Knee surgery Zurich: Knee endoprosthetics specialist PD Dr. med. Kohl

PD Dr Sandro Kohl

Specialist in Endoprosthetics
Zurich, Switzerland

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Treatment Focus

  • Knee endoprosthetics using the rapid recovery procedure
  • Partial knee prosthesis (one-sided replacement, mobile bearing knee cap replacement)
  • Total knee prosthesis (3D prosthesis, individual and patient-specific)
  • Revision endoprosthetics/replacement operations
  • Tumour endoprosthetics
  • General traumatology and sports surgery

Medical Range

Range of Diagnostic Services

  • Clinical examinations
  • X-ray
  • CT
  • MRI
  • Sonography
  • Laboratory
  • Diagnostics for knee injuries and bone fractures
  • Diagnostics for knee arthrosis
  • Special consultation hour: "Painful knee prostheses"
  • Second and expert opinions for diseases of the knee joint


Range of Therapeutic Services

  • Endoprosthetics of the knee joint using the rapid recovery procedure (minimally invasive and soft-tissue-sparing): partial prostheses (unicompartmental or retropatellar), total knee prosthesis (patient-specific 3D prostheses)
  • Knee prosthesis replacement: simple and complex prosthesis replacement surgery in the case of loosening, wear and tear, malalignment or functional disorders, tumour endoprosthetics or prosthesis infections
  • Sports injuries of the knee: meniscal, cruciate ligament, collateral ligament and complex ligament injuries, cartilage damage, patellar stabilisation
  • Cruciate ligament surgery: cruciate-ligament-preserving therapies, cruciate ligament reconstruction, revision operations after a repeat cruciate ligament tear
  • Cartilage surgery: cartilage repair and cartilage transplantation
  • General traumotology and especially complex bone fractures and ligament ruptures at the knee joint
  • Knee arthrosis: non-surgical therapy, corrective osteotomy for correction of the mechanical axis

About PD Dr Sandro Kohl

PD, Dr. med. Sandro Kohl is a specialist in knee surgery, knee endoprosthetics, and the owner of Ortho-Kohl AG at the Trauma Center Hirslanden Clinic in Zurich. His treatment focuses on the diagnosis and therapy of knee injuries and the implantation of patient-specific 3D knee endoprostheses using the rapid recovery procedure. Another focus is the analysis and treatment of painful knee prostheses. Besides, PD Dr. Kohl supports the University Clinic of Bern as a senior consultant for complex knee injuries.

Specialist in Knee Surgery for Knee Injuries and Artificial Knee Joint Replacement

As a specialist in orthopedic surgery and traumatology, PD Dr. Kohl specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of injuries and degenerative diseases, particularly of the knee joint. He practices at the Hirslanden Trauma Center in Zurich and Orthoplus in Bern.

The Knee - Complex Joint with High Load

As the largest joint of the musculoskeletal system, the knee plays a central role in our mobility. The knee is subject to enormous forces - in specific movements, it must bear many times our body weight. The perfect interaction of bones, ligaments, muscles, and tendons is required to ensure a full function. Even small imbalances or disorders can significantly impair the function of the knee and lead to pain. That is why comprehensive individual diagnostics is a top priority for PD Dr. Kohl. Only in this way is it possible to find the best possible treatment option for each patient.

Individual Diagnostics - the Basis of Every Treatment Concept

At the Knee Surgery Zurich, PD Dr. Kohl has access to diagnostic equipment of the latest generation. The Trauma Center at the Hirslanden Clinic is equipped with the latest medical technology - even when it comes to making a meaningful diagnosis. In addition to conventional X-ray and sonography, procedures with 3D imaging such as CT and MRT/MRI are available. However, modern diagnostic equipment alone is not enough to make a diagnosis. Many years of experience in the interpretation of the results must be added. This is where PD Dr. Kohl's extensive experience makes him particularly competent.

Therapy of Knee Injuries

The treatment of knee injuries such as the torn meniscus, torn cruciate ligaments, or dislocations of the knee joint is the daily business at the Zurich Knee Surgery Clinic. In the case of cruciate ligament injuries, dislocation of the knee joint, and knee-cap instability, Dr. Kohl has access to numerous modern surgical methods. Here, too, detailed diagnostics are the top priority to determine the individual treatment concept.

Knee Surgery Zurich - Sports Accidents

Sport plays an increasingly important role in people's lives. However, sporting activities always carry a risk of injury. Accordingly, sports accidents have increased more and more in recent years. In many sports, the knee joint is subject to particularly high load. In essence, injuries to the meniscus and cruciate ligament, as well as dislocations of the knee joint and associated instability of the kneecap, are the most common lesions. PD Dr. Kohl has also acquired particular medical expertise in the field of sports injuries.

Meniscus Injuries

Especially complex sports accidents on the knee are among his specialties. PD Dr. Kohl treats the entire spectrum of knee injuries. In the case of meniscus injuries, which are always carried out arthroscopically, he attaches great importance to the individual patient situation. The conservation of the meniscus with a meniscus suture or, in some cases, even meniscus transplantation is always preferred to removal, if possible, because the meniscus fulfills an essential task. The meniscus consists of a type of fibrous cartilage disc, which sits like a shock absorber between the joint surfaces where the upper and lower leg meet. The meniscus also ensures that all joint components interact smoothly. If it is necessary to combine the therapy of the meniscus injury with other treatments, this is carried out during the same surgery, if possible.

Cruciate Ligament Injuries

The cruciate ligaments fulfill an essential task - they stabilize the knee and prevent the upper and lower leg from shifting too much forwards and backward. Thus, no overstretching or over twisting is possible. At the same time, intact cruciate ligaments protect against early wear and tear of the joint due to arthrosis. Whether pulled, overstretched, or torn - all injuries to the cruciate ligaments require treatment.

In addition to cruciate ligament conservation techniques, Dr. Kohl performs minimally invasive cruciate ligament reconstructions using the body's own or donor's tendons. Even in case of a renewed cruciate ligament rupture after an already completed operation or complex injuries to several ligaments, the knee specialist carries out revision procedures.

Knee Joint Luxation

In case of a dislocation, the patella protrudes laterally from its bearing. A dislocation of the knee joint can have many different causes. Most often, however, this happens when the joint is twisted unhappily during a sporting activity, which usually results in a rupture of the internal holding apparatus and cartilage damage. In this case, the reconstruction of the injured supporting apparatus, generally with the body's tendons, is the main focus of the surgery. Depending on the cause, recurrent dislocation requires a variety of treatment options - for example, surgical deepening of the gliding sulcus.

Endoprosthetics at the Knee Surgery Zurich

Endoprosthetics is another treatment focus of the proven specialist in knee surgery Zurich. PD Dr. Kohl has acquired a high level of medical competence in this demanding specialty. In particular, the implantation of the knee and hip prostheses is one of his main areas of treatment.

He carries out all endoprosthetic surgeries using minimally invasive techniques and the latest patient-specific 3D implants. Within the scope of the individually adapted rapid recovery procedure, a quick recovery is guaranteed.

Implantation of Patient-Specific 3D Knee Prostheses in the Rapid Recovery Procedure

The fast-track or rapid recovery procedure is a medical concept in which the recovery time is shortened. Thus, the post-surgical behavior is practiced with the patient after the surgery. The surgery is also carried out as minimally invasive and tissue-friendly as possible. Immediate mobilization and rehabilitation after the surgery is the main focus. The patient quickly gets the feeling of improvement to the situation before the surgery and can benefit from the procedure within a very short time.

Partial Prosthesis of the Knee

The most common reason for implanting a partial prosthesis is arthrosis in the knee joint. At an advanced stage, arthrosis leads to heavy wear of the joint surfaces, which is associated with severe pain and significant restrictions in movement.

If only individual areas of the cartilage surface in the knee joint are heavily worn, a partial prosthesis (arthroplasty, UniTP, knee-cap trochlear groove replacement) may be the right solution. The insertion of a partial prosthesis offers many possibilities. A joint surface can be implanted on the outside or inside, but also behind the kneecap. The worn surfaces are replaced by polished metal surfaces, which are fixed to the joint with special bone cement. A plastic insert takes over the task of the destroyed cartilage and meniscus.

The biomechanics in the joint are not affected by a partial prosthesis. It merely replaces the affected part of the joint surface. The required partial prosthesis can be individually adapted to the anatomical conditions of each patient using an advanced 3D procedure.

Total Knee Prosthesis (TKP)

If the degenerative changes are particularly advanced and affect the entire joint, an artificial knee prosthesis is a right choice. In cases of severe arthrosis, it offers the patient new mobility and freedom from pain.

Artificial Knee Prosthesis of the Joint Surfaces

A total knee prosthesis does not replace the entire joint, but only the worn joint surfaces. During the surgery, the surfaces of the knee joint of the upper and lower leg are first gently removed and then replaced in all parts by metal prostheses in which a plastic plate is integrated. Here too, the size and type of prosthesis can be adapted to the patient-specific anatomical shape of the joint, which is guaranteed by a computer tomography carried out in advance.

Correction of the Leg Axis

The implantation of a total knee prosthesis can also correct the malposition of the leg axes caused by arthrosis. A deviation of the leg axis results in massive unilateral wear of the joint surfaces. The insertion of a corresponding individual knee prosthesis can compensate for the resulting difference.

Tumor Endoprosthesis

Primary benign or malignant bone tumors, as well as metastases in the knee joint, can also make an artificial knee prosthesis necessary. Tumors ultimately lead to the destruction of the knee joint. With progressive growth, they endanger the stability of the affected bone. Occasionally, there is a risk of fracture of the most heavily loaded joint surfaces. In this case, preoperative diagnosis of the tumor process using imaging techniques such as CT and MRI is particularly important to determine the extent with millimeter precision. In most cases, an individual artificial knee prosthesis is produced using a 3D procedure.

Second Opinion and Revision Surgery for Painful Knee Prosthesis

In addition to the implantation of artificial knee joints, PD Dr. Kohl is also an expert in alternating surgeries for knee endoprostheses. In a particular consultation hour, "painful knee prosthesis," he takes time for a comprehensive analysis of the problem. The consultation hour can be used as a second opinion or directly in case of problems with the artificial knee joint. The respective treatment is individually adapted to the existing problem and the patient's personal needs.

Knee Surgery Zurich - Individual Care and Gentle Surgical Techniques

PD Dr. Kohl attaches particular importance to the personal care of his patients - from the first patient consultation, through diagnostics, and treatment, to aftercare. The primary goal of his medical work is to preserve the knee joint and to enable the patient to return to a daily routine without pain as quickly as possible. For this reason, the expert prefers to carry out necessary surgeries using gentle, minimally invasive surgical techniques that allow rapid recovery.

Please, click here for more information on PD Dr. med. Sandro Kohl’s website.

Curriculum Vitae

2018 - present Senior Consultant for Complex and Difficult Musculoskeletal Procedures, Especially Knee Surgery, University Hospital for Orthopaedic Surgery and Traumatology, Inselspital Berne (Prof. Dr K. A. Siebenrock)
2017 - present Partner at the Hirslanden Trauma Centre, Hirslanden Clinic, Zurich
2017 - present In-Patient Physician, Permanence Clinic, Hirslanden, Berne
2017 Associate Professor (venia docendi) for Orthopaedic Surgery and Traumatology/especially Knee Surgery (University of Berne)
2012 - 2017 Head of the Department for Knee Surgery and Sports Traumatology, University Clinic for Orthopaedic Surgery and Traumatology, Inselspital, Berne (Prof. Dr K. A. Siebenrock)
2014 Fellowship: Dr Adolph V. Lombardi, Jr, Joint Implant Surgeons, New Albany, OH, USA
2010 - 2012 Deputy Head of the Department for Knee Surgery and Sports Traumatology, University Clinic for Orthopaedic Surgery and Traumatology, Inselspital, Berne (Prof. Dr K. A. Siebenrock)
2009 - 2010 Senior Physician, Clinic for Orthopaedic Surgery and Sports Medicine, Lucerne Cantonal Hospital (Prof. Dr M. Beck)
2009 Research Assistant at the Hon. Dr Robert Mathys Foundation, Member of the Innovation Group, Mathys AG, Switzerland
2008 Swiss Medical Association Specialist Qualification in Orthopaedic Surgery and Traumatology of the Musculoskeletal System (University of Berne)
2008 Assistant Physician, University Clinic for Plastic and Hand Surgery, Inselspital Berne (Prof. E. Vögeli)
2003 - 2008 Assistant physician, University Hospital for Orthopaedic Surgery and Traumatology, Inselspital Berne (Prof. R. Ganz/Prof. Dr K. A. Siebenrock)
2002 - 2003 Assistant Physician, University Emergency Centre, Inselspital Berne (Prof. Dr H. Zimmermann)
1996 - 2002 Study of medicine (Humboldt University Berlin)

Medical Team

  • Dr Markus G. AmgwerdDr Markus G. Amgwerd
    Specialist in Surgery
  • Dr Werner JaeckDr Werner Jaeck
    Specialist in Hand Surgery, Surgery, Plastic, Reconstructive, and Cosmetic Surgery
  • Prof. Dr Marius KeelProf. Dr Marius Keel
    Specialist in Surgery, Orthopaedic Surgery, and Traumatology of the Locomotor System


The Hirslanden Clinic has 330 single and double rooms at its disposal. During the furnishing process, special attention was paid to a pleasant atmosphere.

The Comprehensive Facilities Ensure a Comfortable Stay:

Electrically adjustable beds.

WC and shower. Terrycloth linen, soap and shower gel are provided for you. A hair dryer, shower cap, bath slippers and bathrobe are available to you on request.

Cabinet with lockable safe for your personal possessions or small amounts of money. Please do not bring valuables (jewellery, large amounts of cash, etc.) with you to the clinic – we accept no liability for damage, loss or theft.

Telephone connection with direct dialling and telephone card. For safety reasons, mobile phones are not permitted in some areas of the clinic.

Radio and TV
Radio and TV with a large selection of national and international programmes. If you wish, you can have a DVD device installed; however, the clinic does not lend out DVDs.

Internet and E-Mail
A wireless connection for Internet access is available free of charge in the sickrooms.

Every day, we offer our patients with supplemental private insurance a daily newspaper, the NZZ Tages-Anzeiger as well as the International New York Times, the Corriere del Ticino or Le Temps to choose from. Other foreign language and international publications are available.


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