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Opacity of the Vitreous Body

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Specialists in Opacity of the Vitreous Body

Information About the Field of Opacity of the Vitreous Body

What is the Opacity of the Vitreous Body?

The opacity of the vitreous body is clouding of the otherwise transparent vitreous body in the eye.

The vitreous body is located between the lens and the retina in the main chamber of the eye. This must allow light rays to pass through to the retina. It consists of approximately 98% water and is kept in shape by a "supporting framework" of collagen fibers and hyaluronic acid.

Opacities of the vitreous body occur more frequently with age and are not a disease but relatively normal aging processes like wrinkles or gray hair. However, the opacity can be perceived as disturbing, so surgery may be advisable.

What Are the Causes of Opacity of the Vitreous Body?

Structural changes of the components cause vitreous opacities. The transparency of the vitreous body is only guaranteed by a very specific arrangement of the collagen fibers, and this order of the fibers can change or dissolve with age. This "disorder" can cause fibrous or planar opacities.

With age, there is structural change and shrinkage of the vitreous body. This can cause the vitreous to detach from the retina (posterior vitreous detachment), which can be accompanied by similar symptoms.

Symptoms of Opacity of the Vitreous Body

Most often, vitreous opacities show up as "eye floaters," which is the name given to the phenomenon in which streak-like or dot-like shadowing is reported.

Especially under certain lighting conditions or when looking at a white wall, these shadows become apparent, which are an expression of the above-mentioned structural changes. This can be very disturbing for patients, but it is not an eye disease and does not cause any reduction in vision.

Eye Floaters Therapy

Specific therapy is usually not necessary. In extreme cases, surgery can be considered (vitrectomy), but this is also associated with risks and is usually not recommended.

There is no medication available to remove the opacities, and laser therapy has not yet become established for this problem.

Improving Opacity of the Vitreous Body

Since it is not a disease in the true sense, it is not possible to speak of a cure. Typically, the opacities recur and become more pronounced with age, but they can also relocate in the vitreous body and disappear from the field of vision.

Which Doctors Are Specialized in Vitreous Opacities?

The contact persons for vitreous opacities are specialists in ophthalmology. In case of doubt, especially in sudden opacities, shadows, or even flashes of light, please contact an ophthalmologist.

We will help you find an expert for your condition. All doctors and clinics listed have been reviewed by us for their outstanding specialization in vitreous haze and are awaiting your inquiry or treatment request.