Breast Cancer Specialists Dusseldorf: Dr Maren Darsow and Dr Oksana Möller

Competence Centre for Breast Surgery and Breast Health at the Luisen Hospital
Dr Maren Darsow and Dr Oksana Möller
Breast Cancer Specialists
Dusseldorf, Germany

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Treatment Focus

  • Oncoplastic breast cancer operations including tumour-adapted breast reduction and advancement flaps
  • Reconstructive breast surgery (with implant, with own tissue)
  • Tumour-adapted breast reduction
  • Prophylactic mammary gland removal with immediate reconstruction in the case of hereditary breast cancer
  • Breast reductions, breast enlargements and breast lifts
  • Benign breast changes or breast cancer in men

Medical Range

Range of Diagnostic Services

  • Ultrasound breast scan
  • Punch biopsy of the breast


In-house Cooperation Partners:

  • Radiological diagnostics (MRT/CT/mammography etc.)
  • Pathology
  • Laboratory Medicine
  • Physiotherapy


Range of Therapeutic Services

  • Breast-conserving operations
  • Oncoplastic breast surgery
  • Tumour-adapted breast reduction
  • Primary reconstructions with the latest generation of implants
  • Autologous reconstructions (own tissue)
  • Prophylactic mammary gland removal with immediate reconstruction in case of hereditary breast cancer
  • All implant reconstruction techniques
  • Breast reduction, breast augmentation (breast reduction and breast enlargement)
  • Correction of congenital malformations
  • Lipofilling with autologous fat
  • Therapy planning in the tumour board
  • Enabling participation in clinical trials
  • Expert opinion before breast surgery
  • Second opinion in complicated situations
  • Benign breast changes or breast cancer in men

About Competence Centre for Breast Surgery and Breast Health at the Luisen Hospital

Under direction of Chief Physicians Dr Darsow and Dr Möller, the Competence Center for breast surgery and breast health at the Luisen Hospital is a highly specialised clinic for the treatment of breast cancer and benign breast diseases.

Thanks to the medical and nursing team’s extensive know-how and greatest possible experience, patients are offered diagnostics and therapy at a nationally recognized and known level. Each patient is viewed as her own personality with her own story to tell, receiving holistic, personal, and customized care.

In order to enable the best individual treatment, the team offers patients in addition to all-round care and 24-hour availability access to most modern diagnostic and therapeutic methods.

Many Years of Experience and Specialization in Breast Cancer Treatment

The team around Dr Darsow and Dr Möller has many years of experience in the surgical treatment of breast cancer. More than 700 interventions are carried out every year. Thanks to this background and most modern diagnostic and therapeutic methods availlable, patients can - in most cases - receive breast-conserving treatment.

The ultimate goal of breast cancer specialists is to cure. In order to make healing possible, the doctors at the Breast Center primarily rely on personal and individual woman-to-woman care. Beneficial are, in addition, the excellent nursing team provided, the psycho-oncological advice, and the voluntary care by the so called ‘International Senology Initiative e.V.’. Last but not least, the close cooperation with the radiology, radiation, and oncology clinics is of great advantage.

Short Distances at the Breast Center of the Luisen Hospital Dusseldorf

The excellent location of the Luisen Hospital at the Medical Center Dusseldorf also allows for rapid and precise diagnosis and treatments. At the medical clinic, radiological diagnostic experts of the breast work in cooperation with the ‘MVZ radios team’ (radiology). There is also a clinic for pathology and cytology located in the facility, where tissue samples taken are immediately examined and evaluated. Collaborations of other areas are located directly in-house as well, such as the laboratory medicine department or the ‘International Senology Initiative e.V.’ (as mentioned above), a support group for women with breast cancer and their relatives.

The modern and technically high-quality equipment of the operating theatres enables the implementation of highly complex inpatient interventions. From diagnosis to therapy, women are in best hands at the Luisen Hospital Breast Center.

Furthermore, it is possible to take part in clinical studies and therefore, to be treated with most advanced therapy methods used in research for new therapeutic approaches. In 2005, the Luisen Hospital introduced its own research administration where clinical studies are organised and performed. The goal is to develop new therapy techniques for improving standard treatments. The research studies are conducted under strict guidelines and external monitoring.

Participation in a study program guarantees a patient particularly intensive support through regular, exceptionally concise examinations.

A Familiar and Stylish Ambience Enhances Recovery

In the family and hotel-like environment of the Luisen Hospital breast cancer, patients can fully concentrate on treatment and recovery, in addition to receiving professional support. Spacious rooms, dedicated nursing staff, and a large selection of healthy meals reinforce rehabilitation. The trained culinary service crew happily caters to special dietary or cultural needs. The directly adjacent nature park ensures outdoors relaxation.

For more information, visit the Luisen Hospital Breast Center website.


Curriculum Vitae

Dr Maren Darsow

  • Since 2019: Chief Physician of the Luisen Hospital in Dusseldorf
  • 2010: Senior Physician in charge and network coordinator at the Luisen Hospital in Dusseldorf
  • 2001: Award: "Operator of the AWO"
  • 2001: Additional training in naturopathic treatment
  • 2000: Senior Physician at the Luisen Hospital in Dusseldorf
  • Doctorate from Heinrich Heine University Dusseldorf
  • Examination to become a specialist in gynaecology
  • 1997: Change to the Ulm University Hospital, where he set up a department for breast patients with Prof. Kühn
  • Assistant doctor in the senology department at Gerresheim Hospital
  • Academic study at the University of Dusseldorf,

Key Focus Areas:

  • Individual advice on therapy planning
  • Scar-saving operations
  • Breast reconstruction


Dr Oksana Möller

  • Since 2020: Chief Physician of the Breast Centre in Luisen Hospital
  • Until the end of 2019: Senior Consultant at the Senology Clinic at Marien Hospital Dusseldorf
  • 2010-2018: Senior Consultant at the Breast Centre Marien Hospital Dusseldorf
  • 2005: PhD
  • 2003-2010: Senior Consultant at the International Breast Centre of the Sana Clinics
  • 1999: Completion of the examination to become a specialist in gynaecology and obstetrics; and then subsequently worked as a Senior Physician in gynaecology
  • 1993-1999: Specialist training in gynaecology and obstetrics at the Kaiserwerther Diakonie women's clinic
  • until 1992: Training in paediatrics
  • 1990: Completion of medical studies in Russia with the state examination

Key Focus Areas:

  • Oncoplastic, reconstructive and individual breast surgery
  • Breast sonography
  • Operational management for screening, imaging and clinic management
  • Recognition as "Senior Breast Surgeon"

Medical Team

  • Dr Maren Darsow
    Chief Physician
  • Dr Oksana Möller
    Chief Physician
  • Dr A. Tyll
    Senior Physician
  • Serap Unyeli
    Senior Physician
  • Dr A. Fischer
    Senior Physician
  • Dr Y. Missaghian
    Ward Doctor

Study Office

  • Dr rerum naturalis T. Schaber
    Study Coordinator


Dusseldorf Central Station 3 km
Dusseldorf Airport 11 km
Cologne/Bonn Airport 51 km

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Competence Centre for Breast Surgery and Breast Health at the Luisen Hospital
Dr Maren Darsow and Dr Oksana Möller

Luisenkrankenhaus GmbH & Co. KG
Luise-Rainer-Strasse 6-10, D-40235 Dusseldorf

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