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What Is PRP Treatment?

PRP treatment (short for "platelet-rich plasma") is a dermatological method in which the patient's blood concentrate is injected locally into the skin to support tissue healing.

The collected blood is first centrifuged so that the plasma containing platelets and growth factors is separated from the other components of the blood. This plasma is then injected into the skin region using a syringe. Usually, only a few milliliters of blood are required for this.

PRP therapy is currently mainly used for patients with hair loss of various causes. In addition, PRP treatment is increasingly being used in cosmetic skin rejuvenation, arthritis, and other diseases of the muscles or joints. PRP therapy is considered a particularly gentle method and carries a low risk of an allergic reaction, as the material used is the body's substances. Therefore, using plasma is also suitable for patients with susceptible skin.

Medically, the procedure is considered promising, although the number of studies on this treatment is still small.

When Is PRP Therapy Useful?

PRP therapy can be a helpful treatment option in many situations.

Currently, there is a lack of sufficient studies to uncover the entire treatment spectrum of PRP therapy. However, it is mainly used in patients with hair loss or for skin rejuvenation.

Especially in various forms of alopecia, such as circular hair loss, PRP therapy shows promising results. Thus, multiple injections of autologous blood concentrate into the scalp can stimulate hair growth again and, in the best case, result in a fuller overall appearance of the hair. PRP therapy can also be a supportive measure after an autologous hair transplant.

As already mentioned, the injected plasma supports local tissue healing. In addition, due to the use of the own body's substances, there is no risk of an allergic reaction. Accordingly, PRP therapy is particularly suitable when other therapy methods have failed or have caused allergic reactions.

How Does PRP Treatment Work?

First, a detailed explanatory discussion takes place in which possible risks and alternative treatment methods are discussed. In addition, a physical examination is conducted to determine whether the clinical picture to be treated is suitable for PRP therapy and if a blood sample can be taken without any problems.

If this is the case, approximately 8 - 10ml of blood is taken by medical personnel and centrifuged. First, centrifugation separates the plasma with the platelets it contains from the other blood components. Then, a needle injects the blood plasma into the affected skin area. In total, the procedure takes less than an hour.

Depending on the provider, the number recommended for hair loss treatment is 6 to 8 settings to achieve optimal results. For visual rejuvenation of the skin, fewer settings are usually sufficient.

How Much Does the PRP Treatment Cost?

The exact costs vary from provider to provider. In most cases, the price per setting ranges between 300 and 500€, although many practices offer packages with several settings at a lower individual price.

Most providers recommend a minimum of three settings for hair loss therapy, although better results can be achieved with a larger number.

The cost of PRP treatment is not covered by health insurance.

Is PRP Therapy Painful?

Because PRP therapy is an invasive treatment method, it can be considered a little painful. However, the blood draw is usually more painful than the injections, as only a very thin needle is used for the injections.

In addition, although several sticks with the thin needle are usually necessary, these are done quickly. The injections are finished after only a few minutes. Therefore, if you can cope well with the prick of a blood sample, you will have no problems with the pain of PRP therapy.

What do I Have to Take Care of After the Treatment?

After treating hair loss by PRP therapy, it is recommended to wash the hair not until the following day.

In addition, minor local bleeding and hematomas are to be expected. In addition, the skin may itch and tighten a little after the setting, but these symptoms usually improve after a few days.

If sensory disturbances or numbness occur at the injection site after the treatment, it is advisable to consult the treating physician again.

What Are the Alternatives?

Alternative treatment options include hair pigmentation. Furthermore, hair transplantation can also be a sensible measure. The specialist will suggest the best possible treatment for you during a hair analysis.

Which Doctors & Clinics Are Specialized in PRP Treatment?

Usually, dermatologists who have completed further special training for this therapy are carried out PRP treatment. These are dermatologists who specialize in cosmetic dermatology. Therefore, they can individually assess the chances of success of possible PRP therapy and provide information about alternative treatment methods in case of doubt. The treatment takes place in an outpatient setting in a dermatology practice.

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