Prof. Dr Jürg Grünenfelder
Specialist in Cardiac Surgery
Zurich, Switzerland

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Information about Prof. Dr Jürg Grünenfelder

Treatment focus

  • Minimally invasive heart valve surgery (aortic valve replacement and mitral valve repair / replacement without opening of the chest)
  • Coronary artery bypass graft surgery (CABG)
  • Robot-assisted bypass surgery
  • Catheter-based valve implantation
  • Aortic aneurysm surgery
  • Closure of atrial septum defects
  • Pacemaker / ICD implantation and electrode explantation
  • Thoracoscopic ablation for atrial fibrillation, and closure of the left atrial appendage

Medical range

Range of therapeutic services

The cardiological department of the HerzKlinik ensures availability of all cardiological examinations


Range of therapeutic services

The Heart Clinic Hirslanden covers the full range of thoracic vascular and cardiac surgery


Prof. Dr. Jürg Grünenfelder is a specialist in cardiac surgery at Heart Clinic Hirslanden and has many years of successful experience in the entire field of cardiac surgery. He specializes in minimally invasive valve surgery and catheter-based valve interventions.

Professor Grünenfelder is the Head of the Department of Cardiac Surgery and performs catheter-based valve surgery together with Professor Corti, head of cardiology at the Herz­Klinik Hirslanden.

The HerzKlinik Hirslanden excels by the very close cooperation of all its specialists in the area of cardiac medicine, making it possible to offer each patient the best treatment method.

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Curriculum vitae

  • Medical studies at the University of Zurich
  • Training in surgery and cardiac surgery at the University Hospital Zurich
  • Advanced training in cardiac pathology at the Children’s Hospital in Boston, USA
  • Advanced training in cardiac surgery at the Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, USA
  • Research in cardiac transplantation at Stanford Medical Center, Palo Alto, USA
  • Senior and Managing Physician at the Department of Cardiovascular Surgery, University Hospital Zurich
  • Professor of Cardiac and Thoracic Vascular Surgery at the University of Zurich

Medical team

  • Dr Thierry Aymard
    Dr Thierry Aymard

    Heart Surgery
  • PD Dr Patric Biaggi
    PD Dr Patric Biaggi
    Head Heart Imaging (Echocardio-graphy)
  • Prof. Dr Roberto Corti
    Prof. Dr Roberto Corti
    Head Interventional Cardiology
  • Prof. Dr Jürg Grünenfelder
    Prof. Dr Jürg Grünenfelder

    Director Cardiac Surgery
  • PD Dr David Hürlimann
    PD Dr David Hürlimann
    Head of the Dept. of Heart Devices and Rhythmology
  • Dr Silke Küsst
    Dr Silke Küsst

  • Prof. Dr Georg Noll
    Prof. Dr Georg Noll
    Head Hypertension and Heart Failure
  • Dr Ivano Reho
    Dr Ivano Reho
    Interventional Cardiology
  • Prof. Dr Sacha Salzberg
    Prof. Dr Sacha Salzberg
    Cardiac Surgery and Atrial Fibrillation Therapy
  • Dr Robert von Wattenwyl
    Dr Robert von Wattenwyl

    Heart Surgery
  • PD Dr Christophe Wyss
    PD Dr Christophe Wyss
    Interventional Cardiology


Special consultations of HerzKlinik Hirslanden: cardiological check-up

Prof Dr Grünenfelder - Portrait Prof. Dr Jürg Grünenfelder

Cardiac Surgery
Witellikerstrasse 40, CH-8032 Zurich

Fri 14:00 – 18:00 o’clock


Zurich Main Station 10 min
Zurich Airport 20 min

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Prof. Dr Jürg Grünenfelder

Heart Clinic Hirslanden
Cardiac Surgery
Witellikerstrasse 40, CH-8032 Zurich

T: +41 44 387 97 00
F: +41 44 387 97 20


Fri 14:00 – 18:00 o’clock



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