. The disease often occurs after menopause and is accompanied by risk factors such as hormone treatments with estrogen and obesity. A typical early symptom is vaginal bleeding after menopause, which should be examined more closely in any case. Endometrial carcinoma is primarily treated by surgery. Depending on the stage, radiotherapy may then be considered. However, hormone therapy or chemotherapy may also be considered if cancer can no longer be treated surgically.

Ovarian Cancer

Ovarian cancer is usually discovered very late and thus at an advanced stage. This is because the rather unspecific symptoms such as an increase in abdominal girth, bloating, and abdominal pain only appear after some time and are also misinterpreted at first. Therefore, before surgery, ultrasound examination, computer tomography, and, in the case of particular questions, PET-CT are used. Surgery is performed by gynecologic oncologists at our center and should include as a goal the absence of a tumor in the abdomen. Even in the case of far advanced findings, it is possible today to achieve this goal through an interdisciplinary approach. Usually, surgery is followed by chemotherapy, supplemented by so-called personalized therapies. Highly specialized treatment has made it possible to improve therapy results compared to the past significantly.

Endoscopic Surgery Procedures

Endoscopic surgeries are carried out using the so-called keyhole procedure. In this procedure, small instruments and a camera are inserted into the abdominal cavity through minimal incisions using laparoscopy. Tumors can now also be treated in a minimally invasive manner. The Uniklinik Düsseldorf is a specialized center that enables minimally invasive tumor treatment. The advantage is a faster recovery process for patients due to smaller wound areas.

Breast Cancer Center

Degeneration of the mammary gland is the most common cancer in women and can occur at all ages. In most cases, the degeneration is sporadic, but in some patients, genetic factors can lead to the development of breast cancer. Therefore, genetic testing and counseling are recommended, especially in young patients, those with a family history, and those with multiple or bilateral breast cancers. In this regard, the BRCA gene mutation is of great importance and is looked at more closely in both breast cancer and ovarian cancer.

There are very different forms of breast cancer and many other treatment options. These include classic, breast-conserving surgery with postoperative radiation, complete breast removal, and various chemotherapy procedures. The kind of therapy used and which individual choices are available depends on breast cancer and is precisely adapted to the patient.

Benign Gynecological Diseases

Benign gynecologic diseases include benign cysts on the ovaries and fibroids of the uterus. Cysts are fluid-filled cavities and can often be observed on a wait-and-see basis and based on ultrasound checks if there are no symptoms. Myomas are benign growths of the muscular layer of the uterus and are very common. They may be associated with increased menstrual pain, bleeding, and pressure on the urinary bladder or intestine. Cysts and fibroids can be surgically removed if they show excessive growth. There are various options and minimally invasive methods. Symptomless fibroids usually do not require treatment.

For more information, please visit the website of the Gynecological Cancer Center of the University Hospital Düsseldorf.



Curriculum Vitae

1990-1997Study of Human Medicine at the Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen
1998-1999Doctor in Internship at the University Women's Hospital Erlangen
1999-2001Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Cancer Immunobiology Center, UT Southwestern Medical School, Dallas, TX-USA,
2001Appointed as Adjunct Assistant Professor at the Cancer Immunobiology Center, UT Southwestern Medical School, Dallas, TX-USA,
2002Residency at the University Women's Hospital, Erlangen, Germany
2002-2005Residency at the University Women's Hospital, Tübingen, Germany
2005Habilitation for the Subject "Gynecologic Oncology "
2005Appointed Senior Physician, Clinical Director of the Section for Translational Gynecologic Oncology at the University Women's Hospital Tübingen
2006Visiting Professor, Prof. Dr G. Sledge, Breast Cancer Research Center University of Indianapolis, Indiana, USA
2006Earning of the Additional Designation "Medicinal Tumor Therapy"
2007Visiting Professor, Prof. Dr M. Cristofanilli, Breast Cancer Center, MD Anderson, Houston, USA
2009-2012Senior Physician in Gynecologic Oncology
2009Acquiring the Additional Title "Palliative Medicine "
2010Acquiring the Specialization "Gynecologic Oncology "
2011Member of the Board of the Comprehensive Cancer Center Tübingen
2012Visiting Professor at the Center for Gynecologic Oncology, University College London Hospital, London, England (Prof. Widschwendter) and the Galaxy Care Laparoscopy Institute, Pune, India (Dr Puntambekar)
2012Acquiring the specialization "Special Obstetrics and Perinatal Medicine."
2012Appointed to the W3 Professorship in Gynecology and Obstetrics at the University Women's Hospital in Würzburg Appointed to the W3 Professorship in Gynecology and Obstetrics at the University Women's Hospital in Düsseldorf
2012Election as Spokeswoman of the AGO e.V.
Since 2013Director at the University Women's Hospital Düsseldorf


  • Univ.-Prof. Dr Eugen Ruckhäberle
    Representative Director of the Clinic
  • PD Dr Natalia Krawczyk
    Senior Physician in Charge
  • Dr Martina Helbig
    Head of the Dysplasia Unit
  • Prof. Dr Werner Meier
    Senior Gynecology Oncologist
  • Dr Anne Kathrin Volkmer
    Managing Senior Physician, Coordinator Gynecological Cancer Center
  • Dr Jürgen Hoffmann
    Senior Physician, Head of Recovery Surgeries in Gynecology and Senology, Representative of the Breast Center

Research & Training



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Prof. Dr Tanja N. Fehm

Director of the Gynecological Clinic

Düsseldorf University Hospital

Clinic for Gynecology and Obstetrics

Moorenstr. 5, D-40225 Düsseldorf

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