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What is jaw cancer?

Jaw cancer denotes a dysplasia of cells within the jawbone which can develop in the lower as well as upper jaw.

In the process, an uncontrolled growth of cells which have lost their real function as a result of damage occurs. This causes other tissue to be crowded out as well.

Although jaw cancer originates very near to the oral cavity, it has different causes and hence does not have the same risk factors as oral cavity cancer.

Cancer of the jaw is a rather rare type of cancer.

Jaw cancer causes

The risk factors for jaw cancer are not as evident as they are for oral cavity cancer (tobacco and alcohol).

It is believed that jaw cancer has a genetic basis and can form upon exposure to certain hazardous environmental agents (for example ionizing radiation).

What are the symptoms of jaw cancer?

There may be a variety of symptoms associated with jaw cancer, including some non-specific ones.

A swelling on the jaw bone may be palpable at first, which may also be painful. In some cases, the swelling may be visible from the outside or it may be located within the oral cavity ( for instance, under the gums). As a result, teeth may be elevated or loosened as well. and dentures can suddenly produce pressure and pain.

Chewing may be painful and, according to the tumor location, the patient may experience a tingling discomfort on the upper or lower lip.

At later stages of the disease, general symptoms may also be seen, including fatigue, weight loss or night sweats.

How is jaw cancer diagnosed?

In case you notice a swelling that might be a cancer of the jaw, you will undergo several examinations.

It starts with a physical examination (both on the affected area and on other body parts such as the neck).

If it is then suspected to be cancer, a radiologic imaging (such as a CT scan or MRI ) may be conducted and a sample may be collected (biopsy).

The results are then assessed collectively and the decision on how to continue (further diagnostic tests and therapy) is made based on these.

Treatment of cancer of the jaw

Different treatment options can be offered for jaw cancer, based on the extent and localization of the tumor.

Surgical removal of the tumor is always the initial goal (this may involve surgical reconstruction of the jaw later on).

This can be followed by local irradiation or systemic chemotherapy .

Normally, a "tumor board" with experts from different fields will decide on the appropriate therapy.

Chances of cure and prognosis

The prognosis of jaw cancer very much depends on the respective spread of the disease.

In principle, the prognosis is significantly worse in case distant metastases of the cancer are present.

However, at earlier stages, the complete surgical removal of the tumor may be possible.

Which doctors specialize in the treatment of jaw cancer?

If you experience an uncertain swelling of the jaw for a longer period of time, you may first seek the advice of your general practitioner. If they suspect jaw cancer, chances are you will be referred to a specialist for oral and maxillofacial surgery.

The specialist can take a team of various experts to start the right therapy.

If you're in need of a doctor, you expect the best medical care possible. So of course patients are curious to find out what clinic to go to. As there is no objective way to answer this question and a legitimate doctor would never claim to be the best, patients must rely on a doctor's experience.

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