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Treatment Focus

  • Non-invasive diagnostics and therapy of cardiac disorders
  • Interventional therapy of narrowed coronary arteries, cardiac arrhythmias, and structural heart disease
  • Cardiac catheter diagnostics
  • Surgery of pacemakers, defibrillators (ICD), and cardiac resynchronization therapy (CRT) devices
  • Ablations for atrial and ventricular arrhythmias
  • Atrial septal occlusion (PFO and ASD) and atrioventricular occlusion

Medical Range

Diagnostic Range of Services

  • Diagnostics of cardiac arrhythmias
  • Diagnostics of valvular heart disease
  • Diagnostics of coronary heart disease
  • Diagnostics of cardiac insufficiency

Therapeutic Range of Services

Coronary Heart Disease

  • Percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) incl. coronary drill (rotablation)
  • Balloon dilatation (PTCA)
  • Reopening of chronically occluded coronary vessels
  • Drug therapy of coronary artery disease

Cardiac Insufficiency

  • Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy (CRT)
  • Drug therapy optimization and treatment of underlying causes


  • Atrial fibrillation, drug, and interventional therapy
  • Cardiac tachycardia, drug, and interventional therapy
  • Anti-arrhythmic drugs
  • Catheter ablation
  • 1-3 chamber defibrillator (ICD) implantation incl. subcutaneous ICD (S-ICD)
  • Cardiac resynchronization therapy (CRT implantation)
  • 1-3 Chamber pacemaker (HSM) implantation, incl. leadless pacemaker, stimulation of physiological conduction system (His bundle, left bundle stimulation)
  • Electrode revisions for HSM/ICD
  • HSM/ICD explantation/extraction
  • HSM/ICD controls
  • PFO closure
  • Interventional atrial appendage closure

About Clinic for Cardiology Weißenfels

Introduction Dr B. Özüyaman

Video, length 0:41

Head Physician for Cardiology Dr Özüyaman from the Clinic for Cardiology Weißenfels introduces himself.

The clinic for cardiology and rhythmology at the Asklepios Klinik Weißenfels near Leipzig stands for outstanding expertise and state-of-the-art technology.

The heart health specialists under Dr Burcin Özüyaman, and PD Dr Kerstin Bode, treat patients with cardiovascular diseases with an extensive range of conservative and interventional services.

The clinic has two state-of-the-art catheter laboratories to perform interventions according to the highest standards. In addition, the examinations are among the clinic's routine procedures, and the attending physicians contribute outstanding expertise.

Focus: Therapy for Narrowed Coronary Arteries, Coronary Heart Disease

Often, medical therapy for coronary heart disease is not sufficient. If one or more coronary vessels are severely narrowed, Dr Özüyaman's team specializes in reopening the vessels interventionally, i.e., via vascular access to the arm. This is done by the percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI). In this procedure, the vessel is dilated with a balloon catheter, or small wire meshes, so-called stents, are inserted. These stents serve to keep the vessel open. In some cases of severely calcified vessels, the doctors at the hospital in Weißenfels also use the so-called coronary drill to open up the heart disease vessels. Particular expertise is opening of sometimes very old or chronic coronary occlusions, where a large part of the arteries is reopened sometimes using exceptional techniques.

Focus on Cardiac Arrhythmias, Implantation of Pacemakers and Defibrillators

Patients with palpitations, extrasystole, or an irregular sequence of heartbeats suffer from cardiac arrhythmia. The most typical symptoms include palpitations, dizziness or fainting attacks, and decreased physical performance.

A special focus of cardiology in Weißenfels describes the treatment of patients with pacemakers and defibrillators. To normalize slow or irregular heart rhythms, the devices emit impulses intended to generate regular heart action. For example, these impulses compensate for too slow rhythms or have a preventive effect on dangerous ventricular rhythms.

The heart specialists in Weißenfels have many years of outstanding expertise in the implantation, revision, and explantation of any form of pacemaker and defibrillator. In addition to surgeries on classic transvenous 1- and 2-chamber devices, operations with 3-chamber devices (CRT), wireless pacemakers, subcutaneous defibrillators, and stimulation of the physiological excitation conduction system are also performed in a state-of-the-art surgery room.

In addition, the clinic offers comprehensive diagnostics and medical and, if necessary, interventional therapy for atrial and ventricular arrhythmias.

Atrial Appendage Closure

Patients with atrial fibrillation are treated with blood-thinning drugs (so-called (N)OAK) to prevent strokes. However, in rare cases, blood thinning leads to very dangerous bleeding (especially gastrointestinal bleeding, brain bleeding, etc.). In these patients, atrioventricular occluders are implanted, which protects the patients from strokes and in which the blood-thinning drugs can be discontinued after successful implantation. Usually, closure is carried out using catheter-guided interventional techniques. The team has built up a great deal of experience in recent years and can offer care of the highest quality.

Atrial Septal Occlusion

The persistent foramen ovale is an opening in the atrial septum that separates the left atrium from the right atrium. Before birth, the opening is physiological and necessary for oxygenation, after which it usually closes. The persistent opening can remain completely symptomless, but it can also cause a paradoxical stroke of the brain. This occurs because clots can travel through the opening from the right heart to the left heart and the brain, occluding essential vessels. For this reason, if an open foramen ovale exists after a stroke has occurred, prophylactic closure of the defect can be performed. Here, too, closure is usually performed using a catheter-guided interventional technique.

Please, visit the website of the clinic for cardiology for further information.


Curriculum Vitae

Head Physician Dr Burcin Özüyaman

as of 02/19 Establishment of an Electrophysiology Department at AK Weißenfels
since 07/18 Member of the Cardiology Section of the LSA Medical Association
since 02/18 Head of the Drug Commission AK Weißenfels
since 01/17 Head of Workshop Interventional Cardiology Leipzig
since 12/16 Authorization for further training: Internal Medicine (completely in association) Cardiology (a total of 36 months) Internal Intensive Care Medicine (a total of 18 months)
since 07/16 Head Physician for Cardiology Asklepios Klinik Weißenfels
04/16 Additional Qualification in Interventional Cardiology (DGK)
07/14 – 06/16 Head of Catheter Laboratory, Martha-Maria Halle Hospital
10/10 – 06/14 Senior Physician (since 08/11), Clinic for Cardiology, Hospital St. Elisabeth and St. Barbara Halle (EC)
since  11/11 Lectures: Cardiac Seminar UK Halle and AK Weißenfels, respectively
11/11 Additional Qualification in Internal Intensive Medicine (ÄK LSA)
since  2011 Senior Physician respectively Head Physician with Focus on Intensive Care Medicine
since 2011 Teaching activity: Examinations for the Second State Examination, MLU Halle (Saale)
07/10 Specialization in Cardiology (ÄK Nordrhein)
10/05 – 09/10 Resident, Clinic for Cardiology, Pneumology & Intensive Care Medicine, RWTH Aachen (Prof. Dr N. Marx)
since 04/09 Over 6000 Left Heart Catheter and over 5000 Coronary Interventions, over 500 PFO/ASD and LAA Occlusions
04/09 Specialist for Internal Medicine (ÄK Nordrhein)
01/04 – 06/05 Scholarship Holder of the German Society of Cardiology
07/02 – 09/05 Internship and Assistant Physician, Department of Cardiology, Pneumology, and Angiology, HHU Düsseldorf (Prof. Dr M. Kelm)
01/03 Doctorate at the Institute of Cardiovascular Research, HHU Düsseldorf
04/96 – 05/02 Study of Human Medicine at the Heinrich-Heine-University (HHU) Düsseldorf


Directing Senior Physician PD Dr Kerstin Bode

Since 2021 Senior Physician in Charge, Department Cardiology, Asklepios Klinikum Weißenfels, Head of Focus Rhythmology
2019 Habilitation and Recognition as an Associate Professor
2015 – 2020 Senior Physician, Dept. of Rhythmology, Heart Center Leipzig, among others, Head of the Department for Cardiac Electronic Implants
2015 – 2017 Study of Health Economics, Outcomes Research and Management in Cardiovascular Science, London School of Economics, London, UK
2015 Specialist Physician in Cardiology
2011 Specialist Physician in Internal Medicine
2005 – 2015 Assistant/Specialist Physician for Internal Medicine/Cardiology, Heart Center Leipzig, University of Leipzig, Helioslinikum Borna
1999 – 2005 Study of Human Medicine, University of Leipzig


Medical Team

  • Dr Burcin Özüyaman
    Head Physician
  • PD Dr Kerstin Bode, MSc
    Senior Physician in Charge Cardiology, Direction Focus Rhythmology
  • Dr Sebastian Burghard
    Senior Physician in Charge Intensive Care Medicine


Interview with Dr B. Özüyaman: Suspected coronary heart disease

Video, length 15:11

Dr B. Özüyaman explains in this video how to detect coronary artery stenosis and how it is treated.

PD Dr K. Bode introduces herself

Video, length 15:17

PD Dr K. Bode is an expert in rhythmology and the senior physician in charge of cardiology at the Clinic for Cardiology in Weißenfels.

Interview with Dr B. Özüyaman: Atrial appendage closure

Video, length 16:40

Dr B. Özüyaman explains what happens to the heart in atrial fibrillation, the most common form of arrhythmia.


Weißenfels Train Station 2 km
Airport Leipzig/Halle 42 km
Leipzig Main Station 52 km

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Clinic for Cardiology Weißenfels

Asklepios Klinik Weißenfels
Clinic for Cardiology, Rhythmology, and Internal Intensive Care Medicine
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