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What Does Retinal Detachment Mean?

The human eye's retina serves to convert the light falling into the eye into electrical impulses, which are then passed on to the brain via the optic nerve. The retina is the inner of the three eye membranes surrounding the vitreous body. The middle eye skin is the so-called choroid. It contains blood vessels that supply the retina with nutrients. In addition, the sclera is on the choroid for protection.

In retinal detachment, the retina detaches from the choroid. As a result, fluid builds up between the layers, and the sensory cells of the retina can no longer be supplied with nutrients. In this condition, the cells die after a short time. As a result, visual disturbances and even blindness can result.

What Causes Retinal Detachment?

In most cases, retinal detachment is caused by fine tears or holes in the retina. They allow fluid to enter from the eyeball, causing the retina to bulge. However, such fluid accumulation can also be caused by inflammation of the eye. This happens in people with severe underlying diseases, such as AIDS, but is a relatively rare cause of retinal detachment. Furthermore, this condition can occur due to slight injuries to the retina, for example, in severe forms of diabetes or previous retinal detachments. The injuries heal scarred. However, the form of connective tissue is tighter and shorter than the original tissue and continuously pulls on the retina, leading to detachment. Risk factors include severe myopia and cataracts .

What Are the Symptoms?

Retinal detachment is not painful. Instead, it manifests in visual disturbances. Affected patients experience flashes of light and black spots and often have visual field loss.

How is Retinal Detachment Treated?

Retinal detachment is a medical emergency. If affected patients experience the above symptoms, they need to see an ophthalmologist as soon as possible. The ophthalmologist will examine the back of the eye to confirm the diagnosis. Although tears and minor injuries of the retina can be treated with a laser, surgery must be carried out if it has already come to the detachment. The extent of the surgery depends on the scope and duration of the disease.

If symptoms are recognized early, and treatment begins immediately, retinal detachment can be repaired in most cases. However, it is still possible for affected patients to retain limitations in their vision.

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